America there is NO Culture without Black People.



( Cultural appropriation is an ongoing ill people of color face all over the world. When we look at the plight of black people in the Unites States the culture of the people has given so much to what would be termed as American culture from its inception. The problem is it okay for others to look like, and play black while blacks people are ridiculed and punished for being themselves. This isn’t an opinion…we see it from the schools to the workplace. There are some that would say but I love black culture, and since we are one human race we should be able to partake in other cultures outside of our own…this includes black culture. The problem is the use of the word love…because there is none.

Culture is the very essence of a people. It is their customs, beliefs, social structure, habits, dress, dialect, religious traditions and these things pour into their art, and music. To destroy a culture is to gut and destroy a people. Therefore, people of color fight so furiously against culture appropriation. It’s not just wearing a hairstyle or just slang. When African peoples were enslaved one of the first things their oppressors wanted to destroy was their language. Language was one of the primary keepers of culture. In this country language was taken, but dialects did form that was an ode to those languages.

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The music, dance, and art are not only a reminder of a culture stolen, but of one born out of the oppression faced here in America…and the strength to survive. To truly appreciate a culture is to respect and appreciate its people. The plight of Blacks in America would be different if black culture was truly loved. This culture is not just perpetuated by mainstream artists…the true keepers of the culture of those you see every day. When you see the culture in its community it’s not for gain…it’s just who we are. The keepers of the culture many claim to “love” resided in those that were shot down in the street…and then who they are is used against them.

Know that the culture one claims to love would not exist without the people it is born to. Black people know what it is like to be discarded, and have their culture played with for fun. We must be sure to never do this very thing to others. I have a great respect for Japanese people, because their culture is beautiful to me. Their art forms are wonderful. I absolutely love Japanese animation and the stories it tells. What I love would not be without the Japanese people so it’s only right to respect the light in them. Until America learns that there is no love of culture without respect for the people it will always be a matter of appropriation. There is no separating the people for the culture that is their very being. If this were understood, and acted upon then maybe we can talk about humanity, and appreciating other cultures because we would be willing to protect the rights of those people.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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