Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: They Seek To Steal Your Vote.



( Certain nefarious, satanic forces, some foreign others domestic, are working overtime to suppress the turnout of eligible Black voters in the upcoming 2024 presidential and Congressional elections. It is not a new development.

In the past, there were those that used lynching, poll taxes, bombs and murder to frighten and intimidate Blacks from voting. Today they have substituted burning crosses, hoods and white sheets with more sophisticated techniques in their attempts to suppress and steal Black votes.

Steal Your Vote.

Since the 2020 election Republican controlled state legislatures throughout the nation have enacted laws that many voting rights advocates believe will make it more difficult for eligible Blacks voters to cast their votes. Efforts to suppress Blacks from voting are as much a part of America as apple pie and violence.

However, it is more the sophisticated efforts to suppress the Black vote which are of greater concern and alarm. Nefarious, satanic forces are hoping to hoodwink and bamboozle Black voters into either not voting or wasting their vote on third party candidates whose candidacies are designed to dilute Black voting power. The goal is to silence Black voices and steal their votes.

According to US intelligence agencies, Russian sponsored operatives have been attempting to cause chaos and confusion to undermine the election and public confidence in the US political system. These Russian sponsored operatives have targeted Black voters in particular hoping to grow mistrust, division and alienation. The Russian operatives are not the only ones attempting to dilute Black political power.

Various homegrown forces are at work who hope to use disinformation, misinformation and outright lies to sow distrust, frustration, anger, alienation, doubt and division among Black voters. These homegrown nefarious, satanic forces consist of white supremacts, white nationalist, neo-nazis as well as major political party operatives.

They use the internet and social media websites to spread their poison. Like a catfish they present themselves as being someone other than who they are. Some will attempt to present themselves as being Black when in fact they are anything but Black.

What they are, however, is demonic, diabolical and evil. They are good at promoting false narratives, bogus arguments, vacuous conspiracy theories and distractions.

As one very despicable immoral degenerate racist from the not to distant past stated

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This perverted sentiment is clearly in vogue today in certain political circles and manifested everyday on the internet, social media websites and cable disinformation outlets.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the false narratives, bogus arguments, lies and distractions that are being widely disseminated on the internet, social media websites and even cable “news” outlets.

Due to the newly enacted open borders policy the US is being invaded at its southern border by drug smugglers, rapists and all manner of criminals.

America going back to colonial times has had an open borders policy. Everyone had free access into America. However, once it became a nation, laws were passed which banned Chinese nationals in 1882 from immigrating to the US and immigrants from Japan in 1907. Up until 1921 other than the ban on Chinese and Japanese nationals all who wanted could come and settle in America/US.

That is not to say all were equally welcomed. From the outset there was a bias from many of the freedom of religion Protestants against Catholics. Nevertheless, there were no laws enacted which specifically singled out Catholics from entering America/US.

They were also similar to today’s anti-immigration movements, none of which were successful.   Anti-immigration movements fueled by xenophobia, bigotry and ignorance and championed by nativists,  political opportunists and reprobates.

Not only was there an open borders policy, colonial governments and later the fledgling US government actively encouraged immigrants to come to populate and develop the colonies and later the nation.

Many of the earliest immigrants were indentured servants. Prior to leaving Europe to come to America indentured servants entered into agreements indicating they would work for a period of seven years without pay. In return for their seven years of free labor their transportation cost as well as their shelter and food cost would be borne by their land owning sponsor.

With the completion of their obligation the indentured servant now classified as a free man in many cases would be given a parcel of land to own and develop.

These early immigrants came from throughout Europe in clusters and waves settling together in separate, distinct communities. Very few of them had any records or documentation. More important none were asked.

The early immigrants were not required to make an application or register to come to America and later the US. They were not given tests. There was no requirement to speak English. There were no requirements after the US was formed for them to seek citizenship. Nor was there any demand.

During the period from 1619 until 1808 approximately 400,000 enslaved Africans were brought to America/US. In 1808 the US outlawed the transporting of enslaved Africans into the US. Enslaved Africans were still brought into the US illegally after 1808 and it would take almost another 60 years before the institution of slavery was outlawed completely in the US.

However, to classify the forced inhumanity, immoral transport of enslaved Africans as immigrants overextends the meaning of that word to the point that it loses meaning.

The only immigrants who came to America who had some documentation were the 50,000 to 60,000 British convicts that Britain forced to come to America. For many of those convicts it was basically “give me liberty or give me death,” The convicts were given a choice between banishment to America or the death penalty.

Britain was not the only nation at that time or later which used America to rid itself of its despised and deplorables.  America and later the US was never a melting pot but from its inception literally and figuratively a dumping ground.

It was these despised and deplorable earlier immigrants, dirt poor with little, if any, formal education and even less skills who supplemented the sweat of the over $100 trillion in uncompensated forced labor of enslaved Africans which made America and later the US an economic power.

From the earliest colonial days until 1921, the American/US borders were completely wide open for anyone to come into America and later the US. That is everyone with the exception as prior mentioned Japanese and Chinese nationals and after 1808 enslaved Africans. Japanese and Chinese nationals did enter the US illegally primarily through Canada.

The laws which banned Japanese and Chinese nationals were xenophobic, inhuman, racist and immoral. It is highly questionable if a law which is xenophobic,  inhuman, racist and immoral can or should be considered legal.

In 1921 and tightened in 1924, the US enacted laws which adopted for the first time ever a formal registration and application process for individuals seeking to immigrate to the US. It also established quotas as to the number of persons entitled to come from each country.

The quota system developed gave preference to individuals coming from Northern and Western Europe. However, there were limits placed on the number of individuals which could come from countries in Southern and Eastern Europe.

There was concern that individuals from Southern and Eastern Europe, in particular the large number of Catholics from those areas, would owe their allegiance to the pope and not to a US president. The quota put into code the bias against Catholics which existed since the inception of America.

Protestants came from Europe seeking religious freedom only to show intolerance and prejudice towards Catholics and other religions. There are certain characteristics about Americans which have remained constant from colonial days until current times. They are intolerance, inhumanity, violence, racism and hypocrisy.

An indirect tragedy of the anti-Cathloic bias which restricted individuals from Southern and Eastern Europe resulted in from 250,000 to 300,000 Southern and Eastern Europe Jews who sought immigration to escape the horrors of nazism and fascism from being able to come to the US. Many of these individuals would eventually die in concentration and death camps.

The ban on individuals from China and Japan was kept in place by the 1921 and 1924 immigration laws.

The 1921 and 1924 immigration laws did not establish any quotas for individuals who sought to immigrate from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central or South American. Individuals from those areas were free to immigrate to the US.

The narrative of a newly enacted open borders policy being spread by various political elements in the US today is false and simply devoid of the facts. The overwhelming majority of the millions of immigrants who came to America/US from its inception came through completely open borders with no paperwork, no documents and none was asked. The false narrative of a newly enacted open borders policy  is just one of many distractions to direct the eyes and attention of Americans away from real issues which plague the US.

Immigrants and open borders are responsible for the US’ drug crisis.

The US indeed is experiencing a drug and substance abuse crisis. But it is not because of immigration. The US’ drug crisis is because there are too many people living in the US who feel and/or must use drugs and other substances to get them through the day.

It is the typical supply and demand equation. If there is a demand there is a supply. If there is no demand there is no supply.

The US has a mental health challenge which as a nation it refuses to acknowledge and address. Drug and substance abuse is just one of the symptoms of the mental health challenge the US is experiencing.

In addition, the illegal drug industry is big money. It is one the US’ biggest industries.

If it was not for the US’ illegal drug industry there would be a whole lot of people probably unemployed and/or employed in less profitable lines of work.

I am not referring to drug dealers. I am referring to the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other court attendants, bail personnel, law enforcement and correction officers. A significant portion of these individuals owe their continued employment to the illegal drug industry.

One could conclude that the US government was never serious about stopping illegal drugs from coming into the country. For 50 years if not longer the US government has had the technology to monitor every ship, boat, plane, train, bus, whatever form of transportation into the US to detect and seize every ounce of illegal drugs coming into the US.

If the US can send rockets to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and beyond and capture detailed images and photos millions of miles in space it would seem the US government could use that same technology to monitor every ship, boat, plane, train, bus, whatever form of transportation into the US.

The US government has had the technology however it clearly has not had the will or the desire.

One must conclude there is too much money in the illegal drug industry.

In fact there is so much money in the illegal drug industry that states after once launching just say “no” public relations campaigns are falling all over themselves to enter the cannabis market. The billion dollar question is how soon will it be before states decide that cocaine, heroin and prostitution like alcohol, gambling and cannabis will be good revenue for tax coffers?

Immigrants are taking American jobs.

The xenophobes, misinformed, political harlots and others are correct, immigrants come into the US and take American jobs. However, they are not taking jobs from Americans. They are doing the jobs that Americans are unwilling and refuse to take.

These immigrants perhaps foolishly believe in the American dream. Native born Americans believe in hitting the lottery or suing someone for a big payday. As for native born Americans 40 or younger they all want to be creators and influencers. Thank god for the immigrants otherwise we would probably starve to death.

Currently, immigrants are costing the taxpayers money and are receiving all these government benefits.

Totally untrue. The very opposite is true.

Recent Immigrants are not being given any special benefits that American citizens are not receiving nor are they asking for special benefits. Their desire is the same as immigrants since the inception of America and that is to be able to “sit under their fig and none make them afraid”, being able to provide for their families and see their children have a better life than they did.

Not only do immigrants not eat up tax dollars, immigrants add to tax coffers when they purchase clothing, food and other necessities.

A wave of immigrants are flooding the southern border.

That is true. But it is like the story of the two orphans who cried that they were orphans after killing their parents. The humanitarian crises at the southern border is the direct result of bad US political and economic foreign policies over many years ago back to the late 1940s in dealing with the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Currently, there is a wave of Venezuelan immigrants at the southern border. For years the US government attempted to destabilize the Venezuelan government and its economy because it refused to be a US puppet. If you destabilize a nation you can expect the people from that nation to end up at your borders.

Hunter Biden.

If Hunter Biden walked right past me I would not know who he was or care. For Congressional members to waste tax dollars and time supposedly investigating Biden’s son in an attempt to discredit President Biden politically is a dereliction of duty. It would be the same dereliction of duty if Congressional Democrats were to waste time and taxpayer monies supposedly investigating Trump’s children.

Families especially children were off limits when there was decorum and honorable men and women in Congress. Hunter Biden is not an issue regardless of how much some try to spin it.

According to media reports, Hunter Biden has had a history of substance abuse and emotional

challenges. That is not unlike a whole lot of Americans and American families.

His parents have indicated their love for their son. That is what parents do. They love their children and stand by them regardless.

Some might feel attacking Hunter Biden is good politics. Not only is it not good politics, it lacks integrity, decency, humanity, compassion and Christianity.

There are a host of other unusable, untruthful and unfathomable issues, narratives and spins that will be presented by a wide cast of charlatans, imposters and just plain liars now and until election day. Be alert, be cautious, be watchful. Don’t fall for the okey-doke.

It is probably asking too much but hopeful there will be those who will attempt to focus on the real issues facing Americans. Not fake narratives, bogus issues, irrational conspiracy theories, fairy tales and other distractions being spread throughout the internet, social media sites and cable news outlets.

Such issues as to why is the US not the number one safest country? Why isn’t the US number one in terms of quality of life? Why is the US not number one in terms of best for children?

Why is the US not number one in terms of healthcare? Why is the US not number one in terms of longest life expectancy? Why is the US not number in terms of lowest wealth inequality?

Why is the US not number one in terms of lowest maternal mortality rate? Why is the US not number one in mental well being?

Not only is the US not number in any of those categories but in none of those categories is the US one of the top ten.

Real issue, not disinformation, misinformation and outright lies is needed in the 2024 presidential and Congressional elections. Do not allow nefarious, satanic forces to steal your vote, your humanity, your joy, your soul.

Staff Writer; Al Alatunji

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