Black People, White People & Hispanic people: America’s Immigration Hypocrisy.



( As Title 42 ends which places restrictions on immigrants entering America through the southern border, this is a hot button issue. This is nothing but hypocrisy of America itself and the American government, regardless of who is president. Apparently America has forgotten about opening the door to the tired and the poor and those who are yearning to be free unless they can be used as political pawns for an election.

It was just 2018 that Donald Trump had no problem separating Hispanic families and putting them in cages, even while he hired illegal immigrants at Mara Lago. Talk about hypocrisy. And while Trump’s policies were overtly racist, Obama‘s policies were not a whole lot better. That in part is why I have labeled this America’s hypocrisy and American government hypocrisy, regardless of who is president.

So let’s take a look at history, because apparently Politicians want to simply forget it, deny it, refuse to talk about it or sweep it under the rug as usual.

America was founded by illegal aliens now praised as forefathers. Invaders who called themselves “colonizers”, came to this land, all but wiped out the indigenous people already here and then subjugated and oppressed Black people to make them build this country. And of course, there was slavery, institutional racism and the devaluing of an entire people based on ethnicity which still happens today in America.

We should also not forget that various states in the west were Hispanic. So when politicians make it seem like Latina people coming here are an infectious invasion, maybe those politicians should look in the mirror and wonder who invited their ancestors. Again hypocrisy rares it’s ugly head.

Every excuse in the book is used to block BROWN people from coming into this country. And every one of those excuses is arguably rooted in racism, fear of full integration and the illusion of white “superiority”. So what approach do our political leaders take? They scare you by making you think that Hispanic caravans are coming to kill you and your family. Something that never happened. They use propaganda every chance they get to emphasize when a Hispanic person commits a crime in America. But they conveniently leave out that over 90% of the active shooters who walked in somewhere and killed a whole bunch of people were not Hispanic. They were Caucasian American. That is a fact.

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Hitler used some of the same techniques to brainwash the Aryan Germans as what is used in this country today. Make the citizens scared of an entire group of people. Or make the citizens blame that entire group for the problems that the citizens face. Then dehumanize that group of people. And if the country blames them enough, that same country will have no problem with how an entire group of people is mistreated. That is Hitler 101, regardless of what political party you belong to.

So let’s look at what we do not see. We do not see any accountability for all of the Canadians who come here yet never leave. We do not see accountability for all the people from primarily Caucasian Anglo-Saxon countries who come here yet never leave. We do not hear about walls being built between the United States and Canada. We do not hear our American government saying that it should stay out of the over 100 countries where we have embassies and military bases and “peace-keeping” forces.

Back to hypocrisy all over again. Or did we ever move from it? Why is it that America can go wherever it wants, whether it is welcome or not? Yet America can turn around and hypocritically say who should not come here. Is that what democracy is supposed to be about? In fact, what is the country even founded on democracy? I don’t think the indigenous people got a vote and I seriously doubt that the slaves got a vote either.

People come to America for freedom, or at least because they are under the illusion that Americans are free. But a different type of bondage does not mean freedom. People come to America in search of the American dream, but as a People, how is that working out for African-Americans? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How is that working out when “black lives” don’t seem to matter in America, racism is alive and well, mass incarceration is a thing of the present, economic depravity, divorces, single-parent households and abortion rates are highest in the black community and many of our African-American leaders are coons, turncoats, traitors or Cointelpro?

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Until we are all free, none of us are free. I wish I had created that statement, but I didn’t. Still, it has never been more true in modern times than today. Separating families and putting them in cages? Sound familiar? It has a distinct and deafening ring of hundreds of years ago as America did the same thing to slaves brought from Africa. And yet even with that treachery, while the blood cries out from the ground as a testimony of it, the issue is still both debated and widely accepted in these United States. Has anybody learned anything?

Asians in America were targeted and attacked at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day in America Black people are profiled, which is not to say that each person should not be held accountable for what they do. But now the bull’s-eye moves to Hispanic people. How dare you America? Most crimes against white people are not committed by illegal Hispanics. Most crimes against Black people in America are not committed by Hispanics who crossed the border. Most crimes against Asians are not committed by Hispanics. This country is walking its way right into judgment and even the biggest perpetrators know it.

Then we come to the “Boogeyman” issue that Hispanic people are going to take all the jobs. First of all, that would be impossible to do because that would mean that all the companies and corporations in America would have to hire only Hispanic people. And that is realistically not going to happen.

The biggest wall that seems to have been built in America is a wall around the truth. A wall to block out history, or at least tries to. A wall that says those in need are not welcome here. A wall of hypocrisy. And apparently neither America nor its political leaders, have the courage to admit what is really happening and why.

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The real America no longer wears a white robe and a hood. But it is still just as fearful of its treachery coming back around like a boomerang. I don’t wish it. I did not throw the boomerang. But unfortunately, I cannot stop America reaping what is this sown and continues to sow.

America has been a country of “immigrants” since it was founded. Or should I say, since this land was stolen? Illegal aliens and crossing the borders were not a problem when the people from Europe and Spain were doing it. But now that America is becoming a little “too brown” for the powers that be, immigration is a problem? Let’s just be honest.

If racism is not constantly stoked, disguised, pushed, promoted, endorsed and embedded, it will dissipate on its own just like COVID-19 would have. If racism loses its impact in America, little Hispanic kids, African-American kids, Caucasian kids and Asian kids will grow up, neither to fear each other, nor to look down on each other. They will date, get married and reproduce a mixture that is anything but pure white. And that scares the real America.

The white powers that be fully understand that the more America becomes “un- white washed”, the more the powers that be with no longer control America. It is coming and none of us can stop it. It is coming, yet without a revolution, without anarchy, without the need for terrorism and without chaos. The future cannot be locked up and a wall cannot be put around it.

If we want to talk about who should be here and who should not, maybe we need to start with who was never invited in the beginning in the first place.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected].