African Americans: Beware Of Those Who Are Basking In The Sauce Of Negativity And Slothfulness!



( Oftentimes in this life as a positive, focused and motivated person you will find that your most relentless opposition comes in the form of people are the victims of their own pathetic work ethic and slothfulness.

Plain and simple, that’s what it is. Not 100% of the time, but far more than you might think.

It used to be back in a time not long ago that even the lazy people amongst us believed in the ethic of hard work even if they didn’t have a particular taste for it in their personal life.

They knew that if they didn’t have the things that their hard working peers possessed it was because of their lack of focus and sweat ethic placed into achieving a goal.

These days, it seems as though too many individuals feel entitled to the things that YOU have worked hard for and can’t see the correlation between hard work and success!

These leeches want the nice house, the nice car, the ability to go shopping at the mall and purchase whatever their little slothful hearts desire if they so choose like those who’ve put in the time, sacrifice and discipline with hard work.


Needless to say, their manner of going about achieving anything will never work because it’s based on the sweat of YOUR brow!


You don’t need them and you really don’t want anything to do with them because they will clog up your ability to fly even higher!

Let me tell you, the President of the United States never goes out on the corner in the ‘hood when he needs experienced well rounded and pertinent feedback in a sensitive issue that will affect countless millions depending on what the final decision will be. So why are YOU as a focused goal driven individual spending your time with people whose only desire is to piggyback on someone else’s ideas and efforts not self generating any movement of their own?

To do so on any level – whether you are a world leader or the floor sweeper at the local car dealership – would spell disaster in your own personal standards of excellence because these people only want the credit that you’ve worked so hard for.

This is why growing up I LOVED sports where it was a solo effort giving the victor or loser total credit for what they’ve achieved as opposed to what they never had a real shot at getting. This is why I love the sport of boxing so much, because it is only YOU standing there in the middle of that ring and if you fail to walk away with your hands raised in victory then the total blame is on you. I can accept that and actually prefer it that way to say the least because I know what my work ethic is and refuse to let anyone overtake me.

Call it competitive if you wish but also know that if LanceScurv IS competitive it is only that I’m being competitive with myself.

I try to motivate everyone around me who may be in need of a slight boost in being proactive toward creating a new reality for themselves, especially our youth. The younger generation in the minority communities tend to now lean on the negative thinking that has been handed down to them in the gloomy environment of these downtrodden inner city communities.

Many of their Elders and major influences never showed them by example and action how to change their lives for the better through hard work and dedication so they had no choice but to follow through with the same type of mentality.

It’s a sad situation but something that is not impossible to change for the younger generation. The older individuals who are not motivated to do anything except to get a check that they did not work for or to merely “get by” for the most part in my mind are to written off.

They’ve had enough time to get their lives together and will most likely die with the same mindset that brought them to the sorry life that they cursed daily as though someone did something wrong to them.

The best investment is to focus on those whose mental molds have not been set in stone from a lifetime of basking in the sauce of slothfulness. And the best way of reaching them is to be an example not of mere posturing to be something that you are not with absolutely no positive results, but to be doing the damn thing and being a winner in your chosen field of excellence because our young kids are watching us every step of the way!

So never allow these grown leeches to suck down your enthusiasm to achieve higher goals merely because they refuse to initiate the divine principles taught to subdue and conquer the earth. Surround yourself with those who are receptive to your example and seed their minds with a positive vision so strong that they will not even see the temporary negative environment that they unfortunately have to endure.

So understand that when the opportunistic leeches come out to weigh you down to use you, make sure to look past their negative intentions and fly high regardless of their attacks to be an example to inspire those coming up behind us who really and truly need it!

There is so much more to doing God’s work on this earth than sitting up in a church with the same old people screaming and shouting while bringing all of your money to keep a pimp in a Cadillac! It’s time to get busy on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Staff Writer; Lance Scurvin