Black? Brown? African American? We Are Not Black period!




( WE ARE NOT BLACK. Black is the color of my car tires. I am brown and African American. f you believe in creation, the Garden of Eden was the beginning for all of us – and it was in a place where people of color dwelled. It was not in Europe. If you are an evolutionist, you believe the first people popped up in Mesopotamia, near the Nile River Valley – again an area predominantly inhabited by people of color, atleast originally. If you are a Christian, you believe that all people came from Adam and Eve who lived in the Garden of Eden. If you are a Muslim, you believe that all men were created from one drop of blood (DNA). Either way, in the beginning they were not called BLACK.

I am not just playing with words. When you were in elementary school, you were taught the color brown and that it was not the same thing as the color black. That is still true today. Yet we still celebrate “black” history month, visit the “black” expo and call ourselves what we are not. Brainwashing is very powerful. And there was a diabolical reason the earliest American slave traders during the North Atlantic Slave Trade called us black and themselves white. White is the color of notebook paper, not the color of Caucasians who once were cave dwellers (research Caucus Mountains). I do not say this to be hateful, I say this because these are facts and we must not fear the truth.

It goes much deeper. The Indians, Hispanics, Asians and Africans do not allow themselves to be defined by color, but by nationality and ethnicity. The same is true of Haitians, Jamaicans, Bohemians etc. They also do not allow another group to define who they are. Our people make this critical mistake as we apparently search for an identity because ours was stolen and destroyed. Our people were given a new identity and we accepted it. We were made into negroes and the treachery of the Willie Lynches of this country is only the tip of the iceberg. Our basketball players (Lebron, Kobe etc.) own no teams. Our actors (Denzel, Halle, Lawrence, Morgan) run nothing in Hollywood. Our talk show hosts (Oprah, Latifah etc.) have no real power over the networks. It’s time to wake up. The writing was on the wall (in Egypt etc.) until the invaders erased it. So I am placing it right back on the new wall known as the internet – and you should too.


I am a family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach. I work with deprogramming as many of our people from the slavery mindset as possible. But it is an uphill battle. To receive other key articles that help our people deprogram themselves, email your request to [email protected].

Before you attempt to school me on the word Negroid and etymological origins long before the slave trade, let me assure you that I already know this. But they were wrong as well. Here is a simple test. Put your hand next to your car tire. If the tire is black, what color are you? You are brown and that is a fact, no matter what methods of indoctrination have deceived you into confusing your colors. Did you know there were several studies done which showed that other ethnic groups had an entirely different perception of someone called black instead of someone call an African American? You are not denying who you are if you refuse to be called black – you are shaking off the brainwashing and recognizing the fact of your true color.

From Slave to Nigger to Black to Afro American to Negro to Black to African American to Black – we have allowed ourselves to be defined by those who oppressed us in the first place. Then our people bought into the lie and starting promoting it as well. The brainwashing of Willie Lynche and so many others stuck. We still believe the Hebrew Messiah was named Jesus and looked like “white” Anglo-Saxon Europeans. Simply look up the word “black” in the dictionary. Why do you think there even exists a term such as “black mail“? It might as well be spelled “black male“.

We will not be able to unify our people until they receive the right programming just like a computer that needs to be updated and free of viruses. But that cannot happen until we expose, reject and stop the bad programming that is shaping our images of ourselves and each other. Once we reset our “computers“, our expectation of ourselves and each other will change. The process is long and arduous but not hopeless. Start by sharing this article with every African American you know.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

Are you a DemocratRepublican? I write on behalf of the Black Community. Feel free to contact me at; [email protected].