Black History Month: Another Slave Deception.



( Every year America is “nice” enough to give “us little ole black folks” a whole month to celebrate all the accomplishments of “black” people. February at that, the shortest month of the year. And if you think that is by coincidence, slap yourself and wake up. Apparently America can only stomach 28 days once a year of hearing about “black” accomplishments. Blacks in America are allowed to have that short month as long as you don’t dare connect yourself to the identity and genealogy of your African ancestors, people who were forcefully brought to this land in chains and many who were never conquered.

You who believe you are “black” because you have forgotten both your colors and your ancestral identity before American slavery are allowed to celebrate the accomplishments of “black people” from slavery coming forward. But the rich and powerful history of your African people did NOT start with slavery, it started long before slavery in America and long before America even existed. The racist colonizing oppressor, in his attempt to make a negro or a black person, stripped you of the greatness and majesty of your ancestors, the memory, identity, connection and even the willingness to acknowledge it. And “black history” in America is a deception perpetrated on slaves then and now. It is not enough because it is not the whole truth.

I guess I could add to my objections by saying that African-Americans are BROWN, not black like my belt, my car tires or my Glock. Or maybe I could even say that the “black history” label deliberately disconnects African Americans from an identity of an entire continent and simply whites all of that out. No matter how many African-Americans have been programmed to make excuses for plantation programming, the facts are the facts. So it makes good sense for us  to look at the truth because you cannot use the chains of deception to free yourself.

For many of you, if the slave indoctrination programmed you to call yourself a monkey, you would call yourself a monkey. They called you a jigaboo and what did slave-minded “blacks” do? Dance a jig. Call themselves jiggaman (Jay-Z). Make rap songs to “get jiggy with it” (Will Smith). Call each other “boo”. Wake up people, you are enabling the programming to stay in place and spread from one generation to another. I am not your “boy”, I am a man. My home is not a “crib”, it is my house. The word “nigga” is not a term of endearment for people of color, it is a slang term for people of color programmed to call and think of each other as “niggers”. Then act accordingly in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Wake up people.

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Enter “black history month”. More programming to tell you when you can celebrate (February), how far back you can go to acknowledge and celebrate (slavery to now) and what color the oppressor says you are (never mind what color you really are). But Massa does not want you “good ole black folk” to know about the warriors, pharaohs, kings and queens down through your bloodlines before America ever came into being. So the annual black history month seems to do the trick. You see, achievements are real by people of color in America, but power to rise up, win, conqueror and rule exists in the ancestry that black history month never promotes. King Jr. changed much of the world, true. But he did not possess the power to conquer, to rule, to set things in order. Malcolm X did, but we see what happened to him for an entirely different reason – stepping outside of Massa’s containment box to reach for identity beyond America.

Try pushing and promoting African American History Month the way “black history month” has been promoted and see what happens. Waking up people of color on a national scale will not be tolerated by America because it has gone to such great lengths to put them to sleep – and to keep them there. By now many of you are saying I don’t know what I am talking about because “black people” fought for black history month and thus we should be happy we have it. Really? That is the best you can do to refute this article? Take a minute to dissect your own argument then. What you are really saying is that we should be happy for Massa allowing us to celebrate a whole month. That we should disregard the lies and deception like the Declaration of Independence, the pledge of allegiance, racism and slavery, then and now because we “black” folks can get a whole month, if we behave and stay asleep. You are saying we should be grateful, deception or not. And that we should overlook the truth, no matter how much it limits our potential, cripples our generations to come and dishonors our African ancestors. That is your real argument and I don’t drink Kool-Aid. Why do you?

Year after year, “Black” people, including those who are intelligent and say they are awake, celebrate mostly accomplishments from slavery forward. But while you are so quick to celebrate the one month they are “kind” enough to give us? Are you thinking about the 11 months they don’t? The other 11 months (and actually in February too) the history is re-written, the truth is skewed, the facts are clouded, the profiles are implemented and the slave-making propaganda machine is reinforced. A machine that is in fact reinforced with the help of quite a few zombie-type black negro coons who think they have arrived. Sellouts afraid to step up, stand up and speak up. Zombies who are programmed, afraid, asleep or all of the above.

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A few years ago I had lunch with a psychology professor from one of the top HBCUs after I delivered a speech based on a dissertation I had written. While he complimented me on my presentation and content, I appreciated that but I did not need my ego exhorted. My question for him was this. Why haven’t you and/or your colleagues written a reversal to the Willie Lynch letter and fought to deprogram people of color from mental slavery? I still remember his exacts words. He said “because I don’t want to lose my job”. Was I shocked and saddened? Yes, but I realized that his HBCU was started by the Caucasian community, as many of them were. And not to help and empower “black” people academically. But that is another subject for another time. Still, that professor is characteristic of “blacks” who are afraid, asleep or complicit in the plan that keeps mental slavery in place in America.


Most African-Americans in this country cannot even bring themselves to conceive of any identity other than being called “black”, a title given to them by their oppressor. If you even try to explain ancestry before slavery to them, they either get offended, go into denial mode or have a puzzled look. That is because the slave indoctrination programming of this country has been highly efficient, with protective mechanisms that keep the slaves from hearing the truth. Or so the oppressors think and hope. Even to the point of making people forget their colors, their true heritage and their ancestral bloodlines, all because their slave ancestors in America were told to do so. This sems to jump from one generation to another, growing stronger with each leap and bound. But we shall see and I am that one in 10,000. Time to wake up the rest of the lions.

So apparently identity has become a war for the truth. Yes of course there are many people of color who have shaped this country through their contributions in almost every field there is. But I would like you to show me the “black” ones. Show me the black ones and I will show you the brown ones of African descent who forgot their colors, their land, their bloodlines, their ancestry, their nobility, their real potential, their destiny and their people. Talk about “white out” that cannot be put into a little bottle on your desk. Wow!

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I am a big fan of the Black Panther movies, but let’s do a little dissection beyond entertainment. Along with this “black history month” (left lower case intentionally), recent years have brought the celebration of Black Panther. A celebration that failed to realize the LION is the king of the beasts, not the panther. A celebration that fails to realize the Lion is brown like African Americans, not black like a car tire. Could it be that simple, the truth hidden in plain sight? Yes, it is, and so hidden in plain sight that most of you missed it or made excuses for living in Massa’s deception.

Why should somebody outside of your only ethnicity define what your history should be, where it should be, who it is allowed to be, when it should be celebrated and for how long? That is real power, real control, real manipulation. And when you support the lie, that is real indoctrination laced with deception. Still, many of you reading this article will fight this truth because you have believed, adopted and supported the lies for so long. Most people of color around you seem to do the same, so you “must be on point”, right? Wrong. They are just as deceived and indoctrinated as you are. In fact the majority of “black” people in America are likely sound asleep. That is how indoctrination works and how effective it is. But if they majority is right simply because they are the majority, how does any real truth every make its way to the surface? Very rarely.

This article is a wake-up call to the uncomfortable truth, not a snooze button to the comfortable lie. When any history denies the foundations of who you are on a genetic level, replacing all that with a new identity, you should have a problem with that. The very essence of who you are on a cellular genetic level as well as anthropologically, sociologically, theologically (spiritually rather) and psychologically has been stolen from you. And for all of you who continue to protect the culprits, you are as much of the problem as they are.



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