African-Americans At A Standstill with Abortion, Especially with Men Getting Played.



( I am going to dispense with the formalities and warm up etiquette. Instead I am going to jump right into the topic because we have a lot to cover. And as a “black” or African American man, pay close attention because you need to know every bit of it. I am going to be blunt and stick to the facts because opinions are opinions and everybody has several on every subject. But the facts are what matter and the truth is much more important than opinions and preferences.


Abortion in America is population control (Eugenics) in disguise, pure and simple. And the people who sell and package the death of innocent unborn children hope you will never recognize the camouflage. Population control involves not just controlling but also reducing any part of any population that is considered “undesirable”. And in America, that is “black” people, those considered expendable and as a burden on society. Those who are seen as leeches who soak up and suck up the resources need for “real contributors to the society, community and country”. Want proof? Keep reading.


It is no coincidence that “black” women make up less than 20% of the population but 40% (or more) of the abortions in America. It is no coincidence that “black” women for decades were given unnecessary hysterectomies, a procedure that damaged their bodies and often blocked them from having children later on. It is no coincidence when women are told their babies will be deformed or unable to survive so they are told the best medical solution is to kill the unborn child in the womb.


ABORTION KILLS AN INNOCENT UNBORN CHILD! What did he or she do to deserve that. It wasn’t the unborn child, it was the man AND WOMAN who created the pregnancy. Men are not let “off the hook” for what they did so why should the women be able to just have their responsibility ripped apart and thrown in the trash? And if the innocent should not be punished for what they did not do, why are the unborn children paying the ultimate price? I don’t know which is worse, that people are still debating and denying the truth or that so many people have no problem with such murder based on selfishness and convenience. But before you or some woman reading this article says “what about when pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, rape or incest”, you need to know that such cases do not make up the bulk of abortions in America. And both women baby killers and doctor baby murderers know it.

stop aborting black babies

THE FAKE LABELS ARE TO DISGUISE THE GUILT AND THE TRUTH! Even covert propaganda such as re-labeling murder as “Abortion”, the unborn baby as a “fetus” and ripping apart the body of a baby in the womb as “women’s reproductive rights” are all rhetoric and propaganda used to desensitize the woman, the community, the courts and the doctors to what is actually happening. An innocent unborn child is being killed. And I dare any woman who wants an abortion and any man, doctor or political coward who supports abortion on demand to sit there and watch one then deny what it is.

ABORTION IS AN UNDERCOVER MONEY-MAKING INDUSTRY IN AMERICA! The abortion industry is largely an industry for body parts at least as much, if not more, than the process is to help the woman. The dirty little secret is that there is a demand for the tissue of innocent unborn babies murdered in the womb. Yes, the tissue of aborted babies is used in vaccines, medications and cosmetics, to say the least. Some of the strongest prenatal iron contains the tissue of innocent babies murdered in the womb. Collagen used in cosmetics contains the tissue of babies murdered in the womb. And those diabolical dark capitalistic uses only scratch the surface. But you won’t hear those truths from the Democratic party, Planned Parenthood nor the women’s feminist men hater groups. I could give you more names, expose more of the real agendas and blow the lid off, but I won’t – for now.

Recently VP Kamala Harris said (paraphrase) that the Supreme Court had attacked Constitution Rights by overturning Roe v. Wade. But  she knows there is NO part of the Constitution of the United States which gives women the unalienable, exclusive and convenience-based authority to kill an unborn child in the womb nor to have a medical professional commit the murder for her. Harris’ comments promote self not family, open violation of the Constitutional right to equal protection under the law, disregard for human life, feminism that completely disregards the rights and input of expectant fathers, double standards, depopulation of the African American community and lack of a woman’s responsibility for what women did voluntarily most of the time. Those are the facts! And those facts disqualify Kamala Harris as an example for young African American women in America. But then that should not surprise us when Harris as a prosecutor persecuted more black men in California than I can count then married a white man. Here we go, know the history and the facts. But that is a debate for another time. And the RIGHT TO LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is embedded in the documents and/or of this country. Let’s start following that!

HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT PLANNED PARENTHOOD – An organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a staunch racist who said black people are like weeds and need to be exterminated. And yes, I have her saying it on camera live. The same Planned Parenthood that used ignorant and uninformed CointelPro coon pastors in the black church to promote the killing of unborn children under the disguise of family planning. Family planning should not involve killing an innocent unborn child any more than financial planning should involve burning all of your money. Those are solutions to nothing but avoiding responsibility and reducing the population.

Wake up people. Sadly, far too much of the African American community largely fell for the propaganda from the same poison agenda group that promotes more abortions in America than any other group. The same snakes that, under Margaret Sanger (founder), placed their death centers in the African American community much more than any other community. The same demons who refuse to tell women and families about the medical, emotional and spiritual repercussions of their actions. And the same eugenic population control dragons responsible for removing the uteruses of black women again and again when it was not even necessary. Check their history for yourself and challenge the women around you to do the same instead of falling for the smokescreen.

I commend the Supreme Court for standing on the side of life, overturning Roe vs. Wade and getting it right for once. A decision that actually helps the African American community repopulate because black women in America otherwise have high abortion rates. I commend every state, governor, DA, medical professional and law enforcement officer who has the courage to stand on the side of life because they are helping to repopulate the African American community. But to the “CointelPro coons” who are pushing for the demise of your own people, maybe your mothers should have aborted you.

“WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS” IS A RHETORIC-BASED PROPAGANDA DECEPTION! Such a fake label of “women’s rights” sounds good to selfish, irresponsible women who want a quick solution to inconvenient pregnancies. It helps them stomach (pardon the pun) what they are really doing – killing an unborn child. Wake up, it’s not just the woman’s body. The unborn child has its own body so what about the rights of the unborn child? What about the rights of the father-to-be? In a decent, mature society responsibility must be accompanied by authority. So why then does the expectant father have absolutely no say so but responsibility before and after the birth? Fathers have rights and mothers have rights. So if the unborn child is not the mother’s body, why should she be the only one with the rights? She should not.


FATHER’S AND FATHER’S TO BE FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS or you won’t end up having any. Abortion in America is not about women’s reproductive rights. It is about population control and the abortion industry that makes money by selling murdered unborn babies at the same time. A nasty, evil fact that the Democratic party pushing abortion seems to leave out.

THE SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ARGUMENT EXPOSED: Unborn baby-killers/Abortionists/Murderers almost always amplify the small percentage of cases where the mother’s health is at risk, the baby MAY be deformed and pregnancy because of rape or incest. But what they don’t say is those cases do not make up anywhere near the majority of abortions in America.

THE EMOTIONAL SCARS AFTER KILLING AN UNBORN CHILD HAUNT AND DEVASTATE WOMEN! But you won’t hear about that on the news, from the feminists or from the Democratic party either. The same party of the south that owned the slaves, voted against the Civil Rights Act, blocked women from voting and promoted the KKK. I know about the devastation and ripple effects because I have counseled soooooooo many women who suffer from them. Where are the baby-killing doctors and feminists then as the women go through the pain of waking up to the truth about what they did?

ABORTION IS GENOCIDE BY ANOTHER NAME! Stats have shown that while black women are less than 20% of the population, they make up 40% of the abortions. Genocide, even when you call it “abortion” or “women’s reproductive rights”, is still just plain eugenic genocidal population control. And those at the top promoting abortion know the real agenda. They prey on the ignorance, selfishness and inconvenience of women by offering them murderous solutions which have both spiritual consequences and often damage the woman’s body. Again, all facts conveniently left out by the “death dealers”.


This article is just a brief summary of the truth, like it or not. Do not promote abortion, especially when there are alternatives instead of killing an unborn child. Do your research because the groups promoting abortion are hiding facts that African American women and families need to know. I could give you much of the data, but you can research and read just like I can. And finally, if you would dare to say it’s OK to kill an innocent, unborn child, just know that if your mother thought like that, you would not be here! WAKE UP, STAND UP, SPEAK OUT!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw