Black People, Why Defend A White Racist.




( Sometimes it is important to individually ask ourselves why would we defend a white person who is clearly proven themselves to be racist. That may sound like an absurd question, but far too often when white people show themselves in the worst way there are those few black people that will try to defend the foolishness. The questionable defense comes in forms such as: “they didn’t mean it that way”, “why must we make everything about race”, “it’s not about black and white we must focus on the fact that we are American’s and we need to unite”, or “what about what’s happening in black communities.

Instead of simply calling said black person a coon, or Uncle Tom (which is now being overused and misused) maybe its time to raise the question and have a real dialogue about why this happens. It’s important because this defense creates further division within the black community, and it makes some racist whites feel like they have an advocate from within our ranks.

Race Against Racism

It could be said some of the source of this defense is a fear of losing the prestige they “think” they have. They don’t realize that dwelling among, and defending racist whites is not going to yield them acceptance. There are no exception blacks with these kinds of people. Furthermore, why would you want to be the “exception” while said white people speak down to you, and everything that defines the being of who you are. There is no need to fear the loss of prestige of any sort because it doesn’t exist. When you defend white racists not only are you selling out who you are, but they will make a fool of you every time you defend them. Why would a black person support Trump? Clearly the man is racist…and there is nothing to gain by defending him to black folks in large because we know he doesn’t see us as real citizens.

There is also the issue of shame. Some of our people really are ashamed of being black, and see it as a curse or bullseye on their back. In that space they tend to defend whatever they believe will remove their shame. The problem is the racist white person hates you for something you had no hand in, and can not change. There is no changing the way you were born, and there is no shame in being black. A racist white person will never absolve your shame, as that very shame feeds their superiority complex. Maybe its time to deal with self-image as a result of living in a racist society instead of defending those that would support your oppression.

Lastly, maybe those that defend racist simply believe they are not included in the commentary because they are obviously better than the rest of us simple negros. This is where they are sadly mistaken. They aren’t better than us…they are lower. In their condescending state of mind, they have sided against their own in a manner that will betray them. They deny the truth of race relations in this country when they are educated, and have seen the truth of the matter for themselves. Justice Clarence Thomas has read the law books, and he understands them. He willfully chooses the stances he takes. They aren’t due to ignorance…he fully understands what he’s doing. He’s just better than the rest of us…so he may think.

We really must begin to deal with the reasons as to why any black person would defend the racist white given all we do know, and see every day. Let’s start a healthy dialogue about this issue. What is the cause? What, if anything, can we do about it? Most importantly how can we be sure to avoid it?

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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