African-Americans Need to leave Democrats & Republicans Alone.



( Americans should be tired of the games our government is playing with citizens as the ping pong ball. People who only see partisan positions are largely forced to stand with a party regardless of what the party does or stands for. If we scrap both political parties, the government will no longer be able to blame one party against another for shutting down the government, stopping entitlements, who proposes the best health care, which party is at fault for immigration issues etc. They want this debate to continue so they can blame each party and in the process really not get anything done. So they drag Americans into the debate and trick us into taking sides against each other based on partisan politics. This is a form of civil war on a political level. This has to stop!

Partisanship divides this nation. Without partisanship people would be free to vote for whomever represent their ideals, beliefs, interests and community.

All three branches of our government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, are being influenced, persuaded and controlled by partisan agendas. And these agendas are controlled by corporations, lobbyists and special interest groups who do not represent the interests of the American people. And to make things worse, the laws and standards are not even being set by the American government. They are heavily influenced by the Vatican, Maritime Law, the British Crown, the Federal Reserve, the Financial World Bankers and the World Health Organization – all of whom also answer to those even higher up globally.

The United States Congress is a joke. They make speeches but both sides have already made up their minds and they do not even hear each other.

The Republic is not working nearly as well as it could and should. They set up this two party system with full knowledge of the drawbacks and restrictions on getting things done. Both sides needed to have someone else to blame. We would have much better results with a real democracy. Both democrats and republicans are simply two sides of the same coin who try to convince the people they know best while actually following their own self serving agenda and using Americans as pawns.

Our federal government officials are just like a district attorney and a prosecutor. They fight it out in front of you, draw you into the conflict as a distraction, appear to blame and dislike each other then go to lunch together, laugh about it all and get their marching orders from elsewhere. And while it is reasonable that Americans would have many differences of opinion on many issues, our political parties amplify those differences to keep us divided, deceived and even hostile towards each other. Wake up people, wake up!!!

African Americans Leave Democrats & Republicans.

Every president in the history of this country has been a team player, serving the agenda of the political system itself except Lincoln (somewhat), Kennedy and Carter. That includes Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush, and Trump but they use political party conflicts to hide this truth. Thus most people would never believe it.

America wake up! Where in the Constitution does it say that we must have the democratic and republican parties? And if it did, that could be amended. Both parties do good but both do bad and both have agendas that are not in the best interest of our citizens. The system is rigged from the courts to the economy to the Congress to the presidency to our health care system that uses toxins that kill and damage citizens and calls them side effects. News media covers what they are told to by their owners who in turn are in bed with politicians, corporations and other powers that be. And the president is almost as much as a figure head as the queen of England.

Sadly American citizens are so busy fighting over democratic and republican positions that you cannot see that you are being used by either side to advance their agenda. Chaos, blame and conflict are being used to distract from lack of accountability and real progress on both sides. Do you believe any branch of the federal government works for you? Really? Wake up! Yes our political system appears to work better than many political systems in other countries around the world. That is until you look at how many of our citizens lack health care or you look at homelessness, incarceration rates, crime rates, divorce rates, domestic violence rates, single parent household numbers, the VA and veteran suicides and the list goes on.


The same type political partisan division which divided the north from the south is still in place over what is in the best interest of the people and who decides it. And if you notice, every since Bush Sr. was president, there has been a swap off from republican to democrat to republican to democrat to republican. Our government is playing games and if the game is Chess, the American people are the pawns. We believe so much of what we are told that we ignore what is realizing happening. Wake up people!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected]