African Americans: Stop Celebrating ‘American’ Holidays.



( European Holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Labor day, 4th of July etc.. are based on lies, theft, destruction, discrimination, genocide segregation, control, emasculation, rape, massacre and death of innocent civilians who were and are not of European descent. The only people who have benefited from all these holidays are Caucasians and the 1% of elite individuals who control everything in America and are well known to be involved in pedophilia and child sex trafficking.

African American Christians living in the poorest inner cities of America do not benefit from any of the aforementioned holidays which are only syphoning money and the little wealth of our poorest black communities onto the communities of the elite, Caucasians, other races and cultures who could care less about the plight and struggle of the black men and women, who still today continue to deal on a daily basis with discrimination, bias, racism, double standards, replacement theory, poverty, unemployment, fatherless homes and the school to prison pipeline that have destroyed every single black Christians home that continues to worship the Evilness of all these European Racist Demonic Holidays, that have never benefited the descendants of African slaves and neither have granted any specific and or tangible reparations, bills, reforms, money, land for the black men and women of America.

Stop Celebrating 'American' Holidays.

Every year for the last 400 years, the black men and black women of America have been celebrating everything giving to them by their former masters and the children of the slave masters. The African Americans have been brainwashed by the Demonic enchantments of Religion known as Christianity” into doing and imitating everything about the European culture; even thought, the same European culture is the one responsible for the demised of the black community in America; but, more so, it is the culture whereas The United States has its origin with the conquest of the Americas, exterminations of the Native Americans Indians and the enslavement of millions of Africans brought to this so called America, the Great against their will.

Indeed, Many African American Christians are waiting for a so called white God to come rescue them from the European control and remove the white man’s foot from their negro neck and solve all the negro problems; while the same Caucasian continues to press harder onto your slave negro neck because He knows for a fact that there is no God coming to save you since it is understood among all Caucasian Europeans that their forefathers created the fairy tale of religion, Christianity, the bible, God etc. and used it as a tool back in the early 1700’s to control the slave populations and at the same time abuse you, rape you, sodomies you, Lynched you, molest the slave children without fearing from any retribution or revenge by his negro slaves.

Today, the descendants of the slave masters are still controlling the African American communities by using their European Holidays and validating all of it with the use of the Religion of the slaves aka ” Christianity”.

The African American community are the biggest spenders on any given holiday with a spending network of over $ 1 trillion dollars a year which will make the African American community the 12 riches country in the world if they had their own country. Yes, African American spending power is more than the GDP of the wealthiest country in Africa and more than the combine GDP of three European countries put together.

Indeed, the black men and black women of America has enough money combine together that they could create and have their own country, own government, own military, own banking system and more freedom from European and Caucasian American oppression and discrimination. So why not separate and segregate Black America from the rest of America?

A question that we should asked ourselves as proud Christian brothers and Sisters, is why do we continue to celebrate Demonic European Holidays that do not benefit us but instead destroy us and humiliate our African Culture?. The Black men and Black women will spend their rent money, mortgage money and car note money to purchase gifts for other people and to purchase personal items for themselves from stores, businesses, companies etc.. that are owned by other races and by Europeans who do not hire black folks and neither invest in the infrastructures of the inner cities for which their demonic and racist businesses are located in the inner cities and neighborhoods of poor African Americans.

A black woman will spend thousands of dollars in a beauty shop, nails saloon that is owned by Racist Asian people and who do not hire black people and who will turn around and called the police on that same black woman that just finish spending over a thousand dollars to purchase her Friesian Horse Hair and Caustic Chemicals to straighten her natural given African hair which then result in baldness after using the racist Asians hair chemicals which then forces our black women to wear wigs and weaves made by Asians.

Thanksgiving ended a week or so ago and of course the African American community again spend thousands of dollars in the purchase of turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, ham, biscuit, wine, cake, stuffing, Mac & cheese etc. from stores and supermarkets that are owned by two face Caucasians and other racist ethnic groups such as Asians, Hispanics, Armenians, etc. Who themselves will never spend a dollar in a black owned store and will neither patronized or invest in anything that is black or pro-black.

Indeed, No other race in America will support, invest, hire, promote any black men or black women; but, they will take the black dollar and use the Negroes plight for justice to get what they want for them and their own community; while, the black community gets nothing except for symbolism and prayers. Yeah, sadly, it is the truth and black people under the control of their former slave master known today as Democrats are controlling and oppressing the black people into celebrating their Europeans holidays and making you forget and ignore your African holidays, heritage and your plight for Reparations and Retributions for slavery.

If African Americans where to get together and decide to never celebrate thanksgiving, Christmas and New years; the American economy will collapse and the stock market will tumble down since the African Americans in America spend more money than all other races living in America put together. Yes, the descendants of the slaves spend over a trillion dollars a year in this country and the people who control this country depend on the stupid and dumb Christian nigger to pend his and her money in the Caucasian American economy so they could survive; Likewise, the Asian community, Middle Eastern, and other communities depend on the black men and black women spending their black money in their racist stores in order for them to survive and feed their racist families.

Yes, Black America, the rest of America eats because of us, the rest of America lives a comfortable life because of us, the rest of Americas has wealth and are rich because of us, the rest of America travel the world because of us and because of us as African American men and women spending our black dollars in their stores and business during holidays and any other days allows all these racist bastards to live better than our Christian black Children’s.

With that said, I am asking all my fellow African American Christian men and women to boycott America by keeping your money in your pockets and not spending a dollar during holidays and any other day until we get our demands heard and met with reparations for slavery in the form of lands, money, grants, reforms, guarantee jobs, businesses, vocational schools etc. that are specific and tangible for the black men and black women alone and nobody else.

Better yet, from this year forward, No African American Christian men and women will celebrate Valentine day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Years day, Labor day etc.. Black America do not spend a nickel or a dime during any European Demonic Holidays, Do not order anything online, Do not purchase anything in any of their stores, Do not eat out at any of their restaurant, Do not purchase or buy anything again during those holidays and Do not wish any of them anything. Keep your money black America for you and your fellow black brothers and sisters, put your black dollars in black owned banks, send your Christian children to black private schools and to HBCU’s, invest in the black community and invest in mother Africa, so one day we can all leave this nightmare and build a nation for ourselves in Africa or better yet create our own United States of Africa with a billion men and women Armed Forces controlling all the natural resources found in Africa for which the Europeans are controlling today but not forever.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].