African Americans; Activist Groups: Are They Outdated?




( The NAACP, National Action Network, the SCLC, 100 Black Men, the three different Black Lives Matters groups – are they outdated, playing games or simply about self? We see their Facebook pages. We here about their rallies. We hear about their golf tournaments, voter registration drives and block parties. We see them making personal appearances and even staging sit-ins. Many African Americans are content letting these groups think for them, speak for them and proactively go out on their behalf, but the facts are in the modern day results.

While it would not be fair to stereotype every member of each of the groups mentioned herein because there are many good people who do what they can, the agenda of the groups or organizations and their leaders is clearly fair game for evaluation. If we look at the cohesiveness these groups have with all of their chapters or even the other groups and organizations, we can see there almost none and slave-minded division is as strongly embedded as ever. One chapter often has no idea of what the other chapter is doing. Our inside contacts within each of these groups activism-2016have made that crystal clear but they share this confidentially and it has to stay that way so don’t ask who.

You can walk in denial and dismiss this article by saying I am “dogging” our organizations, but you will miss the point of constructive criticism, truth, accountability and results.

Personal agendas, mismanaging funds, failure to collaborate and work together, ego, hidden agendas, lining pockets, building personal reputations and pretending they are changing things are all elements at the core of these groups as well as their responses and reactions to each other group. Always raising money SCLC? For what Dr. Charles Steele? Always busy but doing what BLM? Disrupting, getting arrested, confronting and spreading anarchy without a real plan in sight. Speaking engagements and a full calendar Al Sharpton? But are you training young leaders to do the same or simply seizing the spotlight whenever and where ever you can? Keeping it real? Really?

Most of these groups made an impact decades ago. But that was before ego and opportunists with personal agendas took over. Look at BLM. There are at least 3 BLM groups. They do not like each other and almost never work together. Yet they say they are about the same cause. Really? They are understandably angry but unwise in their methodologies, weak in their strategies and fragmented in their solidarity. And before any of you deny this, know that such claims are coming from key people inside these groups. I know this is not a popular article but the truth must come out if we are to ever fix our communities, empower our people and build real leaders with the agenda to help our people.

A war is being waged on African American people in this country and part of the devastation is coming from the very leaders and inside the very groups who are claiming to help us.

Our people are not unique in the area of denial. But our people are those I care most about and hard medicine often tastes bad. So I will say what has to be said when others avoid saying it and yet others want to avoid it. The NAACP, for example, was started by Caucasian people and African American who were NOT democrats. Yet African Americans still hold to the democratic party as if it is our only hope. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves (and yes I know his motives). But he was a republican. Andrew Jackson was a democrat and he owned slaves. Martin Luther King Jr. was a republican. Frederick Douglass was a republican. Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton’s hero who was responsible for creating Planned Parenthood and the deaths of millions of unborn African American babies, was a democrat and not for women’s rights as she claimed. But so many of you bought into the propaganda while millions of unborn African Americans ended up in dumpsters. Do the research. Google Eugenics or the truth about Margaret Sanger. Our people are even still calling ourselves “black” when we are brown, still clinging to the democratic party and still waiting on Massah to help us. Wake up.

Those of you who a part of the groups named herein have no idea what those who oppress us have in store. Any many of you are playing right into their hands. I suggest you research the King Alfred Plan, Rex 84, Cointelpro, Operation Garden Plot, the Blue Alert Law and the truth about addictive marijuana pumped into our communities to lull our people to sleep. I suggest you look how our so-called leaders are focused on the spotlight and making a name for themselves by riding on the backs of African American tragedy. I suggest you look at how our “leaders” want you to follow them instead of helping you step up to be independent, strong and mentally free. Just as in many of our churches, they don’t want this because they know they will then become obsolete.

I am all for unity and solidarity, but to the end that will produce mentally, economically, legally, spiritually, emotionally, academically, intellectually and sociologically strong, awake, alert, equipped and informed African American kings and queens. People who will think for themselves and be proactive in changing their own lives instead of waiting on Jesse, Sharpton, or Obama to do it for them. That is not what these groups who claim to fight for us are producing. Am I producing these things? You better believe I am and an summary of my efforts and results would take more space than this article could hold. But the reason you may not know that is because it is not about me and my name, it’s about our people.

Jim Crow was a democrat, remember that. The first gun laws were put in place by democrats to stop African Americans from owning guns. Bedford Farms who started the KKK was a democrat. I am not saying you should vote for Trump. But I am not saying you should be so quick to blindly vote for Hillary Clinton either. Look deeper and you will see what is really going one. Don’t be a zombie, do your research. In this election you should vote for you, your family, your community, your children, your vision. But if you are expecting a savior in a President, no matter who is elected, you are about to be disappointed.

Many of the leaders, spies and double agents and their cronies in our community know what I say is true. That is why they will frown at this article or encourage you to reject it. But look at their results. Are you growing, achieving, getting better, stronger and free – or just following these leaders?

So what then is the solution? New leaders, new and fresh innovative ideas that address the new attacks we face today, not just those we faced 50 or 60 years ago. More young people with the right heart, the right attitude and the right agenda in key positions. Old leaders who have become glory hogs and opportunists stepping down. Accountability and results-based programs and efforts instead of those who pretend with busy work. Real comprehensive collaborations and joint projects between activists groups.

The solutions are in working together even when you don’t agree, even when you can’t be out front, even when you can’t make a profit and even when you don’t like the people you need to work with. This is one of the biggest problems in the African American community. The solutions rests in accountability for all, not denial or simply blaming the white man and the establishment for everything. The solution is in prioritizing the lives and safety of our people above everything else and diminishing the focus on entertainment, football games, golf tournaments and block parties conducted by organizations that need to get to real work.

Sadly, some of you will spend more time dismissing the hard truth of this article and getting offended than you will in realizing it’s what you need to hear and what will help you. So I am speaking more so to those of you who are awake. And to those of you who are awake, wake up the others because if you don’t, they will be the first to fall who never saw the attack against us coming.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony