Black Americans: Buyer Beware of Republican Tim Scott’s Vision for America.



( In terms of his life story, Tim Scott is certainly an inspirational figure. He hails from South Carolina and his family background is quite humble. Adding to that, since he is a Black man, life certainly hasn’t been easy for him. As such, it is commendable that he became a part of the United States Senate through his unwavering hard work. He relied entirely on public education and was diligent and resilient against all the hurdles he encountered, which enabled him to become a renowned player in local politics when he was in his thirties. It was an incredible journey in which he beat all odds to come out on top.

Scott’s Interesting Announcement that Raised Many Eyebrows

Just a few months ago, Scott declared his intentions to run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. It is important to note that he is the only Black Republican in the Senate. However, realistically, Scott’s vision of the country makes zero sense.

Sadly, instead of bridging the poverty and racial disparities Scott himself faced, the policies he hopes to pursue will worsen them. Despite the fact that the American dream is epitomized through his journey and reflects the fruits of hard work, his ideals on the political front seem vastly contrasting. In fact, his political views and decisions seem to be putting Black people on the back burner.

Republican Tim Scott - 2023.

Scott’s Economic Policies that Require Attention

As an Economics major; the first thing we need to review or consider is Sen. Scott’s economic record. Under the presidency of Donald Trump, Scott decided to collaborate with him to work on an idea they labeled “Opportunity Zones.” Despite the simplicity of the idea, it seemed to hold merit when examined superficially. Essentially, Black and minority communities that require a boost would be identified by the federal government. These communities would be revitalized with the help of business and federal investment. Unfortunately, the initiation of the program fetched the opposite results almost immediately.

According to a study conducted by the Joint Committee on Taxation, the investment distribution was riddled with immense inequality. In fact, 42% of the entire amount dedicated to this cause was directed toward only one percent of opportunity zones. Furthermore, only five percent of the zones enjoyed 78 percent of investments.

As an additional alarming statistic, the New York Times reported that several Black entrepreneurs seeking funding were systematically excluded from the process. Sadly, even within the zones that received attention, investors only focused on projects that guaranteed high returns. This included projects such as expensive real estate developments. On the other hand, initiatives that would have resulted in lower margins were completely overlooked, despite their ability to truly improve the quality of life of several Black communities through crucial services as well as stable jobs.

This, however, does not encompass the debilitating effects of the economic policies supported by Scott. A staunch supporter of Trump’s radical tax plan, Scott endorsed it quite vocally. In fact, he was quite boastful about the role he played in drafting this problematic legislation. As both the proposer of several provisions and the one who convinced multiple senators to support it, he played a key role in its development. However, this plan was extremely problematic and had disastrous effects on working families across Black communities. He claimed to champion Black rights, but his actions contradicted that claim. The Trump-Scott tax law refrained from leveraging the tax code to improve racial equity, despite the fact that it could have been achieved through the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is a crucial work credit capable of mitigating federal tax burdens or offering financial support. Instead, its benefits only trickled down to affluent families that are already enjoying incomes on the higher end of the distribution spectrum. It is estimated that 23.7% of tax cuts were distributed to white households in the top one percent of income earners, according to a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and Prosperity Now. In fact, while the average tax cuts enjoyed by white households were computed to be $2,020, this number drastically decreases to $840 when it comes to Black households.

Grave Errors in Healthcare

Scott has also been active in sabotaging avenues of health care that could benefit a majority of Black Americans, which is undoubtedly a troubling pattern.

Among other things, he opposed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and has sought to defund important healthcare initiatives. Medicaid expansion was one of the provisions offered to the states in the Affordable Care Act. Millions of Americans who are in need of health care are covered by Medicaid, a government health care program. This opportunity has been embraced by many states, but Scott’s state decided not to opt for it.

Furthermore, he was completely against continuing Medicaid funding for states that had previously adopted it as part of the House Republicans’ 2017 campaign to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. In fact, he even claimed that doing so would not be possible if fiscally responsible and non-expansion states weren’t made whole.

Medical professionals and extensive policy research demonstrate that Scott’s views about healthcare lack evidence. In a study that the Commonwealth Fund conducted, it was revealed that between the years 2013 and 2021, there was a significant increase in the benefits derived from expanded Medicaid eligibility. Furthermore, in States where Medicaid programs were expanded, the stats demonstrated lesser disparities across racial and ethnic realms, which can be attributed to their improved coverage as well as the greater access to healthcare services.

It is evident that Scott is not aware of the needs and requirements of Black communities from his inability to identify and acknowledge the advantages mentioned above. It is also an indicator of how he overlooks the need to address our healthcare system’s flaws, including its deep-seated racial inequities.

Black Communities and Neglect

A fair tax code and the Affordable Care Act would give Black Americans an equal chance to achieve the American dream. According to extensive research, these initiatives can help the federal government achieve a host of positive outcomes. However, Scott’s political decisions have facilitated the dismantling of the progress that has been made in recent decades and mirrors his unfamiliarity with the hurdles that Black Americans face on a daily basis.

Rejecting this Candidacy is Imperative

Black communities do not exist as monoliths, but rather as woven tapestries of different ethnicities and cultures. It is certainly inaccurate to claim otherwise. If a presidential candidate wants to win the support of the members of this community, he or she must address each individual’s concerns and priorities. Thus, the track record maintained by Scott over the crucial kitchen table issues that deeply and primarily affect most Black Americans illustrates why his candidacy for president should be rejected.

It is essential that Black Americans’ concerns are addressed by our leaders so they can lead fulfilling lives. Despite Scott’s impressive personal journey, he has failed to champion crucial causes for Black people, which makes him a poor candidate for higher office. He can parrot the talking points of the twice impeached, indicted and scandal laden ex-president (45) as much as he wants but it does not change the facts.

Developing leaders who prioritize the health, welfare, and prosperity of all Americans, no matter their race or ethnicity is essential to our success as a formidable nation. As we approach a critical juncture in the fight for equality, we cannot settle for less. Leaders that deliver substantive policies that uplift and empower the Black community are the need of the hour, considering the challenges that these minority groups are currently encountering. Our goal of creating a more equitable and just society demands no compromise. Put another way:

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing!

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