Black Community: Some People Need Government Assistance.



( Yes, there are people that need to get up and work. Some take advantage of the system, and something about it should feel wrong to them…too bad it doesn’t. There are parents out there pimping their children for a check and having children for a check while not properly tending to the children. We see this all the time and it causes many of us to question our community. It beckons the argument that our people need to get off their feet and make a way. What we see in some causes us to take a stance against government assistance. The problem is though those that can do better need to there are people that really need government assistance. Furthermore, we won’t always know who they are from looking at them.

Its important to be careful how we judge the cover of a book because some of our people are battling physical and mental disabilities. When they step out the house looking like a picture of health we may get ready to think, or say, they need to quit the lazy act, summon some dignity and get on their feet. Yet, when they open their mouth and can’t speak, you see them try to walk, or the seizures start in front of your face you realize some of our people need help.

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Not only do they need help but many of them don’t know where to start. Our communities need centers whereby those with disabilities, and their family, can get a better understanding of Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and even housing or food stamps. It is damaging to shame people for getting the help they actually need.

Many people apply for social security disability assistance but have no idea what they are doing. They don’t know if they have an appeal hearing they may need a lawyer, or representative. They don’t know there are some legal resources available at no charge. Some don’t realize when they have a physical incident its better to go to the ER than to simply staying at home then trying to explain what’s wrong with you to a judge merely on your testimony. A lack of knowledge and understanding can cause our people that need assistance to be denied such.

Too many of us have driven around the neighborhood and we see foot traffic. We see brothers and sisters walking around aimlessly throughout the day. Its simply to easy to write them off as the neighborhood addict or drunk. Yes those exist however, some of them are bipolar, have schizophrenia, and physical ailments that would bar them from gainful employment. They are not a dark spot on the community their life has value, and we need to see them.

Its important to help our disabled and mentally ill before they end up in hand cuffs, or worse they are gunned down by police. There is no shame in getting the help you need when its necessary. Illness, mental or physical, and disability are not only hard on the patient its also hard on the family and can very easily sink a family into serious debt. Of course, we know people that need to simply get up, and get it together.

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