Black Community: Drama Feeders And The Meal That Your Personal Life Has Become!




( While it’s easy to identify the drama creators in our lives, it may be a bit more difficult to see the role that those in our trusted inner circle that I call Drama Feeders may play in keeping you in the never ending arena of drama for their amusement.

These types do not like it when you’ve finally attained peace in your life because now they can’t derive any more pleasure from your pain!

They will have a track record of “being there for you” through the rough times but they are covertly playing the friend role merely to get a ringside seat and rush from your personal hell.

…….finally living a life happy will piss them off and they will soon move on to another unknowing victim so they can enjoy themselves as the emotional vampires that they are to the core once again at their expense.

Really think about it and you may be surprised as to who is really around you.

Drama Feeders will often reveal themselves unbeknownst to you by the manner in which they greet you.

You will often hear “What’s wrong?” or “Are you okay?” upon starting a new phone conversation without ever giving an indication that anything was wrong in the first place.

This is there way of jump starting your mood toward the negative without fully revealing to you that they wish to keep you in that place of perpetual drama.

It is THAT place that they simply adore you to be in because it gives them the ultimate joy.

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This is the funny thing about Drama Feeders, they are never the one to CREATE DRAMA in your life, but they are like the ushers in a church or the cheerleaders in a football game.

They problem is with this scenario is that you mistakenly see them cheer leading in a very intense manner and think that they are on your side when it comes to you dealing with your adversity but in fact they are cheer leading on the overall negative situation so that they can feed off of the energy that’s produced from it!

Drama Feeders never take sides in a confrontation, they love to keep it going so they can receive their personal rush from it. Their support of you is only a figment of your imagination and has not one shred of physical proof when you finally investigate it.

But too many times we cover the Drama Feeder’s inconsistencies and obvious character flaws that others can see so plainly only because we feel that they are our friends. THEY ARE NOT!

These people could care less if you are in their lives or not as long as you can give them that delicious meal of constant drama, side dishes of hurt and pain as well as the dessert of failure at the end.

…….and trust me, they will go home with those huge doggie bags filled to the top with your sorrow to snack on long after that juicy episode of personal drama has long ceased.

They will always be in your presence and not too far as long as you can feed them in this way. But do not think for once that you are the only restaurant with a drama filled menu that they will dine in regularly, because Drama Feeders will go wherever it is to fill up when they need to nourish their beings with the pain of another.

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Those to whom the Drama Feeder’s feast from are their world.

Drama Feeders think about the confusion in another person’s life and can’t wait to hear the latest gossip and devour it like a late night cable television reality show and get just as disappointed when the situation is rectified the same way that favorite show on TV is cancelled.

Drama Feeders are those people who will “egg you on” when the drama is brewing and in its infancy by saying inflammatory things to you like “I wouldn’t take that from her if I were you” or “you need to get rid of that man as fast as you can because I know I couldn’t deal with that at all!

The problem is that when you take the advice of the Drama Feeder and find yourself in a sorry state of affairs in your personal life, they have no way of helping you nor will they help you if they had the resources to do so! How do they say it in the streets? If you think you will ever get any help from a Drama Feeder YOU ARE ASS OUT!

You break up with your man after they helped to push you in that direction and now you find yourself without anywhere to go because that apartment or home is his, you will find out that you won’t even be able to crash on their couch at their home for a few weeks until you situate your life for the better.

They will tell you that they are praying for you while you are living at the shelter as they luxuriate at their high end apartment or condo that has extra bedrooms that really never get slept in!

Some friend HUH? LOL!

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YOU have become their entertainment!

YOUR LIFE has become their meal!

YOU most often won’t find out for a very long time that your friendly acting Drama Feeder is NOT your friend!

Only after hitting rock bottom will you understand that they have never really done anything for you except indulge in conversation in the name of friendship but were only killing time so that they can witness and enjoy your eventual demise.

Yes, we all have these types of entities around us and I am going to tell you the best way to get rid of them immediately or make their blood boil with anger while they wait for your next personal tragedy.

You want to know how to repel and reveal your Drama Feeders?

Well, first of all you have to have PEACE in your life!

Stop entertaining those who have always brought drama to you and change your total lifestyle so that you will enjoy the peace and quiet that has always been elusive to you, even if it means living the life of a reclusive hermit!

…….it worked for me and it has pissed off the remaining Drama Feeders in my life who are still determined to hang on as they see me live a happy, quiet, peaceful and productive life that give them a 0% drama rush!


You know that you are getting to them when you begin to speak of the level of happiness that you have in your home or some remodeling project that you and you spouse may be planning, they will quickly attempt to change the subject or act as though they now have to go!

When the Drama Feeder begins to observe your emerging happiness, it is like Holy Water being thrown on a possessed person that casts out their demons!