Black On Black Crime; The Victims were Black within our Community.



( “The MAN” was once the lone culprit of black oppression. Then, it was a set of connected parts forming a complex whole – an organized plot to keep us down we dubbed “The System”. For decades, even centuries, black oppression has been precisely pinpointed and confronted on many occasions by Black America. Kings’ march on Washington in 1963 called out the American government and addressed the need for equal rights and equal opportunity. Huey’s stern stance on the capitol steps of California in 1967 was a reminder to all that it’s our right to protect ourselves. Even more recently, a few years back in 2014, Blacks in the city of Ferguson reminded the world know that Black Lives Matter. These examples, along with many more, exemplify the courage and pride of a people who deserve better.

While Blacks have always spoken up for equality, stood for justice and resisted the opposing threat thereof, there’s one adversary Blacks have yet to properly address and demand better from. It’s an old foe that has been around for generations and is bigger than “the man” and “the system” combined, yet small enough to reside inside our subconscious minds. It is the ideology of victimization.

Black on Black Crime.

Make no mistake, in no way, shape, form or fashion is the black experience in America a figment of the imagination. However, some of the ideas about the black struggle conjured within the black community are over exaggerated. Yes, unjust laws and racially motivated plans have riddled our way of life. But, truth be told, our commitment to the victim role has been equally deflating. Just look at our actions towards one another and listen to the dialogue we speak in regards to our underprivileged circumstances, it screams “woe-is-me”. But, there are 3 ways black people can silence this ideology of victimization.



First, we have to get over this feeling of entitlement. When people feel entitled, selfish thoughts and actions occur which undermine personal and collective growth. That’s why blacks don’t support and invest in each other because of we feel entitled and are self-centered. In my opinion, the black sense of entitlement is why black on black crime is so prevalent. Because we feel like somebody owes us we act out in ways that undermine our growth as a whole. Sure we could argue the initial cause of the current conditions in the black community, but playing the victim is easy, right? The reality is, nobody owes us anything. Once we realize that killing the sense of entitlement births a progressive mindset for a productive people, the ideology of victimization will cease also.

2. THROW AWAY THE RACE CARD (it’s not a conspiracy):


The proverbial explanation of unfair treatment of Black people in America, “because I’m Black” is finally dead. Unfortunately, there are new mantras that blacks have adopted that carry on the same a message of victimization. #StayWoke is the latest hash tagged phrase, which for many, is code for “it’s a conspiracy”. However, it seems to me that the efforts of the “conscious” to make others aware of and for themselves have been watered down by the overuse of this phrase. “Stay Woke” is now nothing more than a filtered race-card that is thrown out as a reminder that we’re the victims not to encourage self-knowledge. In playing the race card, blacks give more credit to the oppressor, even when we adequately address them – than we do ourselves for not falling for the okey-doke. Therefore, in retrospect, Blacks should acknowledge the success of our past challenges but never to rationalize our current struggles.



The Ideology of Victimization can be eliminated by killing all sense of entitlement and throwing away the race card, however, new ideologies need to be established. Thinking independently is not only a way to create new ideals but it is the “new cool”. Intellectual and creative encouragement of original thought creates a more secure sense of authenticity and appreciation for culture. Encouraging the next generation of African American independence and supporting new progressive endeavors should be the trend we set in place of the old ideology of victimization.

Staff Writer; T.L. Kirk

One can contact this brother at; [email protected].