Americans, White, Black, Asian, and Latino: The Next Pandemic Is Coming, while Covid-19 still remains.



( I am not a prophet nor a psychic and I do not make predictions. I look at the signs, clues, hard evidence and developments most of you are not paying any attention to. From those indicators, patterns or cycles, I can extrapolate chains of events. So before you say I am spouting “conspiracy theory”, I suggest you read this article and do your homework – unlike most of you who failed to do so when COVID-19 popped up worldwide. Too many of you prefer to let others think for you and the truth falls into your basket of denial or wishful thinking. But know this, I have no desire to be “Mr. Gloom and Doom”, nor to be “Mr. I Told You So”. I would rather be “Mr. Help You Be Prepared”. Yet most of you won’t see the forest for the trees, the train until it runs over you or the next pandemic until it is in your face. If that is the case for you, so be it. But don’t say you were not told.

My research is thorough and by early 2020 I knew both COVID-19 and the vaccines that followed were coming. Most of you were caught off guard, but not those who listened to me and read the research. Still, to this day, most of you are confused and/or in denial about COVID-19, where it came from and the nature and real purpose for the vaccines. So I will leave that alone for now because there are more pressing matters at hand coming down the pike.

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When Bill “vaccinate the planet” Gates says we need to get ready for the next pandemic, that should be reason for alarm. And he said just that in 2022 after running another pandemic simulation just as he did with Johns Hopkins University the same month COVID-19 arose. President Joe Biden in 2022 also said we need to get ready for the next pandemic, but most people paid no attention, especially those of you who are pandemic-weary.

When the Congress of the United States is seeking funding for COVID-19 vaccines for the next several years and most of you don’t even realize it is still around (spreading and mutating), there is cause for alarm. The vaccines did not make COVID-19 go away and the boosters are not able to keep up with the mutations and variants, those are the facts.

But wait, there is another storm on the horizon. A quiet storm that will catch all those in zombie mode without warning. A storm that will make COVID-19 look like a foot massage. And it is coming between now and 2025. Don’t believe me? Neither did people when I told them about COVID-19 and how it would sweep the planet. Nevertheless, another one is coming and this next pandemic storm (along with its regulatory pseudo-solutions) will bring this world right up close to the mark of the beast. Still don’t believe me? They didn’t believe Noah either, not until it started raining and the ark door slammed shut. Rihanna goes on stage at the Superbowl halftime show dressed in blood red while being surrounded by people dressed in covert hazmat suits and you think I am reaching? We will see!

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Here is a bit of good news. Because most of you are oblivious to what you are about to hear or read, the news media has not starting blocking the truth on the next pandemic, not yet anyway. But the blackout of the truth is coming again, just like it did when they didn’t tell you about VAERS, NNDSS, the real contents of the vaccines nor all the heart problems and breakthrough cases that popped up. All of that is real evidence today, after it is too late for millions of you. Still, I will be shocked if this article makes it to mainstream outlets as so many of my other articles have. Suppression and censorship not for fear that I am wrong, but rather for fear that I am right. You see, the truth makes people more nervous and upset than fantasy, fiction, lies and conspiracy theories all combined.

While many of you are not wearing a mask, not social distancing, not checking the COVID-19 numbers in your state or city and simply thinking you can wish COVID-19 away like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, something else is coming. If the last pandemic (still going on) shook you mentally and financially, you are not going to enjoy this next storm one bit.

While most of you do enjoy the ignorance and denial of zombie-like slumber, the Marburg virus is already spreading throughout Africa and killing people. This was recently addressed by our major news stations and the World Health Organization. In addition, minks that happened to escape in America are carrying a bird flu. COVID-19 continues to mutate. And the unsuspecting population just want to act as if everything is headed towards “normal” again. Well newsflash, “normal” is gone and it is never coming back. Your best bet? Prepare yourself and your family mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially for what is coming.

Did I say any of these are the next pandemic? No. But then again, we don’t know, do we? You can, however, be sure of this. Another pandemic is coming and the clues are already coming to the surface in plain sight. Clues connected to viruses, vaccines and past or present pandemics.

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