African-Americans and the other N word…Nationalism.




( Self-determination, self-autonomy, self-empowerment are all synonymous with nationalism, the one N-word African-Americans—through centuries of indoctrination—is enmeshed in consternation over. Any movement toward unification among black people is looked upon with grave concern by the white ruling class labeling it as racism; thus many Black African-Americans are content with individualism not wanting to raise the ire of their oppressor in the pursuit of nationalism.

Hispanics have replaced Black African-Americans as the largest minority group in America and are presently benefiting from the Civil Rights Movement—as well as women and the LGBT movement—more so than black folks. Unobtrusively, African-Americans have become 3rd class citizens and should there be a movement to increase the Asian population Black African-Americans will find themselves reduced to 4th class citizens. And the irony is that as we are being systematically replaced, some so-called black leaders are quick to try and rally Black America to help the very people who are replacing us.

If we are to survive and become self-empowered as a group, we must change our mental attitude and not be coerced into accepting the false narrative that doing so is racism. Why is it racism for African-Americans to strive for self-determination but acceptable for others to be self-empowered? Other than black people no other group has had their identity, culture and heritage stolen from them and divided for purpose of subjugation. Divide and conquer was the mantra regarding black people centuries ago and has never been deviated from. NEVER! Any and all efforts by African-Americans to try and unite will always be quelled and met with outcries of racism.

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Mind control of Black African-Americans have been so masterfully executed over the centuries it is proving to be a real challenge to overcome. Black America came close to doing it during the Civil Rights Movement but have since lost its way, blinded by integration subterfuge which has obliterated virtually all instincts for group survival.

The collective strength of the Civil Rights Movement, among other things, made it possible for black people to have their choice of colleges…permitting African-Americans to choose their profession. However, we must not forget such possible actions came about through [group power], it is not a right that is inherited by you as an individual or a right given to you simply because you were born, or simply because you went to the right school. It was [group power] that made it all possible. Ultimately as a result of the ruling class regrouping and regaining control of Black America’s consciousness—the 60s Civil Rights Movement—is the last time the black community demonstrated a propensity to pursue common goals as a group.

Becoming unified doesn’t mean the black community needs to march in lockstep on every issue, we don’t always have to be on the same page at the same time no group is. However, like all groups there are certain common goals that can only be obtained collectively, without unity—group progress—is impossible. Presently African-Americans rank dead last in America in terms of group accomplishments…blinded by individual achievements…mistaking it for group progress.

The following video may prove to be violent and crude to some, but truth and reality is what it is and isn’t always pretty and to be in DENIAL is a huge mistake. The difference between racism of yesteryear and today is that today it is far more sophiscated and subtle, not nearly as crude and barbaric but exist nonetheless. Black America must learn to take the autonomy and educate their own on the nuances of what racism is, the history behind it and how, to this very day, it affects the black community; not look for permission from a ruling class that wants to keep you dumbed down—regardless of the educational credentials you may possess.

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The one reality that Black America has never come to grips with is that there are two sets of laws as administered, one for whites and one for blacks and that black people will never be accepted beyond subordinate roles. Black office holders, high and low, really means nothing. So many of so-called African-American leaders are selected, appointed, sponsored or financed by the white ruling class…that includes Haiti and Africa. These appointees of important institutions and organizations represent the white man’s “indirect rule” over the Black community. It is the voices of these “quasi leaders” that’s accepted as the voice of the black race.

Cultural artifacts, language, religion, traditions, art, music, style, values, principals and convictions all form a bond of cohesion which if properly nourished becomes nationalism; but it has to be nourished and has to be by us as a [group]. How is this accomplished? Through family, church, school, organizations and institutions—not depended on white funding.

Once we as a group become nationalistic we then as a [group] become strong enough to create economics in which people can strive to make a living, in other words under capitalism we must become [producers] and not continue to be just—consumers. The black community spends over a trillion dollars annually of which less than 5% remains in the community, this is calamitous, a tragedy and inexcusable to have the means to help ourselves from within and fail to do so.

Our culture is no longer functional because we have lost so much of it that use to save us. We are not paying attention to our youth who are presently, misguided, misled and misinformed…not tuned into reality. The misguided minds of our youth is the wave of the future which presently doesn’t bode well for Black America. Certain aspects of the hip-hop culture do not uphold the intrinsic value of the African-American community nor do they respect its rich and rewarding history. Rather, this particular culture steer a large number of black youth—and the race in general—down a path towards self-destruction.

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The reluctance of the black community to hold one another accountable and responsible for wayward actions that affects us—as a group—is infantile, self-sabotaging, self-defeating and improvident.

When you collectively take bold, serious, courageous actions, the consciousness of the group expands, doors open, doors that fear-based consciousness cannot see. Bold and passionate action, free of fear, driven by love, is a portal into another dimension, a new paradigm. Predominate mental attitudes cease to exist as that of helpless, hopeless victims.

This is the true essence of those who are mentally liberated the antithesis of mental enslavement. Mental enslavement is NO JOKE, and one symptom of it is Black African-Americans acceptance and injudicious use of the N-word n**ga/n**ger. The N-word is a spirit using their mouth flapping gums all they are doing is listening in as it has complete control of those who embrace it. They can see and hear but their existence is that of a passenger who has been psychologically disarmed.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc., author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word, and the recently released book Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

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