Black Christians/White Christians: Would you serve a Black Jesus? revisited 2 years later.




( As I watching television last night, the station continually showed these pictures of the person they said was Jesus. The thing that got me was that every picture they showed was a picture of a blond haired, blue eyed Jesus. This really began to play with my psyche a bit.  I wondered to myself if most white evangelical Christians would really serve a Jesus if he was depicted to them as black. Now the Bible as well as other articles have always clearly shown that he could not be a person with white skin. But it is amazing to me that everyone shows that he is a white guy with blue eyes.

I remember watching Good Times and seeing this played out on the screen. JJ had painted a black Jesus and Michael hung it in the house. When Florida came home and saw the picture she went loony. She said this is the only Jesus she knew that being the white Jesus. This is really how it is in many of  the black  households. Rather we want to accept it or not Jesus is depicted as a white man. We role with bit  and say it doesn’t matter if he is black or white, he is still Lord. But I wonder if that is really true. The Willie Lynch theory is a massive undertaking that has really rocked  the black community for years and still has a lasting effect. I know older folks who will not hire blacks to do anything. But in retrospect they love former President Barack Obama. So to have a black Jesus would be a hard thing to swallow.

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As for my white brother and sisters, I wonder how they would take it as well. If we found out today at 2:00 that Jesus was definitely a black dude with dreadlocks how would they receive that news. It would be a hard thing to call a black a n@@ger after that bit of information. I am not inquiring that all whites call blacks n@@gers but it would be like me saying that I have never called a white person a cr@@ker. We both have done it and when the moment gets heated enough will probably do it again if not careful. But my point is can white America really bow to a Jesus that is black. I wonder would all the churches throughout America take down the pictures of the white Jesus and place pictures of the black Jesus.

I do not think it will happen because deep down an inferior complex would arise and I do not think they can handle it. White evangelical pastors really would be lost if this happen. Would RC Sproul really be able to pontificate  with such vigor if he saw the black Jesus? Could Johnathan Edwards  really have stood before people and made claims of Christ knowing he had people enslaved at his crib that looked just like Jesus? So I understand the plight of the Black Liberation Theology. I do not agree with most of it but I understand why it came. When an oppressed people have an opportunity to experience freedom you must believe that they will do all they can to stay free.

I am sure that our churches would change because people interpretation would change. If all the evangelicals would look in their scriptures and see that all the writers of the bible were black or of a darker pigment. The apostles, Paul and Abraham if they were black, how then do you get  whites to relate to them. It is easy to serve a God you can relate to but can you relate to a God that you have no desire to because of his skin tone.

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