Black People and White People: Covid-19 Vaccines: Truth and Proof EXPOSED Part-1.



( What you are about to read is science and medical fact and verifiable. Most of it has been concealed from you in order to deceive, scare and manipulate you into taking the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. You may say “it’s too late now”, because you have already taken the shots, but it’s never too late to know the truth that could help you in preparation for what’s coming. Knowing the truth can also let you know which agencies you trusted that have deceived you. This article/paper is not intended to be a diagnosis, cure, treatment nor replacement of any virus. It is written based on my First Amendment Right as a citizen of the United States. Verify the information and references. READ AND SHARE THIS ARTICLE!!!

Covid-19 Vaccines: Truth and Proof EXPOSED Part-1.

Because there is so much to cover in exposing the man-made pandemic, the man-made virus and the unsafe Covid-19 vaccines, I have split the information into 3 articles. So please make sure to look for and read parts 2 and 3 – all by the same title. I have also created a free extensive 2023 update E-book available via email at [email protected]. It shows you actual documents, database info, studies and reports from the CDC, FDA, HHS, HRSA, JAMA and other agencies –  data you likely had no idea even existed. Request the Free E-Book!

Much of what you are about to read was sadly not even known by many medical professionals who simply followed the script they were given from the FDA, HHS, NIH, the Gates Foundation, WHO, CDC, GAVI, Johns Hopkins University, Dr Fauci, the NIAID and other agencies you thought you could trust. Out of the few medical professionals who did know the truth, only a tiny portion of them spoke up from the beginning, as early as 2020. Other medical professionals who knew the truth were victims of death threats, intimidation, license suspensions  and ridicule by the medical industry and media. Some of them spoke up to tell the truth anyway. Early in the pandemic I communicated with some of these heroes. Their claims are true.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: As of August 7, 2023, there are reportedly as many as 12 known Covid-19 variants in America. But if vaccine boosters cannot keep up with the variants, do you have any protection (even if the vaccines work)? How many of you got a booster for every variant? You could not have because all those shots have not been developed (yet). And with more variants coming because the virus continues to mutate, you are brought right back to the customized double immune system you were born with in the first place. The same immune system that protected you from other corona viruses (SARS-1, MERS),  the flu, Ebola etc. There is proof that Covid-19 vaccines weaken your immune system, damage and alter your DNA. So for vaccinated people, now you may NOT even have the full strength of your immune system to protect you against Covid-19. The same immune system that protected you all of 2020 when there was no Covid-19 vaccine available to the public. And with all the people dying from Covid-19, even though they were vaccinated, where was/is the protection for them? The truth? Colin Powell, Hank Aaron and many others, Vaxxed and Gone!

For years now there have been medical doctors and scientists who exposed Covid-19 vaccines. These doctors had proof, but their evidence and their claims were kept out of main stream news media. They were blocked from mainstream social media. While most Americans were being distracted, intimidated and manipulated, some of these doctors were conducting public hearings that you never knew about. Was there a conspiracy of government, regulatory agencies, vaccine manufacturers and the media to black out the truth? Yes, and other treatments worked.


You were led to believe that any anti-Covid vaccine truth coming out based on facts and science was just conspiracy theory. You were led to believe that there were no medical doctors of sound mind who were speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines. You were led to believe that you had no choice but to take the vaccines because your immune system could not handle COVID-19. You were led to believe that the truth was being given out by the medical industry, the vaccine industry, the regulatory agencies and the news media. Much of that was a lie. The proof is coming out everywhere now. And the proof, as you will see in this 3-part article, has been out for years. Ironically, from the same agencies that deceived you in the first place. You were a victim of the biggest scam in global history, an experiment backed by a massive socio-psychological propaganda campaign and a very dark transhumanism agenda.

The FDA tried its best to refuse the release of safety data results from the Covid-19 vaccines until 75 years later. But a federal judge ordered them to begin releasing those documents, 50,000 pages at a time. I read some of the data and the news is not good. And just as many people suspected, the documents told the truth about the unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary COVID-19 vaccines. You didn’t know that did you? And for those of you who did know, most of you didn’t pay any attention. Most of you vaccinated people think it is too late to do anything now. Not so.

America was made to believe that practically all medical doctors were 100% behind the Covid-19 vaccines. That was not true. Here is a list of Medical Doctors/Scientists HEROES Who Exposed The Covid-19 Vaccines and/or PCR Test:

Dr. Stella Emmanuel

Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Rashid Buttar (Poisoned, Now Deceased)

Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Robert Malone (Created mRNA)

The Frontline Doctors Group

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Kari Mullis (Scientist, Created PCR Test)

These doctors treated thousands of patients for COVID-19 and achieved successful results without using the vaccines. And they had the evidence to prove it. But they were blocked from main stream media so you would not know they existed. Now virtually everything they said can be verified as true because every week more of the verifiable medical science truth leaks out.

CDC VAERS Data: Over 1 Million Adverse Events, Over 178,000 Serious Injuries?

Today there are thousands upon thousands of doctors and scientists on a global scale who are speaking the truth about the deadly COVID-19 vaccines. Even in the autopsy reports, the proof is there. Even in the sudden rise in infant mortality coming from vaccinated mothers. Even young athletes, famous people and quite a few medical doctors who took COVID-19 vaccines, and either died, were severely injured,  suffered a heart attack, stroke or blood clots. It’s not over.


It’s not over yet. If those doctors who spoke up were accurate with their projections, many more people will die in the next few years from COVID-19 vaccines they received years earlier. Much of this will be blamed on their pre-existing conditions, but the root cause will be the build-up and damage of the COVID-19 vaccines inside the body. And some of the MEDICAL DOCTORS explained this on video years ago. Now it’s happening. Plus neither the vaccine industry nor the CDC, FDA nor HHS has said how to remove the nanotechnology and poison making their way through the organs of vaccinated people! That is not natural because your body was not created with man’s nanotechnology and what is unnatural causes problems.

Most of you have been told, taught, persuaded or deceived into believing the COVID-19 vaccines were safe. And that all these vaccinated people dying, having heart attacks, strokes, clots or sudden seizures is completely unrelated to COVID-19 vaccines. But that just isn’t true. People use the word “coincidence” when they are (a) hiding something, (b) asleep to what is happening or (c) in denial. Think for yourself, connect the dots and the light bulb will come on.

COVID-19 vaccines were never safe, never effective, never necessary.

Here are 5 of 15 verifiable facts you need to know. Let’s connect some dots.

  1. Covid-19 was intentionally created at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill by Ralph Baric and a team of 12 other scientists, including from the FDA and Wuhan, China. They wrote a paper saying what they did, how and naming every scientist and agency participating in the development of the virus. Email a request for the Free E-Book to see the documents.
  2. When the Obama administration placed a ban on lethal pathogen bio-engineering around 2014, the team at UNC Chapel Hill sent the virus overseas to Wuhan, China where it would be released during the World Military Games in October of 2019. The same exact month the Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins University were running what everybody thought was a “pandemic simulation exercise” Called “Event 201”. It was not a coincidence and the timing tells it all. During the World Military Games in WUHAN, China, 100 countries had soldiers there participating, so is it any wonder how Covid-19 spread globally?
  3. Covid-19 vaccines were never “safe”. The medical and science industry have different definitions of “safe and effective” than you might think. People died in the Covid-19 vaccine trials, including children. And many more people died once the vaccines rolled out. The CDC, FDA, HHS and vaccine companies knew this, just as they knew the deadly side effects in October of 2020, before they even released the vaccines to the general public.

Download then go to Page 16! 

Download Pfizer Data on Vaccine Damage

Download Medical Doctor’s Report (Via Autopsies) On Vaccine Damage

The FDA tried to hide the secret vaccine data for 75 years when all of us will be dead and gone. What were they hiding? When you read the data, you will see. Here is the judge’s Court Order.

“Accordingly, having considered the Parties’ arguments, filings in
support, and the applicable law, the Court ORDERS that:
1. The FDA shall produce the “more than 12,000 pages” articulated
in its own proposal, see ECF No. 29 at 24, on or before January 31, 2022.
2. The FDA shall produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due
on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete.”

  1. Where is the proof of vaccine deaths and severely injured hiding? In part, in all of the following: the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

maintained jointly by the FDA and CDC, the MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the NNDSS database they switched to once too many people found out about VAERS and how to query the vaccine and injury death data. Even then, VAERS was under-reporting the deaths and injuries because many doctors and nurses neither knew how to enter the information in the database, were not given time to do it or just elected not to. Ask your doctor if he or she used VAERS.


In fact, there were/are so many people who have been killed and injured by the Covid-19 vaccines, that the government set up payout compensation plans called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP, and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), None of this would have been needed if the Covid-19 vaccines were safe.

  1. Vaccinated Americans trusted criminal vaccine companies to do the right thing when they didn’t and don’t. If you knew the track record of Pfizer and J&J, you vaccinated people would never have taken a shot from them. Pfizer was allowed to pay its way out of criminal charges regarding its products. J&J produced 15 million bad doses of vaccine because they used contaminated, unapproved production facilities. They knew the facility was below quality control standards, but they used it anyway. Moderna (backed by Bill Gates, Dr Fauci and the federal government during this pandemic) had never even produced a vaccine. These company CEOs made billions while the vaccines killed people. Recalls, class action lawsuits, deaths, all caused by medications once approved by your “trustworthy” FDA. Business as usual.


Would you trust your health to a repeat CRIMINAL offender?

Would you take a vaccine shot from a PROVEN REPEAT LIAR?

Why would you trust them or believe what they say is safe?

Pfizer was even allowed to pay their way out of federal Criminal charges. Over 1 Billion!

The 10 Biggest Pfizer Lawsuits in Company History



All links below were active at the time this article was written but may not remain available.

I suggest you go to the links asap immediately and screenshot or download the documents.

Pfizer Vaccine Data on Vaccine Deaths, Injuries and Illness (Report Index)

Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Heart Problems (Myocarditis): AMA Data Proves Connection 

Dangers of Polyethylene Glycol (Petroleum Based Poison In The Covid-19 Vaccines)

Why You Need to Avoid These Five Toxic Beauty Ingredients

October, 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan Used As A Global Super-Spreader Event

McCaul Releases Addendum to Origins of COVID-19 Report

NIH (Govt. Agency) Study Shows Covid-19 Booster Shots Damage The Immune System

Pfizer Vaccine Damaged the Musculoskeletal System (Proof From Pfizer Report 71)

Report 71: Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data Set, Including Four Children and One Infant. Women Affected at a Ratio of Almost 4:1 Over Men.

FDA And CDC Document Admits PCR Test For Covid-19 Was Inaccurate

*Page 7 shows substitutes used, Page 9 shows they did not have what was needed

*Page 14 shows more that was needed but not provided and instead, again substituted

Note 1: If the variables needed for testing are not present (but substituted), that changes things.

Note 2: Kary Mullis who created the PCR test stated (On Video) that PCR was not made to detect viruses. He died suddenly, shortly afterwards!

Scientific Study Finds Immunity From Covid-19 Just As Effective As Vaccine Antibodies

This Means For Millions Who Already Had Covid-19, The Vaccines Were Unnecessary

Note: Dr. Rand Paul also established this fact in a Senate hearing with the head of HHS.

Pfizer Report Shows Vaccine Caused Deaths and Heart Problems (Even in Trials)

See Page 6 and Pages 285-289, To Start

This was hidden from the public!

FDA Released Document Proves 90% of Pregnant Vaccinated Women Lost Babies (P.12)

Covid-19 Vaccines Caused Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED) – Page 11

CDC Director Admitted the PCR for Covid-19 Test Unreliable (Repeatedly Failed) (CDC Dir. On Video)

MRNA Injections Lower Healthy Young Men’s Sperm Count (Israel Study)


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