African Americans: What Does Your Attitude To Wealth Say About You?



( Do you believe that money is bad, or wealthy people are corrupt and greedy? If this is your attitude toward wealth, you are probably sabotaging your financial success and possibly you are giving away money and trying to have as little as possible. Do you tend to hate receipts, bills and bank statements? These small things say a lot about people and here we have listed some traits that reveal a lot about people only by looking at their attitude toward money.

Tying self-worth to net worth

Many of us tie self-worth to net-worth and as a result, they start judging the value of their life by what they own. Their assets become the measurement of their happiness, success, and worth. In reality, life is more valuable than your possessions. Young, less educated and singles often tend to keep this bad attitude toward money.

Money fear

Some people tend to be afraid of spending money and they also try to be very secretive in financial matters. These are classic misers who are financially secure but they don’t enjoy the benefits of money. In some cases, this attitude can lead people to spend less than how much they can, and throughout their life, they live in the same way.

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Avoiding money

Feeling that money is a bad thing for you is a serious problem. Many people who live a miserable life tend to have this attitude and they simply believe that money is the root of problems. In this way, they start hating money and as a result, they never get what they could have achieved. Low-income, anxiety, and disgust soon catch such people.

Money worshipper

Money worshipers believe that money and possessions will surely keep them happy. They treat money as a problem solver and that’s the reason they worship money. Money worshippers never believe that they have earned enough money and they also never feel satisfied with what they have. These people tend to have low income, credit card debt, and loan which they keep paying throughout their life.


Some people think that they have to keep themselves busy to feel rich. They want to stay busy at work all the time so that they can feel like having enough money. Their thought process is stuck on the idea of hard work and they keep telling themselves that they have to work hard to make sure that they have enough money.

Money to express love

Expensive gifts, grand celebrations and the satisfaction of spending money to express love is a part of the nature of many people. They simply believe that spending more money on their loved ones is the best way to express their feelings. They organize big parties, bring expensive surprise gifts and spend money on unnecessary stuff just to feel that they can buy happiness for others.

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Financial dependence

The feeling “there will always be some source of money” is dangerous. Some people are so confident that they never truly enjoy financial independence but there’s plenty of ways to make passive income. They tend to believe that there will be someone who will always be available to give them money even if it comes from professional lenders, family or friends.

Unreasonable risk-taking

Those who are always on the lookout for new challenges tend to fall for money traps. Taking calculated risks is good but when it crosses the limits, it becomes gambling and those who just keep trying in hope for their lucky day suffer loses and sometimes they just put their entire life savings at risk.

Compulsive Buying

Being thrifty not only makes people grow financially, it also helps them spend on what’s needed. Those who tend to live excessive frugal life can fall into compulsive buying trap. If you’re on a tight budget, and getting some extra money makes you buy things just because you can afford to buy.

Remember, life is too short to be hopeless about money. It is really your right to become rich and it is possible to find even happiness in what you have and what you can do to have more. Your relationship with money tells a lot about you, make sure it is something worth paying attention to.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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