African Americans; Stop Being So EASILY Offended.




( For over 30 years I have worked on a business, legal, religious, financial, social and even intimate level with people of practically every ethnicity in this country. I have interacted with people from the highly intelligent to those who are almost completely in the opposite direction side of the spectrum. Trailer park to thugs to racists, atheists, Muslims, Christians and even Satanists (though not all of these on an intimate level).Young and old, educated and uneducated. Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, Haitians, Africans, Germans, Caucasians, Middle-Easterns, Jamaicans and then some – I have interacted with them all.

No group is perfect, however I have to say that “black” people get offended quicker and more often than any other group I have ever dealt with. And many seem to walk around on edge or with a chip on their shoulders, powder kegs waiting to explode. I guess one could make the argument that all this country has put “black” people through would explain the damaged and angry spirits. I over stand that.

However what about the “black” people who were not slaves nor victims of police brutality nor direct victims of racism and oppression? What about those who simply got offended and made the conscious choices to work against their own people? While I would agree they are contributing factors, Former President Donald Trump, the police and the embedded racism of this nation are not the sole factors which have caused “black on black” crime and held ignorance and offense in place.

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Like it or not, too many “black” people get offended for petty reasons – at other “black” people and everybody else. In business, for example, it seems that a great many “black” people cannot separate business from personal. And many others get offended when they are called out for what they did wrong. If you don’t believe me, ask a young thug politely to pull up his pants and watch how he looks and responds. Ask a “black” person to turn down his/her music and observe the response. Lock the door to the bank at 4:00 and watch the reaction of those who come to the door outside at 4:05.

Today our senior citizens who have learned from their parents and gained both wisdom and life experience are afraid to correct young people. Why? Because too many “black” people will get offended and react ignorantly. Too many of our people act primitive – fighting over a parking space or shooting someone to get their cell phone. What you do impacts your people and perceptions of your people.

The African-American community needs to grow up, be accountable from within and learn how to accept correction for the better.

I write this article that we may correct the African-American community from within by first taking an honest look at the problems without excuses, blaming other groups nor denial. And people need to pay attention so we can begin to fix the problem. I have seen small, petty issues where someone was offended turn into fights, shootouts and fatalities. That has to stop. And many of our young perpetrators are getting their behavior from their parents.

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So to all parents in our communities (and yes I have young adult sons), I say be the right kind of example, control your temper and walk away from foolishness. Handle things in the right way, the best way where you will not place yourself, your family and others at risk. Don’t be ignorant when you can choose to be intelligent. Don’t prove racists, crime stats and profiles right.




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