Black People, Mass Shooter Ezekiel Kelly Apprehended by Liberal Authorities? Where Is Black Lives Matter Now?



( Who’s raising these crazy ninjas? From Cleotha Abston to Ezekiel Kelly, American Negroes have been wild this week in Memphis. This is the week all the crazy ninjas decided to make their move, bucking up at the system but really not doing anything except making things worse for themselves and other black males. Now, the mainstream media is laser focused on the mental health of black males, painting a picture before the world that black men are utterly insane and need to be locked up behind cages like the wild predators that they are. Black men are now looking like the demons that many of them truly are in the mainstream media. Even while they’re showcasing black celebrities and professional athletes, they’re showcasing the worst of black people. They are showing the world that black people are wild, crazy, pathetic, violent, unempathetic, mean and spiteful and for a black woman, it is rather embarrassing watching a child that you gave birth to grow up to be a killer having murdered a woman, who was a mother and kindergarten teacher.

In Washington, DC, a black male was hanging around in a tree like a monkey, swinging from wires following entering a woman’s home through her window. He skirted from rooftop to rooftop. Law enforcement officials apprehended him, and he was taken to a mental health facility. These ninjas need therapy because they are literally insane, and they been knowing all along they needed therapy. But instead, they’ve taken out their pain, frustration, anguish, rampages, and mental illness upon mostly women, children, and their families. I don’t feel sorry because these people been knowing they needed therapy. I think if you fail to get the help or therapy or psychotherapy or your family fail to get help for you and you commit a violent crime, you should suffer the same fate as if you were a sane person. And that include the death penalty.

Black people have crazy family members but they can’t afford the mental healthcare to get their loved ones help because the costs of seeing a therapist or psychotherapist is astronomical. The price of obtaining mental healthcare for your mentally ill relatives is outrageous. They’ve let all the crazy people out of the jails and prisons. Therefore, a violent crime wave spans across America. Due to the progressive bail reform policy, a lot of these violent offenders who should be currently behind bars and awaiting trial are out killing, injuring, and maiming people. We haven’t seen even half of the killings, kidnappings, rapes, and armed robberies that have occurred due to these progressive and light-on-crime policies created primarily by Democratic elected officials following the 2020 summer riots and Black Lives Matter protests due to George Floyd’s killing by a police officer who is serving time in prison. Lives only matter when only a black man has been shot and killed by a police officer.

Ezekiel Kelly.

It is other people such as police officers, women and children whose lives doesn’t seem to matter to the progressive, socialist Democrats based on policies such as bail reform. The real collateral damage when it comes to policies such as bail reform has been children. Black women’s lives doesn’t seem to matter either whenever a black man murders one of us. An organization that don’t care about anyone except black lives is questionable. Black people are killing more black people than police officers. Why don’t you protest about the number of murders carried out against black people by predominantly black males?

Eliza Fletcher’s life didn’t matter to Cleotha Abston when he abducted her, raped and murdered a 35-year-old mother of two young children who now must manage to go through life and act like nothing is wrong. In fact, they’re expected to get on with life and work and pay taxes for niggas like Cleotha Abston, as he will get better health care behind bars. The children of Eliza Fletcher are expected to go to school and be taunted by other classmates, peers, and social media stalkers because their mother was made famous by the news after her brutal murder.

Many Negroes have been programmed since youth to hate white people due to the history of Jim Crow laws and institutionalized slavery. They’ve already had it built into their psyche that white people are the reason they aren’t successful. They’re not looking at the real facts that their parents who gave them life were living in poverty themselves. Many of them were a mistake. Many of them were victims of circumstance. I was taught that institutionalized slavery and racism was the reason why black people were still at the bottom of the economic totem pole. I was not taught that you should not bare children if you don’t have money or resources to provide for them. They didn’t teach us in school that your choices dictate where you end up in life. I was taught that in the church. The church taught me how not to go out and hurt other people. The church taught me how not to steal. My spiritual leader and pastor taught me how not to kill other people.

In a country like India, whatever caste system you were born into, that is where you will remain your entire life if you continue to live there. In America, you have options to get out of crime and poverty. Many of us choose crime and poverty because that is all we know. I’ve had opportunities to get out of poverty. I blew those opportunities by getting fired from a couple of decent jobs. I even went back to school and got an internship followed by an offer of a permanent position within a law firm. Because a Negro spoke to another Negro who was the office manager about my failure to fax a police report to another law firm, I was terminated from my position. I didn’t fax a police report in a timely manner to a law firm and it was used against me. Although I did not receive the police report until a couple of hours prior to me faxing it, that did not matter. It was still used against me.

It wasn’t racism that held me back. I’ve had a couple of opportunities to make something out of my life but I lost those opportunities through job loss. The lead paralegal in the personal injury department spoke to the office manager about my failure to fax a police report to another law firm in a timely manner. As a result, I was let go. To be honest, I brought it on myself. The lead paralegal and I had gotten into an altercation about the fax and this is what led to my termination from the firm. If I wasn’t so caught up in my emotions and tried my best to keep the peace, and just stayed at my cubicle and focused on my work, I may have still been there. This is why it is important black people have a conversation about mental and emotional health. I’ve been in denial about some things.

If I had been paying attention, then I would’ve peeped game early on that the office manager and lead paralegal were friends and that I should probably cultivate a friendly relationship with the lead paralegal instead of antagonizing her. But I was more focused on the wrong things. During that time, I had terrible mood swings. I was dealing with a lot of stress, and it was affecting my attitude and behavior. I overreacted. I perceived things that weren’t true or real. Demons can work you over if your mind isn’t strong. Although I felt I was being bullied, my reaction wasn’t good. Being transparent with myself, I realize I brought my termination upon myself. I challenged the lead paralegal’s authority, because I knew or perceived she didn’t like me. I took offense to her having a problem with me. Losing my job didn’t have anything to do with white supremacy. It was a making of my own. Even days prior to my altercation with the lead paralegal, I kept saying, “They can fire me,” and they did just that. However, black people are notorious for getting other black people terminated from their jobs. That is the truth.

Every black person who’s been in the workforce for a number of years know that black people in America are the worst people to discriminate against other black people on the job. Black people are very mean and hateful toward other black people on the job. They can make the work environment very hostile. And if you don’t think so, look at what happened at the Academy Awards Ceremony in 2022 between Will Smith and Chris Rock. That was the first time an all-black producer and crew members were responsible for producing the Academy Awards Ceremony where Will Smith was nominated and won an Oscar for best actor in a leading role for the film, King Richard. Black people tend to be unempathetic toward other black people. Black people will stalk you on social media. They will call your job and get you terminated due to a social media post or video they didn’t like. Black people will also bully you on the job.

Black people tend to be overly emotional toward other black people. But when they’re around white people predominantly in a work environment, they tend to control their emotions a little bit better because they’re trying to keep their job. But make no mistake about it, they don’t like white people either because many of them have been taught since youth that white people terrorized their ancestors. They’ve been taught that all the black men lynched due to a white woman accusing them of sexual assault or rape were completely innocent when we can all look around today in the year of our Lord 2022 and see the same barbarism carried out by the male population upon women and girls. The same rapes and sexual assaults by black men we see happening today was happening in the early 1900s by black men. All of them were not innocent. In fact, some were hanged because they actually did rape a white woman!

At the turn of the 20th Century, only one generation removed from slavery, black men were just as cutthroat, ruthless, barbarous, sociopathic, sexually deviant, abusive, sexually controlling, and had personality disorders as white males. The conditions under which those people were made to survive and their environment created the perfect monsters. Harlem, in the early 1900s, was rife with murderers. In fact, black men living today were just like those that went around killing white people and raping white women at the turn of the 20th Century. Just as white men did not control their nature when it came to black women, black men did not control their nature when it came to white women. The only difference is, black men were the ones getting hanged and not white males for doing the exact same things. Otherwise, they’re all the same. They’re all violent toward girls and women. In fact, girls and women have been socialized and manipulated into accepting male chauvinism, misogynistic and hostile behavior from them.

Racism was programmed and drummed into us since kindergarten. I’ve seen black people celebrating on social media whenever a black man kills a white person or an Asian. There are still some of us who sees all murder and other violent acts committed against any targeted group as acts of hatred and cruelty, and we condemn those who commit such acts. However, there are some black people who are racists that celebrated on social media this week when they found out that a white woman, Eliza Fletcher, who came from a wealthy family was found deceased behind an abandoned home in a poor neighborhood. I was appalled. Other black people were appalled. But not black bigots and racists. A young woman’s dignity was stripped from her. Her life discarded like garbage. Her life and body was desecrated by her rapist. Demons are walking around and they are in people. Eliza Fletcher’s family must now live with the horror of her memory, her life being taken at 35, and her corpse having been discovered in terrible condition.

He beat her, raped her, murdered her, and then tried to burn her body. Now, there will be another kangaroo trial, her family having to watch this monster laughing and giggling during the trial. He should be charged with a hate crime but mainstream media talking heads are too scared to say “hate crime” due to the “woke” culture that exists in mainstream media. They are too fearful to say a black racist murdered a white woman, a mother of two young children. Black bigots and racists derive pleasure from watching white families suffer the loss of loved ones. If they kill a black child and black woman every day, they sure as hell don’t care about killing a white woman. This country has created many monsters on both sides of the spectrum. From serial killers to mass shooters, many monsters walk among us with families, careers, jobs.

There is a quote from 2 Esdras 5:8, which states, “There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters.”

Modern times have brought about sophisticated evil, an increase in lawlessness, and greater acts of barbarity.

These are the End Times. And everything that has been written must be fulfilled. Demons walk among us. You must put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. We fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers; against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Spiritual darkness cover the land, and many people are being destroyed by demons. Think not that your neighbor cannot be possessed with evil. They are possessed. Often, they don’t know they are possessed.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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