Black Americans in America is a Fatherless Child.



( Ghostface Killah of the WuTang Klan made a song on his first solo album called ‘Motherless Child.’ Although not the original, it used a sample from a version recorded by O.V. Wright’s “Motherless Child” which was taken from an old Negro spiritual from the times of slavery. The way I see it, a new stanza should be made to state ‘I feel like a fatherless child.’ Nothing against the song but rather a new accoutrement to express the emotions of the time. As such, this new verse or what ever one would like to call it is a more accurate reflection of the occurrences in the black American community over the past 50 years, for there are mothers, but fathers are as rare as the evasive sasquatch. And regrettably, it is all by plan to no benefit to the black community and a frequent intentional re-occurrence since slavery in the United States.

If I were on my INGSOC/Oceania sh#t, as proffered by the cultural status quo thought gods, I’d probably say that these white supremacists are out of control. But I won’t and will let the facts speak for themselves. If there are folk out their who believe that white supremacy is the greatest threat to this nation, then they must attribute it to an outcome of numerical fact. If such is the case, clearly, they were running wild in Chicago Independence Day weekend, where 108 were shot, of which 19 of were fatal and 13 kids among the wounded. Or the 40 shot this past weekend (including 11 fatalities). Surely must be white supremacist behind the 71 homicides so far in 2021 in Oakland. I could go on, but I reckon intelligent cats get the picture – white supremacy is not our nations biggest threat or problem and when you specifically carve out the black community, it is not even present. See, what we call domestic terrorism are gangs shooting up our streets, looters robbing our stores and rampant drug use, car jackings and homicides occurring in our community. The problem is not the weapon, rather the behavior of the individual. Guns do not have legs and are not walking down the street or driving cars shooting folk by themselves.

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Politicians in these cities where crime is spiraling out of control talk the game but never put any action behind their words. If it requires actions, they are invisible for their only solution to all aliments is to claim racism, systemic racism or white supremacy. None of which make sense, for as I mentioned earlier, the crimes that we see on the rise and the inordinate deaths being tallied in the black community are not happening at the hands of white folk. In addition, I can say for certain they are not a consequence of 300 plus years of oppression or slavery.


To be historically accurate, what is happening is by design and any student of history should be able to observe such. The same folk that claim to be here to assist the helpless are the same folk who subjugate minorities of this nation. It is merely high-brow oratory that isn’t put into practice and it has been this way since the war between the states.

They have never given up the premise of skin color as political policy – they have just transformed or mutated it to something that can be palatable to their slaves in the house and field. They have pounded in our heads untruthfully that we who are generations from and never experienced slavery still suffer from it. Their beliefs about blacks from the formation of the KKK to reconstruction and Jim Crow to segregation has never altered, only the language has changed. The new thing is to teach ideology to maintain their true intentions as it pertains to blacks in this great nation. Specifically addressing everything other than the real issue that could facilitate change and this ideology being taught and shoved down our throats is inversely proportional what is needed for individual improvement which is having fathers in the home.

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It is no secret that not having fathers raising their sons leads to the troubles that we see and experience in the black community. Always have and always will be. The kicker is that all of this always has come from the liberal left.

The left has made no secret of how they see and value black people. They always see us as helpless savages whom without their assistance cannot accomplish anything. This is the slave master mentality many speak off. In fact, when one hears someone saying that a person skin color makes them helpless, you should punch that trick in the mouth. These folks do not care about us and they are openly not shy about showing it. In DC, laws have been advanced that allows for the state to give children vaccines without their parents’ consent and equally as disturbing, medical journals are asserting that parents should not have a say in whether a child can decide if they want to have sexual reassignment surgery not.  They are teaching our kids things, we as parents do not want them to know and giving them things, we do not want them to have. In Chicago, the democrat dominated teacher’s union and school board have decided to provide fifth graders and older condoms.

None of the aforementioned do anything to make America a better nation or black folk more self-empowered. They can only see what we experience in terms of crime and violence in our communities as esoteric: guns only. Never do they speak of or direct policy targeting the behaviors or the criminals carrying out these crimes for fear they might be called out for what they are – racist. This has been the penumbra of left since they decided to separate from the union. They speak of accuracy in history but will never mention that some of the largest slave owners in the United States were Black (See Joseph Pendarvis and Family, Antoine Dubuclet Jr., and William Ellison as examples). They assert that America was founded on slavery yet ignore that slavery was brought to America by the British crown. Additionally, there were at least five times from 1767 to 1774 the colonies attempted to abolish slavery, but the British Crown struck them all down.

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Contrary to popular opinion, slavery was not singularly unique to the United States and North America. Over the centuries it has been carried out on six of the seven continents. During the 13th century, the Mongols enslaved millions and frequently sold them in markets across Eurasia. Mansa Musa, King of the Mali Empire in the 14th century and considered to be the richest man to have ever existed, owned slaves and took more than 12,000 with him on his pilgrimage to Mecca and became extremely wealth selling African as slaves. Slavery was also widespread in many West and Central African societies before and during the trans-Atlantic slave trade also. A true understanding of history in terms of U.S. slavery must acknowledge the fact many Blacks owned slaves from the time of the revolutionary war until the ratification of the 13th and 14th amendments.


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