Black Community: Being a Black Man in America!



( Being a black man in America is not for the weak, in fact, I can’t think of another group of men that would be able to withstand the torment that we face daily. Let’s see, where shall we begin? First of all, many of us are born into this world to a young mother who might not know who daddy is, or if she does, there is a chance that he might not be sticking around. As a child, we sometimes have to be aware of the crazy boyfriends that moms is bringing home, and let’s pray to GOD that this fool does not like little boys.

As we grow up, we witness many of our friends turn to gangs, illegal activity, and drug use. Mind you that dad is not here to guide us, so it’s hard to avoid the peer pressure, so more than likely we will have a few run in’s with the law before age 18. Oh yeah, moms is at work trying to make ends meet, and the drug trade is looking real good right now. I need a new pair of shoes and them Jordan’s are calling my name.  After all, I’m tired of getting picked on by the rest of the kids at school, and that chick that sits in front of me at school wouldn’t give a broke brother like me the time of day. Mom could use the extra money too, so she won’t care where I got the money from.  Ha-ha, I  know you brothers can relate to this.

Black Men - Holding a Conversation.

By the time we reach 25 (full grown), more than likely there will be babies, baby mama(s), and oh yeah, child support. Many of us can’t keep a steady girlfriend, why, because mom didn’t keep a steady boyfriend. Dad wasn’t there to show me how to treat a woman. We can’t keep hustling, so it’s time to get a job, a real job. Who’s going to hire a brother with a record and a GED, certainly not a company that pays more than minimum wage?  Hell, even with a college education, it’s hard for most of us to get a good job. When we walk into that interview, the white dude is scoping us out from head to toe. He is looking at my hair, my complexion, and listening to the way I talk. If it’s a brother interviewing  us, he is just as worse as the white guy, you know the type of brother that grew up in the suburbs, went to college, and made  straight A’s in school. Even if we get the job, we have to deal with glass ceilings, because it’s only so high up the man is going to let us go.

When a black man reaches his thirties, he is normally tired of the struggles, pain, and is seeking stability. Yeah we get tired of the different girls, going to the club and have the desire to have a loving family. When it’s time to meet that special someone, where do you go to find her. Many of our women are scarred, have attitudes, and have better jobs than us. How can I be a man in my house when my lady is making more than me, and every day she is telling me how much she don’t need a man and can take care of herself. Let’s not forget, she never did like the baby’s mama(s), so that equals even more drama. Even if we did meet a good woman, we wouldn’t know how to treat her due to our childhood, and some insecurities. In the life of a black man, we often rotate jobs and women as if they were tires on a car. I forgot about the biggest problem of all…We are black.

It’s like we were doomed since birth. The race that makes up the majority never liked us, but see’s us as fools. The only thing we have ever been good for in the eyes of the majority is work. Yeah, Amerikka loves the Curry’s, the LeBron’s, and the Mj’s (both of the Michaels and Magic) because you are making them money. When you are making Americkkka money by entertaining, playing a sport, or even acting, you will be ok. If you are just the average Joe, or should I say Leroy, you will have to fight your way through this life harder than the average man.

A black man wants and deserves the same opportunities as any other man. We want the good jobs, we want the pretty wife and kids, and we want the vacations to Disney world and a few dogs with the picket fence. The problem is that America as a whole does not want to see us with it, and some of our own people don’t either. Most of our black men are in jail, and most of their kids headed there. Why you ask, it’s not because we want to be, it’s because Amerikkka was designed this way. As a black man in America, I make no excuses at all, but I give reasons. We can go to school and get the same education as the rest of the world, we can also stay out of jail in most situations, but we have to be taught to first love ourselves.




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