African Americans; Is Anything Held Sacred.




( In no area have there been more misunderstanding than the search for the truth by black people of the suppression of black history. Whenever anybody embarks on such a search there seems to be great controversy, great misunderstandings.

More than half a century of responsible research by reputable historians outside the established ruling class on the contributions to humankind by black civilizations have revealed very strong overwhelming evidence that ancient black civilizations preceded European development. The establishment have shown no interest in such research choosing instead to ignore any controversial evidence that challenges their portrayal of history and have obfuscated any and all alien research.

History is full of denial and suppression of new ideas and evidence contrary to popular belief by the established ruling class.  We have John Henri Clarke PhD, Chancellor Williams PhD, Cheikh Anta Diop PhD, Amos Wilson PhD, Basil Davidson PhD, and others; where in each case the conventional wisdom have been challenged, ignored or revised by the investigation of these courageous outside researchers…not by presenting evidence to the contrary…but through ad hominem attacks with attempts to smear the reputation of these honorable researchers who risked to speak the truth as opposed to being politically correct.

The thoroughness and integrity of these men though smeared by Eurocentrics unfortunately have also affected the judgment of most African-Americans who allow themselves to be influenced by those of Eurocentric descent. Evidence suggest that ancient Black civilizations weren’t confined to just Egypt, but throughout Africa and other parts of the world including the Americas.

Most African-Americans have no free will and can be easily controlled and influenced through the use of black entertainers, politicians and ministers. They are all gate-keepers to white domination they help to keep the status quo and prevent change. Any Black African-American headed in a direction that is, unhindered, no roadblocks, no smokescreens…he/she is headed in the wrong direction.

Some would say that African-Americans are not African at all.  Webster’s dictionary 1828 definition of an “American – noun – A native of America, originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.” Yet the only people in America that are the same color of the U.S. Indian Head penny are now called African-American, Negro, Black, colored, or Native American. The term   “American” wasn’t pale skinned blonde people. It raises the question were black people here before Christopher Columbus as some evidence suggest, if so black people of course would be indigenous people of America along with the Indians?  What is or was the significance of the Moor Treaty of 1787 with Morocco? Numerous questions few if any unequivocal answers!

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In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1964 speech “I have a Dream” he states that “the Negro finds himself exiled in his own land.” What was behind this comment, are we as a race of people still being hoodwinked and bamboozled? The answer must be a resounding yes…but to what extend?

The Bureau of Vital Statistics has and is supposedly undergoing the task of changing all birth certificates that read colored or Negro to African-American, seems innocuous, but is it? Such terms as Black and African-American are ambiguous terms and really doesn’t identify who we are, making us vulnerable to subliminal chicanery. Personally, I have a dislike for both Black and African-American neither term gives us a true identity which I address in my book “Undressing the N-word.”

Few know, black and white folks alike, that institutional slavery could not have been possible without the support of what is known as the Five Civilized Indian Tribes (Cherokee, Seminoles, Muscogee (Creek), Choctaws and Chickasaws). They were slave holders, traders, received rewards for running down and capturing any runaway slaves or bringing back their scalp with their ears attached. This is how scalping began starting in South Carolina.  These Tribes signed agreements with and fought with the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War to help maintain slavery. After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment the Five Civilized Tribes…rejected both… refusing to free enslaved black people arguing that they were a sovereign nation and wasn’t bound to honor any mandated freeing of their slaves. However, when the Tribes took up arms against the United States in the Civil War they violated all previous treaties and therefore lost territorial property/land claims.

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The federal government offered amnesty to the Five Civilized Tribes in the form of the Indian Treaty 1866 aka The Black Freedman Indian Treaty 1866.  This treaty required Indian Tribes to free their black slaves, and grant freed Black people, Black Indians and their descendants, full tribal membership and voting rights in all matters pertaining to the Tribes.  The Treaties mandated that the federal government and the Tribes provide the Black freedmen and Black Indians 160 acres of land, equal share in all government provided material benefits, free schooling, reservation resources, and to be treated in all matters, similar to the way non-black members of the Tribes were treated. Today that would include free college education, tax exempt status and the right to own and operate gambling casinos.

During his term in office, based on this treaty, Obama gratuitously gave out to Indians, TV stations, radio rights and licenses to sit up cable systems.  He annually invited so-called White Indians to the White House handing three and a half billion dollars to them each time, never once invited black beneficiaries to the White House.


Black History month has just ended, the n-word…as always…was liberally used although the term Black/African-American Holocaust was seldom if ever used.  Since the establishment has never given African-Americans permission to make reference to a Black/African-American Holocaust the term is never uttered except by a small undefined number.  Perversely, massa has given African-Americans permission to embrace the n-word which is gleefully and profusely used, and/or condoned by most Black African-Americans.

For centuries African-Americans have been incarcerated in a prison of inferiority complex which is the fallout, psychological intent and purpose of embracing the N-word and it has served its purpose masterfully. There is a need for liberation and change from this chain of traditional falsehood.

To hold something sacred means valuing something enough to let it change you.  The preservation and transmission of our ascendants memories is the most sacred and critical mission to which the children and grandchildren of survivors must dedicate themselves to ensure meaningful and authentic Black African-American Holocaust remembrance in future generations. As the ranks of those who suffered alongside the murdered and dehumanized victims of the Black Holocaust steadily dwindle, the task becomes ever more urgent.

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The 300 year Black/African-American Holocaust was an unprecedented world event. What was lost in human life and African heritage will never be recovered or recovered from. Its victims need “a memorial and a name”, and since we refuse to study the Black Holocaust we fail to see the irony in embracing the term n**ger/n**ga—the most infamous and anathemas term in the English language.  It’s absolutely senseless to continually allow ourselves to be weak, powerless or vulnerable by simply handing over control of our minds to others, and make no mistake about it, use of the N-word by Black African-Americans come from ALLOWING others to define who and what you are REFUSING to RE-define yourselves.

Do you not understand the significance, intent and purpose of the N-word n**ger/n**ga?  You are not considered human nor to be treated as a human. Psychologically, each and every time anyone of black descent mindlessly refer to one another as the N-word you are programing your mind to self-destruct agreeing to the premise that your life is of no value.  You fail to understand that the low-vibratory negative energy emulating from that word attracts injustices, police brutality, black on black crime, and any other senseless, sordid attacks upon Black African American people. By embracing the anathemas N-word you are accepting the total description of it, sanctioning the evil deeds and carnage perpetrated upon your race past, present and future. 

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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