African Americans in America Are Making Every Other Race Rich & Wealthy.



( It is obvious that African Americans are the ones that set all the standards around the world when it comes to music, sports, entertainment, clothing and consumer goods. The Black men and Black women of America have become the profit and revenues of every other race and cultures that uses them for their talent, attributes, skills and money. It is the African American community that allows for the Asians, Middle Easters, Arabs, Hispanics, Caucasians and the chosen people to be able to lived a comfortable life, to lived in good neighborhoods, to eat well every day, to send their children to private schools & colleges, to invest in their own racist communities; More so, the African American dollars allows these other races and cultures to create generational wealth for their offspring’s; while, impoverishing all black communities nationwide.

What do I Mean by the above Statement?

Well, lets take a deeper look into who owns all the businesses in the inner cities, Who owns the Music industry? Who owns the NBA & NFL? who owns everything in America that is taking and using the black men and black women sweat, ability, skills, etc.. to enriched themselves at the demised, dehumanization, demonization and misery of the African Americans. Indeed, it is Not a black woman and definitely Not a black man. All the businesses in the inner cities such as Beauty shops, Nails saloons, Liquor stores, tobacco shops, fast food restaurants, mini-markets etc. are either owned by Asians, Middle-Easterns, Arabs, Hindus, Caucasians, Hispanics etc.. Who open this businesses in this poorest black neighborhoods and proceed to take all the money and little wealth from their African American customers. All these businesses that are owned by these other groups of people believe and follow their code of conduct and their national standard message of only hiring their own people to work in their stores and never to hire one single black men and or black women.

The Beauty shops and hair industry shops are owned mostly by Koreans & Japanese people who do not employee any blacks in their stores; but, over 90% of their customers are black women who spend billions of dollars a year in chemicals, grease, shampoos, pomade’s, hair relaxer to make their hair softer like that of a white woman; Likewise, African American women spend over $14 billion dollars a year nationwide in the purchase of wigs, Friesian Horse Hair, weaves and synthetic hair which they use to put on top of their natural given African hair in order to portrayed something that they are not; which was pushed by our great racist democratic government. Yes, America have told black women that their natural given birth black hair was not good; which, prompted black women to spend their rent money, car notes money and gas money in purchasing hair from this Korean and Japanese beauty shop in order to be accepted by Racist America: Yet, these lovely black ladies wearing Friesian horse hair remain single, unmarried, unwed and will certainly die old alone with a dog on their lap or a black dictionary known as a Bible on their coffee or weed table. Now, who is benefiting from our lovely black sisters spending all their money in purchasing hair? The answer is the Asian community, who themselves could care less about the struggles of Black America.

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The Liquor stores and Tobacco smoke shops in the inner cities are mostly owned by Arabs, Middle Easterns, Armenians, Italians, untouchables, Hindus etc.. and these people similar to the Asian Community have a Strick code of conduct and understand the message of never to hire a black man or black woman to work at their stores; Yet, over 90% of customers at these liquors stores and smoke shops are beta black males with saggy pants with tattoos on their body who spend over $1 billion dollars a year nationwide on alcohol, beer, liquor, cigarettes, cigar wrappers for their weed, pipes etc.. which are destroying the life’s of our young generations of black men and black women resulting in high rate of alcohol and drug addiction. Now, who is benefiting from our black beta brothers and drama queen sisters spending all their money in those stores? The answer is the Arabs, Middle easters, Armenians, Hindus, Italians etc.. and these people could care less about the struggle and plight of the black men of America.

The NBA & NFL consists of 75% of African American male players; yet, African Americans do not control or owned this billion dollar industry. Where are the black owners of the NBA & NFL? where are the black coaches of the NBA & NFL?  Many fans of this sports will say that we do have black owners and black coaches for these sports; but I will question you and asked where are they and what is the percentage of black ownerships and black coaching compare to the percentage of black players?. The NBA & NFL black athletes have the power to boycott both organizations permanently until they received and equal share of ownership of the NBA and NFL since it is the black sweat that entertains and creates the revenues that the Wealthy Caucasian Americans are enjoying. Let’s be realistic, the people who follow these billions dollars revenue sports are mostly Caucasians Americans, follow by other races and then by blacks. Indeed, the people who invest and have a lot more to loose in these two nationals sports are the Caucasians and the chosen people which do not include any member of the African America community.

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My fellow African American brother and sisters for too long we have been used and abuse by those who control everything around us and for a long time we have continue to allowed them to control us and control the things that we created, promoted, endorse and the things that brings billions and billions of dollars to America and to the pockets of those who do not look like us, think like us, suffered like us and endure 400 years of oppression like us. It is time to wake up Black America! it’s time for black people to stop enriching other races and other cultures by not giving them our support, skills, sweat and money of our African American community members. African Americans built this country and built the economy of the south and yet we control nothing and owned nothing. Again, we control nothing and owned nothing with the exception of our sweat and even that is been control by Racist America. It is time to boycott everything for a period of one year to meet our demands, it tis time to boycott permanently everything and it is time to separated and segregate from people who do not wish the best for the empowerment and self sufficiency of the black community.

Everyday, we witness every other race and cultures enriching themselves while using the plight of the black communities, the black dollar and the black sweat of our young black men and black women. it is so easy to see how Racist Ameria is very quick to give other races, cultures and other countries everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for; Yet, when it comes to black people asking for reparations for slavery, reforms and laws to protect the black community from racism and corrupt police officers etc.. the answer is always No, Never and Nothing else. Indeed, the African Americans are the most oppress, insulted, used, demonized, dehumanized, profile, discriminated, criminalized, and abuse by every race and culture with the support of Racist Caucasian Americans.. When will the black men and black women of America wake up and realize that we will never be accepted by anyone that those not look like us, suffer like us and endure like us; therefore, tis it time to separate, segregate and armed ourselves to prepared for what is coming our way in the next  five years.

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With that said, I am asking and calling on all African men and women who are proud to  be black and are tired of the same bullshit on a daily basis of discrimination and double standards, to please stop patronizing and supporting any business in your communities that is not owned or control by one of us. No black men or black women should spend a dine or a nickel at any stores that is owned by other races and cultures and who do not employed our young black Christian children and who does not invest in the infrastructures and education of our black communities. It is time for black men and black women to only spend your money and wealth in black owned businesses, to invest in the black community, to send your children to black owned private schools and HBCU’s, to deposit your hard earned money in black owned banks such as OneUnited Bank. Remember, that there are over 21 African Americans banks, over 115 black HBCU’s, over 30 black owned guns stores, over 216 black owned shooting ranges and over 50 black private schools in America; so, lets start supporting these black organizations and arming ourselves with legally purchase guns, ammunitions and bullet proof vest to protect ourselves, our children, our communities from those who seek to use us and destroy us with their evil intentions of their replacement theory. Please, Black America it is time to organize, mobilize and armed ourselves by exercising our second amendment rights in the same manner that other races and cultures are arming themselves.


Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].