Black Americans: Pay Very Close Attention to Marijuana Laws. (aka… Weed)



( Last time while discussing marijuana, we went into whether there was money for Black people in the industry and things we should pay attention to as well as how they could impact us. One of the major points was to pay attention to recent updates in marijuana laws in your city or state.

One thing I forgot to mention about laws is that sometimes, a city might be laxer than the state with its laws. It’s like how some issues are states’ rights issues instead of there just being a federal law on the issue and everyone gets with the program.

Black People: Pay Very Close Attention to Marijuana Laws Before Exploring

Now, that might seem like extra work since you didn’t need to really look into drinking laws before you started drinking. The thing there is that drinking has always been engraved in American culture. It’s to the point where you just needed to know when you could start drinking legally and be aware that drinking and driving is frowned upon.

Considering the extent of injury, loss of life, and destruction of property that drunk driving can cause, saying “frowned upon” makes it seem like a nuisance offense. However, those were the two main things we needed to know upfront before drinking.

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Everything else you learned by error but things you might never learn. If you’re not a rowdy drinking, you might never run into a drunk and disorderly situation. It might just be something you’re aware of but it’s not of personal or immediate concern.

Marijuana is different in that it has always been a part of different cultures and subcultures in the U.S but was eventually made an illegal drug by law and lobbies. As an illegal drug, it’s regulated to something that shouldn’t be immediately in the thoughts and sights of American citizens.

It was a scourge that needed to be kept away from children and young adults. Also, hemp could’ve really impacted the necessity for several industries. With an already terrible public perception, the topping was an illegal trade formed around the inability to obtain something that is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol.

A criminal element eventually leads the police being called in and people getting arrested. It’s a storyline progression that has never really deviated. However, with marijuana being legalized in multiple states or getting just medical clearance, there is a different opinion towards the herb.

Right now, the country is leaning more in favor of some sort of legalization. Most agree with growing and distribution for medical use. That’s a safe pick because it’s medical, people are getting help with multiple ailments and issues.

Then you have the recreational use side.

Recreational Use is Where Laws Vary the Most

As mentioned before, this is where it varies from state to state. While the state might say one thing about drug punishments and whatever, within certain cities, you might find that their fines are lower or there no jail time.

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Also note that, this might just be allowed in the city proper or within city limits. The greater metropolitan area isn’t the same as core city. As a matter of fact, outside of the city is usually handled by your sheriff’s departments and often times they operate by state law.

Now, this isn’t the biggest issue if you’re not traveling state to state constantly or if you happen to live in a full legalization state. In that case, move and groove as you please. As for everyone else, be aware of the specifics in the laws so that you’re not caught unaware when out traveling. It’s something you might even consider but a legal recreational amount coming from one state could be viewed differently heading into a different state.



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