African Americans Continue to March backwards.



( Yes, it is time for Black America to walk away from white America. If you are a black man /woman then it is with great regret to inform you that it is now over for Black America and the DNC with President Creepy Joe Biden have made clear to us with their inactions. Likewise, Vice=President ” Happy Feet” Kamala has disrespected and demonstrated no regards for the issues affecting the African American community; therefore, it is time for black America to stop wasting your time and stop waiting, begging, seeking and hoping for the White American Government to give you reparations, equality, bills and laws to protect, empower and financially uplift the African American community.

Our delusional and mentally unstable President Creepy Joe Biden has proven again and again that He is still a racist politician of the 1970″s that promoted and supported the three strike law, authorized the funds and laws to build more prisons for black America instead of building vocational trades schools and factories to create jobs for our black youth. He also promoted and referred to black children and teenagers has roaming vandals and violent animals with predatory genetics praying on white people in the streets of America. Today President Biden who constantly loves to put his hands on little white girls, touch their hair and whispered strange comments to the ears of these children has yet to pass any bills to protect black children from hate crime, lynching, racial profiling, systemic racism, police violence and neither has he pass any laws to make police accountable for excessive force; but more so he refuses to pass any bills related to the Emmitt Till Anti-Lynching bills.

President sleepy hollow Joe Biden and the rest of hypocrites of the Democratic party gave black people a federal holiday “Juneteenth holiday”, that does not benefit black America in any way possible and neither does it create generational wealth and prosperity; instead, it only gives black America the image of symbolism which do nothing to create jobs and economic growth in the African American community. The Juneteenth holiday will be use by white, Asian, Hispanic and any other non-black races in this country to enjoy a pay holiday, pay vacation, to profit and make money by selling items related to that holiday to the black community. Indeed, other ethnic groups in America are going to make millions in sales of Juneteenth paraphernalia to the black people and none of that profit will end up in the African American community. Now, the fault of this unwanted symbolism of celebration lies in the hearts, minds and souls of black people such as coons, sell out, house Negros for always allowing others races to come into the black community and allowing them to take the little that remains away from the inner cities.

Black Americans need to wake up and walk away completely from white American by immediately stopping all business transactions with non-black entities such as whites, Asian, Hispanic, Arab etc., and only conduct business and investment with black people in African American communities. Black Americans need to create their own political, judicial and economic system with their own police department, fire department, courts, banks, hospitals etc., under the control and operation of Black American. African Americans should not promote and engage in any business with white, Arabs, Hispanic and Asian businesses who only take and take away from the black community and never give back anything but instead destroyed our children with the sale of alcohol and tobacco products which are the number one killers of black America.

The Asian Community claimed to be victims of hate crime by black Americans; Yet, these same Asians owned all the businesses in the black communities and they do Not hire any blacks. But they take all the money and resources from those black communities and use it to send their Asian kids to college, to buy their new houses in white neighborhoods, to purchase new vehicles; more so, to send that money back to their Asian countries. Certainly, the Asians are not the only people who take from and never give back to the black communities which is the result of systemic racism implemented by white America. Let’s not forget, that must black men in the military and civilian world are actually married to Asian woman; yet, white people blame all blacks for the so called Asian hate crime.

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Black woman in America spend over $40 billion dollars a year in wigs, hair extensions and hair products from these Asian own businesses, Black men spend over $12 billion dollars a year in hair products from these Asian businesses and yet these Asian businesses do not give back to the community but instead take all the black wealth away and then turn around and call the police on a black person that just spend all his/her money in their store. The Asian nails shop make over 10 billion dollars a year from black woman and black Transgender and yet these Asians business owner’s do not hire any black woman or black transgender; neither, invest in the black community. So why do black woman and transgender continue to support these racist Asian Businesses?

Our Black American community has a yearly spending power of about 2 trillion dollars which is enough money for black people to create their own country and own two to three States in America without the help of the white men and without begging the white men for anything. All black Americans should deposit and invest their money in black owned banks, businesses etc. and all blacks should support and attend only Historically black colleges and universities “HBCU’s”. If we have 47 million black men and woman put $100-dollars deposit in a black owned bank such as One United Bank every month in an account for the development of black America it will generate a total of 4.7 billion dollars a month that could be used to resolve every issue of poverty, unemployment in black communities in any given state every month; which means that Black America does not need any Reparation from racist white America; indeed, Black America have enough money to be its own country and a spending power greater than the GDP combine of  several African countries.

Black Americans should send their kids to black owned Elementary schools, High schools, Day care centers etc. These facilities should be own and operated by black people and protected by black security guards or by organizations such as black panthers, Nation of Islam, NFAC and NAAGA. Black people should be responsible for educating their own children and not allow someone of another race to teach our black kids about our history and responsibilities as African Americans. All African Americans wanting to promoted the black Agenda should be physically and psychologically black in all aspect of life and never to bend the knee again to white America. Black Americans should make sure that their Medical Physician, Dentist, Tax preparer, Financial Advisor, Mechanic, Gardener, Uber driver etc. is physically and psychologically African, African American, Afro- Latino and Afro-Caribbean. We should support our people and seek the help of those who look, speak, think and endure the same struggles as black people living in racist white America.

Black America needs to learn from the Jewish community; as well as, from the Middle eastern and Korean American Communities who are extremely successful in America having their own neighborhood and been loyal to each other. When a Jewish person opens a business He only hires his own Jewish people and promotes only Jewish people to the top. When a Korean American open a business they hire their own people, promote their own people, When Hispanics open a business they hire their own Hispanics and promoted their own Hispanics; Yet, African Americans want to Kumbaya with every fucking body who does not give a fuck about you. Every other race in America have their own communities where they control everything and own everything. Over 95% of Asian Americans put their money and invest in Asian banks, the middle-eastern community put their money in their own banks follow by the Hispanic putting their money in their respective Hispanics banks in America; Therefore, it is time for all Black Americans men, woman, gay, lesbian to put your money in black banks for which you have over 21 African American Banks in the United States waiting for you.

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Black America wake up, wake up! it is time to realize that the United States of America has only been promising you Hope, Christianity also known as the religion of the slaves, symbolism, and dreams for over 400 years and they will continue to sell you all the fantasy dreams, hope and religion; but, only give you Symbolism and a Juneteenth holiday. Black America! you voted for Democratic President Joe Biden and yet in the first 100 days He did “NOTHING” for you and gave the middle finger to Black America: Yet, He gave The LGBT more rights and bills, The Asians the Covid 19 hate crime bill, the Hispanics the Prosperity act bill, He promise migrants at the border over 11 million illegals the possibility of citizenships and guaranteed jobs upon been vetted and he also gave Afghan refugee guarantee loans to open business even though they have no credit report history and no citizenship. He also gave the Jews of Israel additional money and support in the billions of dollars yearly, He gave the central American countries over $350 million dollars and again He gave NOTHING to the black community even though 92% of black woman and 86% of black men put this piece of shit creepy freak in the white house.

Your beloved President Biden is more concern with little girls crossing their legs, playing and blowing their silky straight hair and whispering sexual innuendos in their ears. Yes, Black America, President Biden is not going to give you and Black America anything that will created generational wealth, prosperity, freedom and independence in the black community and neither will He change any laws to make police officers accountable for killing unarmed black children. What has President Creepy Joe Biden done for the black men and black woman that put him in the office? The Answer is Nothing! and He will do NOTHING for black America, because America does not intend to change any agenda to protect, empower, or pay reparations of slavery for black America; Nonetheless, America gave reparations to the Japanese Americans for the concentration camps during WW2 and for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities in Japan. America also gave reparations to native Americans and to the Chinese descendants of those who work in the construction of the Inter-Continental railroad and let’s not forget the Jews of Europe also received reparation and compensation by America for what they endure under Hitler in Germany during WW2.

Since America does not care about the African American Community Then All Black American soldiers should immediately leave, resign, exit and abandoned the United States Armed Forces because they do not even recognize you as been patriots, human’s beings and value members of the military. A black man returning from active duty is still considered to be a super predator in the eyes of white America and he is denied employment and opportunities compare to a white soldier returning from Active duty. Al black American men and woman should instead join the NFAC, NAAGA, Black Panther and or Nation of Islam and form your own Civilian defense forces to protect you from another Race massacre similar to that of Black Wall Street race massacre of 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoman, The Elaine Massacre of 1919, The Rosewood massacre of 1923, The Emmitt Till Lynching of 1955 and many more massacres in which white American men infected with the disease of Madness, Insanity, Insecurity, Jealousy, envy and a small penis proceeded to destroyed everything that black people built for their prosperity. Black America cannot trust these white demons again because they themselves do not believe in God but they want you to believe in a white God and the Religion of the Slaves “Christianity” given to you during the slavery days as a tool to control you and prevent you from rising up against them. Wake up Black America.

Let’s not forget about the recent incident in which a Pale Skin Demon of the west a white American Army ranger, 26-year-old Patrick Byne beat, sexually assaulted and killed a 41-year-old black female security guard Denise Smith while she was working at an office building in downtown Tacoma, Washington. The murder of this innocent black woman occur on July 18, 2021 at around 1:00 am in the early morning with the entire incident of the beating, sexual assault and murder caught on cctv video. This Neanderthal savage white men with a small penis proceeded to beat our black sister for over 10 minutes in the lobby of the office building, he yells racial remarks and called her a nigger while beating and plummeting her face with his close hand fist and jumping on her chest. This fucking cracker then grabbed our black sister and dragged her from her braids all over from one area of the building to another area where he continues to pummeled her into oblivion while laughing and calling her a nigger. Now, why is it that racist white American killer actions has not been paraded on social media and the mainstream news media? I bet you if he had been a black men beating a white woman, then it would have been on the front pages, radio and TV immediately and broadcast 24/7.

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As you can see, this white military piece of shit white supremacy came from the United States Armed Forces who are supposed to protect and served all American citizens, but as you can see that white army ranger is one of millions of white American soldiers and white civilians who are racist as fuck and go around walking and looking for a black woman to beat, rape and killed. Yet, black Americans want to continue supporting a country of white savages and systemic racism. Apparently, this white savage with his little penis trespass into the office building and the black female security guard told him to leave and He felt that a black person did not have the right to stop him or tell him what to do and so he proceeded to beat, raped and killed our sister. Where is the fucking outcry by black America, Black LGBT, Black Churches, Black soldiers, Black police officers, Black Doctors/nurses, Black attorneys?

Now, where is the justice for black America and more so for the Black men who are constantly discriminated against on a daily basis by racist white America but more so by Racist insecure white men with small private parts. it is a fact that black men are denied jobs, business grants and loans while immigrants from Asian and middle east countries arrived without even speaking any English and they received more benefit and loans to open businesses than a Black man in America. In addition, a black man in America with a college degree, military background and no criminal record struggles to get hired and get any type of jobs in white America.

It is Amazing to see how White American and White Hollywood will give blacks a TV show where blacks are portrayed as criminals, rapist, drug addict, drug dealers, woman beaters, killers etc.  and also give a black rapper like juvenile money to make a song about taking the tainted Covid 19 vaccine: Yet, they will never give black people a TV show, commercial, movies portraying blacks with a positive image and having a loving husband and wife relationship; neither, do they put money behind a hip hop,  rapper or other musicians to make a song about, love, respect, integrity, honesty, peace and  tell the black community to stop wearing saggy pants, to stop using drugs, to stop having kids out of wedlock, to wear protection during sex, to married black men, to married black woman, to take care of their children, to respect each other and support each other regardless of anything, to stop shooting each other, to stop fighting on social media, to stop doing drive-by shooting etc… No! White America does not want black America to stop their degeneracy, vulgarity, death and destruction but instead White America wants the African American community to be demonized, dehumanized, destroyed, label, profile and humiliated around the world.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].