African Americans: Must We Become Offended to Buy Black.




( It seems like every time we plug in there is some company or designer that has chosen to create, or say, something that is truly offensive to the black community. Things such as the use of blackface is not an offense we are making up, but one that is known. Suddenly there is debate about whether black face is offensive or why we would be offended. Many black people are sick and tired of the disregard, and staged ignorance. This has led to one boycott after the next. Black history month is definitely not immune to the insults.

This year it seems there what looks to be daily insults hurled as black people during a time that should be celebratory. The problem with the boycotts is we aren’t deciding to not to buy items we don’t produce. Out of offense we’ve decided not to buy Gucci and other labels so there is a discussion about buying from black owned designers. Black people must realize this is backwards, and we need to look at how we spend out money, and whether we do so emotionally.

We have every right to be offended by racist actions. However, we can not allow that to be the deciding factor of how we spend out money. This leads to a feeling of betrayal because we would have empowered our oppressor financially. Granted we might not eb able to find everything black owned, but the things we can we should buy. Many of us except dismissive attitudes, high prices, and ill treatment when buying to different white owned corporations yet we spend the money anyway.

With that being addressed the excuse that black owned prices are too high, or the service isn’t the best shouldn’t be the only reason we don’t buy black first. Why should Gucci have to be boycotted for black designers to get your attention? This is saying that what is made by our people is 2nd rate and only worth our attention when we are upset. Isn’t this what white people do to us?

Buy black should be something we do because though we value others, our community comes first. Its easy to look at history and talk about things like “Black Wallstreet”, but we must understand those things existed because we did business with our own. No, they couldn’t get certain things from white folks, but why should that make the end goal any different. Yes, our people have issues as do every group, but we continually power our oppressor through our spending while wondering what’s the problem with our own people.

The society wants us to believe that everything they produce and think of is better than anything we can conceive…even if their inspiration comes, in part, from us. Every year during black history month there are thousands of posts about different things black people invented. It is proof that we are not second rate to anyone in creativity, invention, nor design. White America knows this is true…the only people that seem to have a misunderstanding is our own.

We know we have power in our spending in this country. We know that our arts and creativity create trends and add to the flavor of this country. its time we acknowledge our worth to one another and support black owned businesses. When the business is smaller, we might have to pay more, but it’s worth it. Apparently, we are capable of spending quite a bit on things not made by us, so let’s not make price the issue. You don’t have to wear Gucci… not just because they are offensive, but because you have options created by your own people. Make buying black the habit instead of merely the answer to being offended by others.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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