African Americans: Don’t Protect Your Wife, Empower Her and Teach Non-dependence.



( A woman is strong as much as a man is, but when she finds a man who empowers her, she becomes stronger. And if she is your wife then she deserves more empowerment. The internet is filled with silly questions and answers on how to protect your wife or girlfriend. Why those questions are silly because treating your wife like a child just because you want to protect her from the cruel world is a potential form of abuse. Empowering her and teaching her non-dependence can help her go through what we call ups and downs in life.

You can’t be there always

Her powers don’t come from you, so help her build a strong sense of self. Let her pick the values that she wants to live by. Help her bring those values in her life and in the relationship. This is a great way to empower her even if she doesn’t know it in the beginning. You cannot be with her all the time so it is critical that you pay attention to personal empowerment in your relationship.

Help her to create something for herself

Help her to create a space for herself in life to do something she likes. Help her free up some of her time so that she can take some steps that can help her grow not only in her career but as an individual. Try to be inspiring with your words and give up your right to be the first one to know everything she thinks about. Encourage her to share her dreams with you so you can give her a way to quickly start the journey.

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Empowerment is a shared goal

Empowerment means helping her enjoy her right to choose what’s right for her. Empowerment is also about helping your wife see the possibility and potential that exists within her. It is the best way to help her see the highest version of herself. Let her take some calculated risks. The point is that when a person relies solely upon another for everything, it leaves them feeling less and puts pressure on them. When you go way beyond your capacity to help your partner in small things that they can easily handle, it eventually hurts the relationship. Let your partner be the best version of themselves while you stand next to them.

Win with your wife, don’t win for her

It’s so easy to get busy with small things in life. If all that you talk about is where do you go for holidays next year, what things you will buy during your next visit to the supermarket, do you really think that you have a strong intimate connection with your partner? Talk to her about long-term goals, what the future holds for you too, and what secrets you both can reveal about your passions and interests. Talk about things you won’t actually discuss with anyone else but only with someone special. Open up and allow her to feel comfortable speaking what’s on her mind. Chase goals together, win together.

Have a shared vision

Spend time thinking about what you both want to have in life – with and without each other. Remember that no one stays forever. It’s something that you may not want to even think about but it’s the world we live in and some things are unpredictable. You have to have a vision. If you don’t, none of you can get something worth following. Try spending time thinking about the life you want together. Ask for her support, divide responsibilities and roles. Ask for her support and provide support whenever she needs it. Have a shared vision. Know what you want from life and from this relationship to make it better.

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Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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