African Americans, It May Be Time to Avoid the Police.




(  There are a few facts that we can’t get around. Our people are dying in the streets at the hands of civil servants. We don’t spend tax dollars to be killed. Compliance does not guarantee we will be treated fairly. Compliance doesn’t mean we will stay alive. We don’t have to commit a crime to be harassed, or killed, by bad officers. All police officers are not a menace to society, and some have spoken out against bad officers. These are some realities that we must face day in and day out.

Furthermore, we aren’t even the only ones losing our lives… they are killing white and other people of color also. The abuse of power is becoming an American issue… not merely a black issue. Yet, at this time we have pretty high numbers of community members being killed. It seems every time we look up an officer has taken another life. At this point we can no longer merely say comply with the police so let’s try avoidance.

None of us are perfect so this isn’t fail proof, but it may be time for is to take a proactive stance. Granted we should not have to live in a state of fear, but it’s better to stay out of the way of the police. This will require us to stay on top of our business, and go the extra mile to avoid situations that would bring negative attention upon is. We should be able to call the police for help, but even in that we must be careful and very detailed. It would be wise to make sure your vehicle is in proper working order. Tags, license and registration should be kept up to date. Be sure there are no tail lights out on your vehicle. These are things we are supposed to keep up with, but sometimes we get behind. We can’t afford to be negligent.

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When we are out we can’t afford to walk around looking clueless nor aimless. We must get wherever we are going, and move with a sense of purpose at all times. Honestly, we ought to be able to be as relaxed as we want, but we can’t afford to be seen as just moving around with no destination. Basically, you want to avoid being asked what you are up too, or why you are at a said location. When hanging out it might be best to do so indoors verses standing around on corners. The goal is to remove as much accusation for suspicion as possible. We must also be vigilant when out in entertainment settings.

If you see a situation getting out of hand it might be wise to just leave. Sometimes being nosey has a high price. The times we live in are not safe so we must choose our recreation wisely. Lastly, avoid altercations at all cost. Your ego nor anger is worth a bullet. Sometimes it’s best to walk away before the police can be called. If someone asks you to leave their establishment argue the issue another time… leave. I totally agree we ought not have to live this way, but it’s better to be safe than encounter the wrong kind of officer.

There are good officers out there that believe in protecting and serving the public. With that being said we must do what we can to avoid the ones that are criminals with badges. I can’t tell you this method will always work, but being proactive and avoiding negative police interaction might give us a better change to stay alive. Know your neighbors, let people know when you are moving about, and keep a charged phone with you. If you can get help in a situation without calling the police, depending on where you are, do so. If calling the police is an absolute must then of course comply with instructions given. Nothing guarantees we will walk away unscathed, but we must continue to try.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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