All Businesses in the Inner Cities Should be Owned By African Americans.




( Yes, you heard it and read it right and there is no mistake in this valid statement proving that a people that owns all their business in their communities will control their destiny and the generational wealth for their family members, friends and their community. If you are a proud black men and women living in a black neighborhood then you and your fellow members of that community should demand that all the businesses providing services to our community should be owned by blacks and only employed blacks in order to become an independent people and avoid the daily chaos of white supremacy, bias, discrimination, prejudice and racism that affect all African American living a country control by the racist people who are not citizens; but, Europeans Conquerors and guest of this land previously owned by the Native American Indians or first nation people.

The biggest problem in our African Community is the Black Labor and Black Money creating Wealth and power only for The Racist People, Hispanics, Asians, Middle-Easterns etc. Yes, Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year the African American community are making all other races and cultures wealthy and successful by constantly allowing these racist people to come into our neighborhood to open businesses and not hire one single black person but instead take all the money and the little wealth from our black communities away and into the pockets of racist Asians, Middle Easterns, Hispanics and The Racist People who could care less if a black baby dies of starvation or black teenager gets killed by “racist soldiers” aka white police officers.

The African Americans, Blacks, Negros, Mayatas etc.. are the only people in the world and in America that are constantly allowing anyone and everybody of other races and cultures to enter into our neighborhood and established their businesses and become wealthy and successful at the backs and sweat of the black men and black women hard earned money, while these same racist business owners disrespect our children, our elders, our disable, our veterans and our women every day; Yet, we continue to allow them to do it without any type of repercussions and or retaliation for the constant insult and discrimination towards our black community, while still continuing to take our black dollars.

Do Asian People Allow Black People To Open A Business in their Asian Community?

The Answer is Hell ” No”. The Asian people are a very proud people and they only trust each other and those who looked like them and they understand the message of race and culture survival in America. The Asian community regardless if they are Koreans, Chinese, Japanese etc.. understand that when they arrived to America they must stick with each other, live in the same neighborhood, send their children to their schools, work together for a common goal and never allow blacks, Hispanics or middle eastern to open business or owned properties in their communities. The Asian community also understand that African Americans are the dumbest people in the world since black people always wants to Kumbaya with everyone and everybody; thus, allowing any person to enter into their black community and open businesses that only benefit the Asian community. The Asian Community are always on code and they only hire their own people to work for them and a few illegal Hispanics to clean the toilets, wash the dishes and cook the unhealthy food that feeds the black community.

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The Asian community also understands that the Racist People in America do not like African Americans; therefore, they themselves become members of the racist people society and acquired loans, grants to build and open businesses such as liquor stores, Nail Saloons, Beauty Shops, Soul food restaurants, Massage Parlors aka “Sex Houses” in the Negroes neighborhood in order to make money and enrich themselves and their Asian community with the money of the Physically free slave negro of America. The Asians will not hire no black men or black women to work in those business in the black community and if they do hire one (1) black person that means that her or she is a gay or lesbian and or he or she is married to a white person or he or she is a house negro, sell out or the son or daughter of a black pastor or priest which are the biggest sellouts and coons of our African American communities.

Do Hispanics Allow Black People To Open A Business in their Hispanics Community

The Answer is Hell ” No”. The Hispanic people will never allow a “Mayata” also known as a nigger, negro, blacks, monkeys, African Americans etc.. to open any business in their Hispanics community. The Hispanic men is also one of the most racist individuals in the world to the point of been more racist than the Racist People. The Hispanics men of the Hispanic community tells his Hispanic wife, daughter to never purchase any thing from a black men or black women, to never allow a black doctor to attend or care for her medical needs, to never do business or solicit any service from a black plumber, black tax preparer, black mechanic, black doctor, black nurse, black financial advisor, black psychologist, black teacher etc.. Yes, the Hispanic men prohibits his family, wife, girlfriends and children from having any type of business contact or socialization with African Americans regardless if that black men or black women are descent and honest hard working and college educated. The hatred of Hispanic men who also suffers from the small penis insecurity are one of the most racist people toward the black men and black women. Sadly, African American are not learning the language of their enemies; but, once you do, you will find out the truth about how they really think about you.

The Hispanic community also understand the message and they are always on code with each other regardless if they came from different central or south American countries. When Hispanics arrived to America they look for other Hispanic communities with people of their country of origin and they stick and work together to open businesses in their community and in the “Mayata” community, where they themselves do not hire or employee any black men or black women but they take your hard earn dollar when you enter their racist store and restaurants. The Hispanics people just like the Asian People hate black people regardless if you are a well respected and hard working black person; but, they will take your money and smile in your face while calling you a “Mayata” and Monkey” in their heads and in Spanish since you cannot read their mind or understand their Spanish language.

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Do Middle-Eastern or Arabs Allow Black People To Open Business in their Middle-Eastern community?

Again, The Answer is Hell “No”. The middle eastern or Arabs are a proud Muslim people who also understand the message of sticking with each other based on race, religion and culture and they are the biggest owners second to Asians of businesses in the poorest inner cities and yet these people do Not hired blacks or African Americans and neither do they invest in the black communities infrastructures or the education of our black children. The middle-Easterns owned all the gas stations, 7-11 stores, tobacco stores etc.. in the inner cities where they have been mandated by the Racist People to follow the steps of the Asian people by selling alcohol, tobacco products and poor quality and unsafe foods to all African Americans in the inner cities and poorest neighborhoods. The middle eastern will not hire any African American or black person from America; But, He or she will hire an African from Africa who is a Muslim or a non-Christian. Yes, they play the same games like the African American Christians pastors and priest who dislike Muslims but will take a donation from a Muslim in order to open a Liquor store next to that black Christian church.

The middle eastern will open business such as motels, liquor stores, mini markets and Tobacco stores in the inner cities; but, will not hire any blacks or African Americans to operate and work in their stores and just like the Asian people they will only hire Hispanics to work in those businesses while black people continue to be dumb, stupid, ignorant and clueless spending their black dollars in those racist stores.; More so, these group of people just like the Asians, Hispanics, and The Racist People business owners will disrespect you, insult you, call the police on you, lie on you, steal from you, refuse to give you a receipt and then when you try to exchange something that you bought from them 10 minutes ago they will tell you to “fuck off” because you do not have a receipt; even though, they refuse to give you a receipt during your initial purchase.

Why Do African Americans Continue to Kumbaya with Racist People?

Why Balck American?, Why Black men, Why Black women and Why do you do it? For so long or better yet 400 years of oppression, lies, manipulations, Demonic Enchantments of religion, racism, discrimination, bias, prejudice, replacement theory, police brutality, false accusations etc.. Do you black men and black women continue to Kumbaya and believe the lies coming out of the mouth of people who do not look like you, do not speak like you, did not suffer like you, dd not endure the pain and suffering that you and your forefathers have suffered until today. Why do you do that Black America?

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My fellow African Americans, as long as we continue to allow these people to enter into our neighborhoods to open businesses and at the same time insult us, humiliate us, demonize us, dehumanized us and then turn around and called the police on us base on racist lies, then we will never be free as a people from the grasp of racism and from the burden of poverty, crime, unemployment and fatherless homes in our communities that are causing our demised and destruction that is instigated by these people who are following the guidance and motive of operation of the Racist People for which we already know who they are. All these races and people of other cultures and countries who are Not black come to America and get whatever they asked for and whatever they did not asked for from the United States Government; but when you as a physically free black men and black women who voted for Space cadet Biden and Phallus love Kamala asked for something for the black men and black women of our community we get the usual which is “Nothing” and the answer is always “NO”

So Black America! for how long are you going to continue to accept nothing and receive a “No” for an answer. For how long you are going to continue to allowed other people to come into your community to open businesses but refused and denied employment to our black Christian children who are in desperate need of a job to survive and avoid becoming victims to our crime written society. It is time for us as a proud people to put a stop to the disrespect of other races towards our community, children, men, women, disable, elderly and veterans; Yes, it is time for us to put a stop to it and stop these people and the racist people from coming to our neighborhoods with their fire water, tobacco products and unhealthy poisonous food that they use in conjunction with their Religions of the slaves aka “Christianity” to destroy our black Childrens, our families and our communities. It is time to fight back by any means necessary to put a stop to the madness and to the gentrification of our neighborhoods that causes many poor blacks to relocate from their homes of over 20 years to other poor black neighborhoods.

With that said, I encourage every black person in their own respective community to demand and or stop those businesses from coming into our neighborhood and not hire any of our black children. If they refuse to hire the black residents of our community, then black people should boycott that business and stop shopping and buying anything from them; more so, demand that they leave your community or deal with the consequences. All businesses in the African American communities should have black men and black women working in them without any exception or compromise in the same way that if you visit an Asian, Hispanic, Middle eastern, Jews, Muslim community in America you will see that only their people work in those stores in their community and you will never see a Negro or Mayata working in a store inside their communities.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].