African Americans, Here is The “Reproductive Rights” Deception.



( Here we are again. And since so many of you were embolden and in denial after reading my article on America’s plan for black de-population, I am making the time to address the part about abortion being used as a tool of that de-population against the African American/black community. So in this article I am going to dissect the bogus propagandized brainwashing argument of “women’s reproductive rights”.

In September of 2020 Kamala Harris went on television and stated (paraphrase) that the Supreme Court had taken away the constitutional rights of women to choose. Choose what Kamala? Choose to kill their unborn children or not? Vice-President Harris, as a former attorney and attorney general, had to know that there is no constitutional amendment that guarantees the right of a woman to kill an innocent unborn child. Oh yes, she knew. But here comes that democratic de-population agenda again, just like Margaret Sanger planned it.


Let’s examine the statement “women should have control (or authority) over their own bodies. I would agree, but the life growing inside a pregnant woman is NOT her body. Furthermore, authority and control over her own body would mean she could be a prostitute – but the law says no she can’t, even with her own body (in mostly all states). Authority and control over her own body would mean a woman could commit suicide, but nope, that’s not legal either. Even with her own body. Authority and control over her own body would mean she could use cocaine. But wait, the law says no to that too. Even with her own body. The woman could refuse to wear her seatbelt because she does not want it on her body. But in most states, if she gets caught, there are consequences. Even with her own body. Should I continue or do you get the point? And before you say “those are apples and oranges”, just know that both apples and oranges are fruit. So my examples are close enough to illustrate a general point.


No matter how many people lacking conscience want to call it “terminating a pregnancy”, that rhetoric is short for murdering an innocent unborn baby in the womb. So it has to make you wonder if all those promoting abortion are OK with it, why do they have to call it something other than what it is? And would they even watch one then take the same position? Cowards, the men and women supporting abortion and making excuses for allowing the woman to shirk both accountability and responsibility for her actions. The man is not allowed by law to do that, so why should the woman if both are guaranteed equal protection under the law?

I already know some of you are going to say “because it’s the woman’s body so she has that right”. But for Kamala and the rest of you baby-killing zombies, my answer is the same. It is NOT just her body. So let’s take a quick biology/human anatomy/human physiology quiz. First question, how many hearts does a woman have?  Second question, if there is a second beating heart and living being inside of the mother (that is why she is called the mother), is that only her body? Answer: NO! Question number three, if the mother should have the right to kill (or have killed) an unborn child on Monday, should she have that right 30 minutes later when the child is born? Wow, what a difference a half hour makes. Question number four, what does the Latin word “fetus” mean?

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You will often hear those in agreement with killing an innocent unborn child say “look at rape and incest cases” and use those to justify the killing of unborn children. But what they don’t tell you is just how small of a percentage those cases are in the totality of unwarranted pregnancies. Hmmm, “unwanted pregnancies”, another interesting term. What about this? If the woman did not want to get pregnant, she should have taken steps not to get pregnant. If it happened anyway, there were and are immediate ways to prevent pregnancy after intercourse. If she was too clueless to know that or too lazy to do it, she would be proving Margaret Sanger’s ideas about black people as correct. Wake up people, abortion should not be birth control in disguise. And certainly not used for de-population, which is what is happening.


Why would millions of women trust somebody helping them kill their innocent unborn children? Would they trust someone who wanted to help them strangle the baby in the hospital room? Why would they trust an organization created by a Eugenic racist who made her thoughts and agenda clear about the extermination of black people? Is it really that hard for the woman to find the morning after pill? Or has Plan B become simply killing the unborn baby?


What the heck does “the health of the mother” mean? Why are they always vague about that? Because it scares women into killing their unborn children. Do the doctors know the definite outcome for the mother even before these pregnant women give birth? Are they sure? Would doctors stake their medical practices on that? In many cases the answer is NO! And while I acknowledge there are cases where the mother OR the child can live, those are rare exceptions.


So now the abortion doctors and promoters know the future? Or do they fear the future of what that black child just might become? Do they know that all future advances in science and medicine will not be able to help that child? Killing unborn babies because they might be handicapped (if allowed to live) is nothing but the Hitler approach to weeding out those considered “undesirable” in society. EUGENIC GENOCIDE by race, pure and simple. That is doing the same thing with unborn children that Hitler did in Nazi Germany with the Jews. He considered them a problem, unnecessary and a plague on their society. He considered them unfit to live. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, listen closely to the words of Margaret Sanger herself.

Doctors knowing for sure the baby will be handicapped or deformed beyond repair is about as certain as when doctors tell people they have six month to live and the people live 10 more years. Or when doctors say the guy will never walk again and he not only walks, but runs and competes in athletic events once more. Remember it is the PRACTICE of medicine.

Medical errors contribute to as many as 400,000 deaths in America. Making them one of the top 5 causes of death ( So the woman could not only be unable to have children, she could die due to the abortion. You have to wonder if scared, pregnant women are  being told all these facts by abortion promoting death dealers. Furthermore, according to the United States National Institute of Health, about half of all abortions are unsafe and 68,000 women die each year from abortions ( Are the pregnant women told that? Are they even told about other options? And even though the deaths are not a large number, if you are only an airline that rarely crashes, stats won’t matter when the plane you are on is going down. About 5 million women per year experience complications from the unsafe procedures of an abortion and much of what are reading is never told to scared, pregnant women. But wait, if the unborn baby killing promoters care about these women, why don’t they tell them whole truth? Because there is another agenda.

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Even as Planned Parenthood and groups like it try to distance themselves from Sanger’s philosophy, they can’t because she made herself crystal clear and embedded her ideology into the foundation of black women’s abortions. She/they made sure over 70% of the abortion clinics were in the black community. She used the “black church” and asleep slave-minded pastors to inject the poison right into the Kool-Aid. She used socio-psychological rhetoric that would resonate with irresponsible women who wanted a way out of accountability for their actions. And just like the nice prescription drug commercials you see today, with people being able to live life again, many women were tricked into overlooking that the prescription/solution could or would kill you. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


The truth and data are being skewed, twisted, distorted to hide this dirty little secret. ABORTION is being pushed so hard also because it fuels  and feeds other industries such as for vaccines and cosmetics. Ask an OBGYN what non-plant collagen is and from where. Ask an OBGYN what the strongest prenatal iron given to pregnant women is. The skin or tissue of innocent unborn babies killed in the womb and torn apart. Not to mention how vital organs are sold and placed in other children. And while I do have compassion for the infant who needs a heart, it should not be at the cost of tearing one out of the chest of an unborn baby. This stuff would make Frankenstein throw up. Murdered unborn babies were lives ruined, not parts.

Watch these videos.


If a woman has a right to have a child, what happens when that right is taken away because the abortion damaged her and she ends up being one of the many women who can’t ever have children? In such case, what happens to her reproduction ability?  GONE! What happens to her right to have a baby? GONE! And yes, it happens as the data in this article proves. If and when that happens, where are all the abortionists? What can they say to her? How can they fix it? They can’t and the woman is left to deal with the consequences  of killing an unborn child for the rest of her life. It’s definitely her body now and hers alone – and it is empty, barren.


Oh yes, those who promote the killing of unborn children conveniently leave all that out of their speeches, ads and posters. It’s not just a quick procedure then back home to get ready for a cruise and I have the data right in this article. They don’t tell you about all the women who commit suicide or experience debilitating depression. They don’t tell you about the women who cannot have children later. They don’t tell you about all the women who experience remorse. Yes, there is a heavy toll to killing an unborn child, as there should be. If a man killed an unborn child by punching a pregnant woman in the stomach, he would be charged with feticide. He would not have killed, the woman. He would have killed the unborn child/offspring/fetus. That alone proves IT IS NOT JUST THE WOMAN’S BODY!

But when a women is only told the dangers of her pregnancy then scared and manipulated, she makes the decision to go under the knife and have her unborn children ripped apart. When he is young and is not told she has other options, she may believe she has none. And while I don’t mean to be graphic (actually I do), if you cannot stomach  description of the procedure, why can you stomach the procedure itself? Pardon the pun.

According to the World Health Organization: Physical health risks associated with unsafe abortion include:

  • incomplete abortion (failure to remove or expel all pregnancy tissue from the uterus);
  • hemorrhage (heavy bleeding);
  • infection;
  • uterine perforation (caused when the uterus is pierced by a sharp object); and
  • damage to the genital tract and internal organs as a consequence of inserting dangerous objects into the vagina or anus.
  • And $553 Million is spent each year in post-abortion treatment.
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Where are the unborn baby killing enthusiasts when the women cries in the night for her unborn child she had destroyed? Are the abortionists there a month later when she has unexpected complications and pains? Or what about when she has nightmares of her baby crying or asking why she did this? What about when the woman begins to wonder how awesome her child would have been? Or what about 3 years later when she finds the abortion did so much damage that she cannot have a child with her new husband, ever? Are the people who shoved her “reproductive rights” down her throat there to make it all better? NO, they are either silent or they have gone on to the next victims. In these moments, the women who killed her innocent unborn child realizes she is a victim. All alone in her loss, remorse and sorrow.

You may think I’m just talking, but I guarantee that I have counseled more women and seen this scenario play out more times than you have. And when many of these women find out they were manipulated, lied to or used for the baby-killing cause of depopulation or what cosmetics can be made from aborted baby parts, they are even more angry. So to these women I say, all those nudging you to kill your innocent unborn child (a) are not telling you the whole truth and (b) only care about using you for their cause. They do not care about you.

Abortionists are so busy talking about rights and using pregnant MOTHERS as pawns for their cause that they are not always thinking about the woman’s best interest, especially when the woman is of color. Just like Margaret Sanger pushed for so many hysterectomies performed on black women, a process which stopped so many black women from ever having children. All of this fit into her philosophy, her opinion of black people and her agenda. All of this became Planned Parenthood. Even the name of the organization is deceptive. How are you planning parenthood by killing the unborn baby that makes you a parent? Maybe Sanger meant “kill now and plan for later” because that is exactly what is happening. This was the plan.

If Margaret Sanger (racist) really cared about women, wouldn’t she have placed most of the abortion death mills in the “white” area instead of the “black” community? Wouldn’t she have looked after her own first? Margaret Sanger’s organization put over 75% of the abortion death mills in the black community because that is where she wanted the extermination to focus onblack people. Even a blind man with no head could see that.

Once a people have begun to devalue life and decide what innocents should die, the nation has lost its conscience and has no soul. Then it’s just a matter of time before that cycle spirals into exterminating the sick, the elderly, the poor, the minorities, the physically handicapped, the special needs or mentally challenged and anyone else deemed unworthy to live. And the more society accepts this genocide, the more it will happen until America wears an invisible swastika. Or are we too late?

We all reap what we sow and karma is more of a bitch than any 10 feminist, man-hating abortion promoting death dealers. In closing I want to share three things with you. First, I could continue to prove the truth, facts, agenda and data about the killing of unborn black babies that is being hidden, but those of you who have no problem with these millions of murders will simply find ways to justify them – even worse, the annihilation of your own kind. Second, for those of you who want to write dissertations to attack this article like you did the last one, know that I am not going to spend time going point and counterpoint with you, even though I could. And finally, to those who promote abortion, if your mother thought like you, we both know where you might be. Then again, maybe she should have. Choose life!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; [email protected].