An Innocent 8 year Old Black Boy Was Lynched By A White Liberal Family.




( Indeed, our innocent black Christian child was attacked, assaulted, and burnt with chemical and biological warfare by a group of white men, women and children who are infected with the diseases of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having small private parts. Yes, A white ideocratic liberal family took advantage of a young black boy who was supposed to be in their care for just a few days; but, instead he was lynched like a dog by the same people that smile in your face and claimed to be your friend; but, in reality they are just wolf in sheep clothing and descendants of the Neanderthal cave dweller Slave Masters also known as “Massa”.

Our beautiful Christian child Jayceon Charles, an 8 year old happy boy with No criminal records, No gang affiliations, No drugs, No alcohol and no saggy pants; Yet, He was treated like a criminal and then assaulted, attacked and almost lynch to death by a mob of white democratic liberal families who have fooled their community and the black community for years in the cover up of their ties to white supremacy groups and those who support and believe in the Replacement Theory of white lives matter than that of other communities. Little Jayceon was allowed by his Christian parents and guardian to visit the home of his neanderthal cave dweller friend in order to attend an event at a amusement park in the company of two face racist white people who attempted to Lynch one of our members of the African American Christianity community.

On August 9, 2022, Little Jayceon was at the home of the Neanderthal cave dweller assassins in Warren, Arkansas, who attempted to covered up the incident in question in order to killed and then buried the body of little Jayceon in their peckerwood backyard. The parents of Jayceon received a frantic call from their son and suddenly the phone hanged up. Jayceon’s father hit the redial button and upon the phone been answered, He heard the loud screams for help and crying of his son Jayceon. The Father Mr. Justin and Mother Lakiesha immediately took off and went to the home of the suspects and discovered little 8 year old Jayceon covered in Vaseline and plastic wrap all over his body. Little Jayceon was barely breathing but still alive, He was immediately rush to the emergency room of a racist white hospital owned and operated by the children of slave masters in America. While in the Hospital they discovered that their son was burnt over 80% of his entire body with a collapse kidney, Sepsis, Brain damage and the loss of 30% of his lower intestines.

Little Jayceon was placed on a ventilator to keep him alive and yet there has been No arrest, No reports and No investigations into the savage racial attacked on our African American Christian child. Yet, if the tables have been turn around and Jayceon was a white boy and the other family were blacks, I guarantee you that every black person in that home and next door black neighbors would have been arrested and judge by the white social mainstream media. When the parents of Jayceon asked the Demonic white family what happen to their son, the Replied by these animals was that Jayceon got burnt while barbecuing hot dogs. Really? Do You African American Christians believe that?. Little Jayceon remain hospitalized and fighting for his life while the culprits remain free and alive. Now, What happen and why did the racist white democratic liberal family did not call the paramedics or better yet 911 to render aid for Jayceon?; A question that every normal person but more so African Americans should asked themselves.

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I do believe that every single African American men and women of this country is at war with white America and their demonic, evilness and dark heart they posses; yet, pretending to be better than everyone else. Why do African Americans continue to make the same fucking mistakes of trusting people who do not look like you, did not suffer like you and was not oppress like you during and after slavery. Why do you do that Black America?. How stupid can we continue to be in trusting people who are known to the world to be racist towards everything in the world that is not white with blue eyes and blond hair. These people are evil and wicked in their own ways and they speak with a fork tongue towards the African American community which means what ever they say or promised to you and onto our people is a lie and a lie and another fucking lie. They are not your friends black America, No white men and No white people descendants of Slave Masters will never be the friend of a Negro, Nigger or African Americans.

Remember, the White American men signed over 400 hundred treaties with the original native American Indians or first nation of this racist county and every single one of those treaties were broken by the white men and the white women who speak with a fork tongue resulting in the genocide and annihilation of a people that started off thousands of years ago with over 80 million inhabitants and after the arrival of the white men with his demonic white women, the native population ended up with less than (7) seven million left today in America. Indeed, many of us do not see the native American Indians or first nations on a daily basis because the majority of the descendants of the surviving native American Indians ae still living in the reservations of their forefathers who were force to march in the ‘Trail of Tears” for thousands of miles from their ancestral homes to be relocated to the concentrations camps aka “Indian Reservations”, were many of them die and others survive with their descendants drinking and drugging themselves to death. Yes, this is what the great pale skin demonic white men did to a people of this land and they are going and currently doing the same to African Americans.

Why do Black People Send their Children to Sleepovers at White People’s home?

I am still trying to figure out why is black America so stupid, naive and easily brainwashed by the mainstream media that is control and operated by white people who constantly portrayed themselves as Gods, Victims and Hero’s while portraying all black people as criminals, all Hispanics as illegals, all Asians as intelligent, all jews as thieves, all Muslims as terrorist etc.. Why do African Americans put their trust and beliefs in everything that comes out from the white men’s mouth, who is known to speak with a fork tongue. I guess Dr. Claude Anderson the publisher of PowerNomics was right about black people having inappropriate behaviors of trusting people who will never see you as equal to them. The African Americans are the only group of people in America that wants to kumbaya with every other race that those not want to kumbaya with them and for that reason black America is poor while every other race and their community are becoming richer with black exploitation..

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The attempted Lynching of Jayceon Charles should remind everyone of the horrible lynching in August 1955 of Emmet Louis Till, a 14 year old Christian boy who was kidnapped form his home in the middle of the night by three neanderthal cave dweller white men with small penis, who came to seek a “Honor Death” because the ugly wife of one of this demons claimed and stated that Emmet whistle at her nasty ass while she was working at the grocery store. Yes, three retarded white men infected with the disease of madness, insanity , insecurity fear and the shortcoming of having a very small private parts proceeded to stabbed, shoot, beat, sodomy, killed, lynched and burned the body of an innocent black little boy who obviously had a bigger dick than those racist pieces of garbage for a blatant lie of a white woman. Yes, the words of a she devil or snow bunny can get a black boy killed or a black men in prison for life for something that did not happen and today this is normal in the behavior of white people towards black people. So why do black people continue to kumbaya with racist white America?. Let’s not forget another incident that occur in March 2021 in Plano, Texas where a black disabled student attending a sleepover at a white family home with nothing but white students was force to drink the urine of his white classmates and was then shot multiple times with a BB GUN.

No African American parents or guardian should ever send, allowed or promote any black boy or black girl to spend the night at the home, house, plantation, of a white family or white democrat liberal home. No black father and black mother should permit their black children to spend the night at any home that is owned or occupied by white people. No and fuck No! Do not let your black children hang out, socialize, linked up with any white children at their home, park, movie theatre, school yard, backyard, pool, lake, lagoon etc.,, because these white children are going to make your black son’s and daughters disappear from the face of the earth at the request of their racist white fathers and white mothers. It is the white men that teaches his son and daughter by the age of 7 years old to be racist, prejudice, bias towards anything that is black and or negro. You heard it right, No one is born racist or prejudice but it is the parents and grandparents who teach their children and grandchildren to be racist towards others and white people are the Masters of Racism and Prejudice and everyday they teach their white demonic children to hate and killed black children but more so to lie on black people for any reason.

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My fellow African Americans when is the last time you have seen a Muslim family send their Muslim children to the home of a Jewish family? and when have you seen a Jewish family send their innocent looking Jewish children to the homes of a Muslim family to spend the night? The answer to this million dollar question is “NEVER”. The Jewish people are very smart and very successful community and they understand that you cannot trust anyone that is not a jew and you cannot jeopardize the life of the Jewish community by trusting people who do not look like them, think like them, prayed like them and have the same religion like them; therefore, they will never send their beautiful and successful clean Jewish children to the homes of a Muslim Family or to the home of a Nigger family known today as African Americans. Likewise, The Middle-Eastern Muslim will never allowed or send their children to spend the night or have a sleepover at the home of Jewish Family or to the home of an African American family. So, Now! Why do you African Americans Christians continue to send your Childrens to sleepovers at the homes of white people?

With that said, I am urging all African Americans to stop the inappropriate behavior of kumbaya with other races but more so with racist white people who hide in sheep clothing and under the umbrella of their Demonic Enchantment of /Religion aka “Christianity” in order to fool, manipulate, control, deceived, lie, demonized, dehumanized, incarcerated, castrate, lynch, rape and killed our black innocent children and eradicate our strong black men. Surely, by now we have heard of the other group of racist people known as Hispanics who they themselves are more racist than the racist people of America and you bear witness and heard the recording and videos of (3)three Hispanic men and a women from the State of California who are the sitting council members of Los Angeles and who were caught making the most horrible, despicable racist and prejudice remarks about black people; but, more so about a black baby by calling the black baby a “Monkey” and how they wish for the death and destruction of all African Americans in California. Indeed, this is nothing new, since this is how all Hispanics think of the African Americans and behind doors these racist Hispanics plot and put in place systems to destroyed, impoverish and eradicated the socio-economical order of the African American community and the extermination of all black men from the State of California. We are at war Black America,! So be prepared to fight or die a Slave to Racist white people and Racist want to be white Hispanics like Gill Delgadillo, Kevin de Leon and Nury Martinez, the three council members from California masterminding the eradication of the black vote, the black jobs, the black education and pushing for the black incarceration of all black residents and citizens of California.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].