Black Americans and White Americans: PATRIOTISM – Is It Just Brainwashing?



( War heroes coming home in body bags, with missing limbs or never coming home at all. Leaving wives, husbands and children to do what is labeled “protecting our way of life“. TV commercials where soldiers say they gave up their marriages, families, dreams and more for the military – and they say they would do it all again. American military bases and embassies in over 150 countries around the world. War looming on the horizon with North Korea and Iran against the United States. Troops stuck in Afghanistan fighting a “war” against an enemy who came back as soon as American troops left. Standing for the flag and the national anthem. Is all of this patriotism or simply brainwashing done with the same type of propaganda Hitler used to influence and control the Aryans/Nazis/Germans?


If you understand NLP (look it up) and how brainwashing or indoctrination work, you will be inclined to see the big picture – the big picture of the big scary truth. But most of our population does not have a clue about what I am saying. Therefore I expect them to see my comments and this article as “unpatriotic“. The fact of the matter is that I have simply not been brainwashed. I look at what is really happening – not what people say is happening and not thee labels they place on it.

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Visit the federal government patent website ( and search for yourself how many mind control devices there are. And those are the ones we know about.

Do I stand for the flag or national anthem when this country still promotes, excuses and hides racism? No. Do I stand in respect while African Americans, Hispanics and others are disproportionately incarcerated, killed and beaten by police brutality? Do I support our deceived men and women in the military? Yes because of their intent to protect Americans. But preserving our way of life? What way of life is that? Would that way of life be discrimination, racism, white supremacy, police brutality and inequality? Would that way of life be partisan politics that play with people’s lives by overpricing, cutting or stopping health insurance? Would that way of life be represented by an incompetent, sociopathic, pathologically dishonest, narcissistic President who acts like a child, picks fights with everybody, disrespects and talks about women, the handicapped, war heroes and anyone who does not praise or agree with him?

When we stand for the flag, the national anthem and other symbols of this country, what are we really standing for? When we enlist and serve in the military, who are we really serving, what are we fighting for and what or whose agenda? Think about it. To preserve democracy, really? Odd being that we do not have a democracy in America – we have a democratic republic (of sorts). In a real democracy the people have the power, not the representatives they elect. In our country, however, representatives vote for what the people want – or do they? Do they represent our interests? Or are they also influenced by lobbyists from big corporations who pay (legal bribery) for votes that help the corporations and leave the common man out in the cold?

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Regardless of all these things detrimental to the average everyday American citizen, we keep enlisting, dying, standing for the flag and “for which it stands“. But I would suggest you look at what it is standing for or hiding behind it. To speak the truth today is neither popular nor considered : patriotic”, but only because so many people are used to hearing, buying into and living the lie. Yes our money says “in God we trust” but have you ever asked “trust to do what“?


America is wealthy as a nation and capable of great benevolence. But as a nation, where is that benevolence when millions lack healthcare, millions are homeless and more of our people are incarcerated that in any other civilized nation even close to our size? Pledging allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands is quite a loaded statement once you come face to face with the truth.

All of us should thank Former President Donald Trump and be glad that he won the 2016 election, at least to some extent. Why? Because Trump has exposed and represents the racism, ignorance, favoritism, immaturity, insecurity, collusion and discrimination this country hides and walks in denial of. We can see clearly that we have not come as close to the promised land as many had thought. So it’s time to wake up.

Don’t worry. I am stable, sound-minded, peaceful and not angry – just awake.

To overstand brainwashing, indoctrination and if they have been used on you, I suggest you do some research on brainwashing, indoctrination and mind control. Look at the techniques then compare them to what you see, know and experience regarding American “patriotism“. Exactly what are you pledging allegiance to? I suggest that you find out instead of simply offering blind allegiance to avoid looking out of place. Wake up America. Am I anti-America? No, I am anti-deception, anti-ignorance, anti-blind allegiance and anti-brainwashing. What about you?

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