African Americans: What Your Eyes & Fingernails Say About Your Health.




( Your eyes and fingernails say a lot about your health. Sometimes, your body gives you signs and indications of illness in different ways. When you see or feel something unusual in your eyes or nails, it can be a sign that your body is telling you to bring something back in balance. Read on to see how you can read the warning signs visible in your eyes and on your nails.

Here’s what your fingernails say about your health:

Permanent stye

A stye is a pimple like formation on the eyelid and it’s painful. The lump on your eyelid can last for a few days but if it comes back very often it can be the symptom of a rare type of cancer known as Sebaceous gland carcinoma. Don’t panic because, in most of the cases, this lump turns out to be a chalazion which can be treated easily, but if nothing is helping you, get it diagnosed as soon as possible.

Bulging eyes

There are times when it’s hard to trust our eyes as the vision gets blurred and we can’t see anything clearly. Proptosis, also called exophthalmos, is a condition responsible for bulging eyes. It’s often caused by the overactive thyroid gland and leads to Graves disease. If you are having pain in eyes and feeling some sort of expansion in your eyes, go visit a doctor.

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Eyebrow loss

There are many reasons why people lose their eyebrows. It can be caused by certain medication, stress, aging and health issues. Alopecia areata can be a reason for hair loss and in some cases, the loss of eyebrows is caused due to hypothyroidism. Shortage of thyroid can be a possible reason for the sudden loss of eyebrows.

Yellow eyes

Next time when you look in the mirror, make sure you pay extra attention to your eyes. If you see the white area turning yellow, it is possibly a sign of jaundice. It not only affects adults but it is also common in newborn babies. If not jaundice, yellow eyes can be a sign of weak liver and liver-related diseases.

Burning eyes

Many of us spend hours in front of computer and mobile phone screen, which causes burning eyes and sometimes it also causes blurred vision. Some people try to protect their eyes with the help of spectacles and lenses, but in some cases, the problem is not completely normal. It can lead to dry eye syndrome which causes dryness in eyes and damages vision if not treated in the early stages.

Here’s what your fingernails say about your health:

Nails are a collection of dead cells. It’s a type of protein known as alpha-keratin. Your nails not only add a sparkling twist to your looks but also help you pick up things. Your nails can tell you a lot about your health. Let’s see how to read those signs.

Beau’s lines

Beau’s lines appear on nails as indentation marks and they grow with the nail. The lines look like waves and they can appear when the growth of nails under the cuticle area is interrupted by serious illness or injury. Those with uncontrollable diabetes and vascular disease and nutrient deficiency, Beau’s lines are an indication for them and there’s nothing wrong in seeking medical help.

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Nails changing colors

If your blood is lacking oxygen and reflects light differently when light passes through your skin there’s probably something wrong with your blood oxygen level. It can be due to cold weather because, in cold environment, your body constricts your blood vessels and makes your nails appear blue. But if your blood is not receiving enough oxygen, it can be due to asthma and other respiratory issues. According to health experts, these symptoms can also indicate Raynaud’s disease. In some cases, nails change their color to yellow.

Spoon-shaped nails

Spoon-shaped nails can be a sign of pulmonary problems or cardiovascular disease. In this condition, nails appear to be peeling off the sides. Liver disease, hypothyroid and anemia can also be a reason for this change in shape of your nails.

Bottom line

Always remember that the symptoms you see don’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from a serious disease. It can be something or it can be nothing at all. If you are in pain and self-care is not helping you, visit a doctor immediately. Do not try any treatments or medications you find on the internet. Take proper care of yourself and consult with your doctor.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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