African Americans; Former President Obama Defending the Democrats in their Mid-Term Election Fraud.



( Here comes our Former President House Negro Obama who got the entire vote of the African American population in 2008 to become the first Half Black/ Half white president in the history of the United States of America and in returned He gave absolutely Nothing! to the black men and black women that put him in the Anglo-Saxon White House. Yes, your beloved Multiracial Former President Obama gave African Americans nothing for their support and loyalty to the DNC; but, He gave everything else to other races and to the LGBT community what ever they asked for and whatever they did not asked for.

Former President Obama first line of business was to bail out the banks that are owned by the 1% of the riches people in America and who do not have the best interest of the poor and the middle class community; Secondly, Obama gave the Hispanic community the dream act, concessions, immigrations reforms allowing for more illegals to enter the country and received more benefits than any other American citizens; More so, He allowed for illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, Asia and the middle east the ability to obtain and acquired the Unskilled and skilled jobs without citizenship or a green card which then lead to the increase of black unemployment and black incarceration. Indeed, an increase in illegal immigration in America has cause an increase in African American men and women unemployment, an increase in crime, an increase in poverty, an increase in incarceration and the well known school to prison pipeline that is destroying the black male population in the inner cities.

Today, we are seeing Obama and his entourage of crocked democrats going on campaign tours promoting and demanding for the black voters to support the DNC and their candidates, who for the last 60 years have done Nothing or give Nothing that is specific and tangible for the black men and the black women of America. The DNC and the democratic party under the leadership of Space Cadet Biden and Phallus Lover Kamala have promised the African Americans everything for their support and vote; Yet, the African American community have received nothing specific and tangible for their black community alone. Instead, This leadership of buffoonery have only given promises, symbolism, free music, free chickens and free watermelon to the black voters; while, every other race in America has received millions of dollars, new laws to protect them, new bills, new reforms, new business opportunities, new weapons, and everything that these communities have asked for and everything they did not asked for. Yet, Black America received, Nothing!

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Let’s Recap on more time. Since 2008 to 2022 Under the DNC
  •  The Democrats gave the Hispanics/Latin Americans: The Dream Act, The prosperity Act, Immigration reforms, guarantee citizenship and resident green card, millions of dollars in investments, business opportunities, guarantee jobs and education, social services etc..
  • The Democrats gave the Asian Americans: The Covid-19 hate crime, millions of dollars in investments in their communities, infrastructure repair grants, business opportunities, guarantee loans and grants, free education and housing, loan and debt forgiveness, extra police protection.
  • The Democrats gave the Afghan Refugee community: Over 250,000 thousand dollars per family, guarantee citizenship, jobs, free education, housing, vocational trade schools, guarantee loans and grants for businesses and extra police protection.
  • The Democrats gave the Taiwanese government: Over $50 Billion dollars  to upgrade their Armed forces, weapons of mass destruction and technology,
  • The Democrats gave the Ukranian government: over $400 Billion dollars in cash, over $450 million dollars in credit line, weapons, etc..
  • The Democrats gave the LGBT community: Everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for to include the ability of a grown naturally born man with a penis to enter and use a female restroom that is occupied by little girls under the age of 12 years old.
  • The Democrats gave the African American community: Nothing, Nothing and Nothing. Oh wait a minute, I forgot they gave black America the Symbolism of Juneteenth with painted walls and streets with the words “Black Live Matters” and “Say his name: George Floyd”. Lett’s not forget the free chickens and watermelon’s
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The Democrats are going to pull the same old dirty trick of stealing the election and then turned around and blame the Republicans, the Independents, the Green party and everyone else for the Fraud election they created and stole from the righteous winners. I must said, the DNC is very good at using dirty tactics and they are also good at brainwashing the African Americans for their black vote by visiting a black church and giving a 60 second speech follow by the black priest and or pastor tap dancing to the music of the cave dwellers and selling the written words of conquerors and slave masters written in a black/brown/red dictionary also known as the “Bible”. The Black vote in America is the only vote that the DNC is able to get without offering anything in returned to the African American community and for that reason: “The black vote is worth less than a cup of joe without sugar.”

Going Back to Barrack Hussein Obama, the half breed brother who forgot where He came form even though he is married to a black woman and have two black children. Obama did not do nothing or gave anything specific for the black men and black women during his 8 years of presidency and yet He did a lot more for other races and specifically for the LGBT community without realizing that the majority of people that put him in the white house were straight/Heterosexual black men and black women. The straight black men and black women of America only wanted Obama to fix, help and rescue the black inner cities from poverty, unemployment, crime, racism and police brutality; but, instead, He did nothing, because Obama was Actually the Destroyer and the Harbinger of Death for Black America; as well as, the Gatekeeper to the DNC white supremacy. Obama told Black America to support Child Molester Biden and this old Rotten 5150 lunatic told black people that if you do not vote for him then you are not black. Yes, You voted for this Demon and He gave you what you deserved which was, Nothing.

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With that said, Black America do not make the same mistake of voting for the Democratic party that only sells you promises and gives you symbolism; while, they give every other race and communities what ever they asked for and whatever they did not asked for. You have seen how easy it is for Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, and all the Democratic party of the Ku Klux Klan approved and give money in the billions of dollars to Ukraine, Taiwan and others without hesitation; Yet, they cannot eradicate homelessness in America and give African American descendants of Slave their lawfully entitled reparations and retributions for slavery. The United State of America is one of the riches countries in the world and yet we have the highest black Christian unemployment, black Christian homelessness, black Christain poverty and last but not least the highest black Christian fatherless homes. So Black America do not vote for them or for anybody and or anyone that is not willing to give our African American Community something that is specific and tangible for the black men and black women of America in returned for our precious black vote.