African Americans: Kanye/Kyrie Interlude Serves as a Gateway to America’s Soul.




( In recent days we’ve seen where two Black men…Kanye West (Rap artist) and Kyrie Irving (NBA star)…were accused of antisemitism and were forced to apologize. In Kyrie’s case there’s more to it, society isn’t interested in just his apologizing they want to break him as a man. To illustrate a point, this often happened during slavery where slaves were publicly broken to serve as an example to other slaves, that if they know what’s good for them, they will accept and stay in their appointed place as a…nigga.

One example used was to tie a rope to four horses and the other ends was tied to each limb of the slave (his arms and legs). While groups of enslaved were forced to watch the horses were smacked to run in four different directions. Today…only the methods have changed. Mind games are still being played, to dehumanize Black people. Kyrie to appease the public…and possibly save his job…though he has already apologized…is now being asked to fulfill five unnecessary obligations.

Take Trump for instances when he was president, he called Nazis in Charlottesville, VA “very fine people.” Called African countries “sh*tholes“. Referred to protesting NFL players against social injustice as SOB’s which was tantamount to calling all African Americans who are concerned about inequality and social injustice…mothersas being b*tches. Trump has never, to this day, apologized. Nor has white America asked him to.

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There are racist white people…who have never done anything for Black people…will pressure Black people to castigate other Black people who may have said something that they don’t like, being arrogant and narcissistic enough to think they have a right to dictate to Black people who they can and cannot follow and with whom they can and cannot align themselves with. A perfect example is when Minister Farrakhan attended Aretha Franklin’s funeral along with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Bill Clinton, the Jewish community had the audacity to decry Farrakhan’s appearance and acceptance by those who were there.

It’s audacious and disrespectful, less than professional, less than humane for a group of people who have participated in the systematic dehumanization, marginalization, and denigration of another people for which they have never offered reparations, never respected, never apologized, to turn around and make demands from the same people that they have oppressed for centuries that they never speak up whenever something is said against them. In other words, white folks expect non-thinking Black folks to defend them against any acts of inhumanity that they are guilty of. This is pure insanity!

What’s even more INSANE is the many African Americans who embrace the N-word.   And though the context of some words can be changed, the context of the 400-years vile, evil, racist history behind the N-word CANNOT be changed. N**ga/n**ger is a symbol too strong, too powerful, and too negative to be trivialized. Yet there are those African Americans mindless enough to embrace the term, and far too many who may not use the term but will feign ignorance and look the other way when the pejorative term is used within the community.

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Purpose of the N-word

To internalize an inferiority complex into the hearts, minds, and souls of African Americans. Physical and mental abuses were used to terrorize, and control enslaved Black people. Internalized oppression: psychological trauma that ensues when a person from a stigmatized group believes negative stigmas such as use of the N-word. White folks indoctrinated enslaved Africans into accepting this supposed inferiority complex. N**ga/n**ger…which is a low vibratory word…essentially serves as a self-refueling, self-generating psychological conduit for prolonged…mental enslavement, and unless checked can prove to be an eternal damnation.

This all came about through a campaign of mental terrorism; no word conveyed the depth of this internalized oppression more than “n**ger” designed to make African Americans think that they are less than and that white people are superior. For more than 400 years African Americans have been sub-consciously anesthetized by this word. Rather than face the truth and overcome this human travesty, African Americans will rationalize with excuses after excuses as to WHY they embrace this word refusing to accept the fact they have been BRAINWASHED into embracing the term.

Rap artist Jay-Z and entertainment businessman Russell Simmons around the turn of the century joined the Jews in protecting their image against anti-Semitic assaults, while helping to assault African Americans image with the N-word. This is the meaning of pure INSANITY. Black America’s use of the N-word is not freeing itself from the power of racists but giving into their negative views.

Jews do not publicly embrace and use hymie or kike as a so-called term of endearment, nor do Asians or Hispanics publicly embrace words that demean or degrade them.

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Only African Americans are encouraged to accept oppressor-created labels of hatred and marginalization as a lifestyle. A lifestyle supported by many misled, misguided, and misinformed Black Americans.

How can Black people work out their own salvation? It involves a change in belief or mentality to be followed by a corresponding change in behavior…signifying a [mental emancipation] liberating African Americans from the chain of traditional falsehood, which for centuries have incarcerated Black America in the prison of inferiority complex, world humiliation and insult. For the forces of evil to continually win is for enough good people in Black America to not do anything…moaning, groaning, and complaining isn’t doing anything. Definition of stupidity: Knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still believing and accepting the lie…that you are the N-word a nigga.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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