African Americans; Tik Tok & Social Media Influencers Burn Down Adidas & Nike Shoes Tonight.



( I am calling on all Tik Tok, YouTube Celebrities, Social Media influencers in America and around the world to burn down, destroyed, returned for a refund, and or remove all footwear and or shoes from Adidas and Nike corporations from your home tonight. if you owned a pair get rid of it, if your followers owned a pair, tell them to get rid of it, if your family, friends and neighbors owned a pair then tell them to get rid of it by burning it and or destroying it tonight.

Why Should You Destroyed These Named Brand Shoes?

Very simple, my fellow Americans we are under attack by Hollywood, the mainstream media and the 1% of Wealthy upper class child molester Americans who control everything and believe in the Replacement Theory. These individuals are in place to ensure that no one such as you, me and or Kanye, West, David Chappelle, Nick Cannon, Donald Trump, Kyrie Irvin never get out of hand and challenge the system and their way of life in America were the people at the top control everything and tells everyone when to eat, when to speak and what not to say. So now, you already seen how the Hollywood corrupt pedophilia industry and the mainstream media are attacking one of the most richest and outspoken individuals in the world because He was exercising his 1st amendment right and did not meant no harm to anyone but simple wanted to exposed the corruption in Hollywood, online social media and the music industry. Indeed, I am talking about the attack and defamation on Kanye West character and his God given human rights.

Adidas NIKE

Kanye West has lost billions of dollars in contracts and businesses opportunities because the people who control Hollywood and the Rap Music industry and who do not look anything like Kanye’s skin completion, proceeded to mandate and order two of the largest footwears and clothing companies to seize and desist conducting business with Kanye West. The Businesses in questions are Adidas and Nike shoes, who are corporations that make a fortune from the African American community and the Tik Tok community. Yes, Tik Tokers and social media influencers spend millions of dollars a year in the purchase of this two brands of shoes; similarly, African Americans and those who love Kanye West, David Chappelle and Kyrie Irving spend up to a billion dollars a year in Adidas and Nike shoes and clothing.

So, I ask America, Why are these two companies willing to cut ties with Kanye, Chapelle and NBA Player Kyrie in order to please a group of people who does not wear sneakers and who do not support or endorse Social Media influencers like you. If you are a Social Media influencer, YouTube content Creator or a Tik Tok Video Creator then this is an attack on you and on our 1st amendment rights, our Freedom to Speech, our freedom to express our opinion, views, grievances etc.. and for that reason we all need to stand together and fight back by boycotting everything from Adidas, Nike and any company or organizations that those not have the best interest of social media influencers, YouTube content creators and Tik Tok artist and video creators. We are at war with those who control everything and who do not wish for you to have anything unless they control it and have the rights to your creation and ideas without you having a say so in this matter.

Remember my friends, if they were able to come after Billionaire Kanye; Millionaire Chappelle and NBA Kyrie then what you think they will do to you if they do not agree or like your social media content for which you have work hard to have and build with your dedication and hard working sweat. Indeed, they will destroy you and take your platform away permanently; but, before that they will make you go on a nationwide apology tour similar to what Comedian and Rapper Nick Cannon did after He allowed a guest to come on his talk show and made certain remarks about the people who control Hollywood and the music industry. So what are you going to do when they come after you for your TikTok videos created for your fans and followers?

With that said. If you are a fan of David Chappelle, Kanye West Kyrie Irvin, a YouTube creator, a TikTok video creator and uploader then you must fight back and support each other by saying #Burn Down All Adidas & Nike footwear Tonight. and then burning everything and destroying everything under that brand at your home, your friends home, your family members home, your relatives home, your girlfriend homes, your neighbors home. Yes, Tell all your friends, family, friends, fans and followers that if they believed in freedom of expression they should burn down and destroyed all Nike and Adidas shoes in their possession and posted online, social media, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, my space, and every other media that you know of, in order to exercise our 1st amendment rights and our support for our artist, musicians and social media content creators.

#Burn Down All Adidas & Nike Footwear Tonight

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].