African Americans: 7 Self-care Habits Men Should Practice.




( When it comes to self-care habits for men, anything that you enjoy can be a part of your self-care routine. Here we have listed 7 self-care habits for men which you can fit into any day or week of your life to include some more love, care, and attention for your mind and body.


Start your day with positive thoughts by writing down the things you enjoyed about the previous day and what helped make your day better. It can be really small things like “had a good conversation with someone” or “saw a cute kid on the road.” If you feel that something big happened yesterday – getting a compliment or maybe a cool new idea for something – write it down and elaborate to feel good. Pour your mind and keep the journal filled with good things happening in your life that often go unnoticed or slip from the memory.

Eat right

No matter how busy you are, eat properly. Everybody has their own choices and preferences when it comes to feeling satisfied and happy with a meal. Buy or cook your favorite food and enjoy it like a king/queen. Treat yourself with the best and make sure to choose the right place for it in case you’re eating outside. The best would be eating at the comfort of your home. If you can’t make such arrangements every day, don’t forget that you deserve such treats often and make it happen whenever possible. Try adding more healthy food to your diet. Green vegetables, fruits, and low sugar will keep the stress away. Follow these self-care habits and see the difference.

Move from ‘treats’ to ‘self-help’

People are often told to set goals and reward themselves with a treat to feel good. That’s a good strategy for achieving short-term goals, but self-care habits for men should not be limited to just treats. Self-care is about reminding yourself and people around you that you deserve certain things. It’s about realizing the importance of your needs. Do not overwork just for a treat you have set. In the long run, it will make you look smaller in your eyes. Set professional boundaries, do things, and make sure to focus more on helping yourself rather than just treating well.

Get out of your comfort zone

It can be as simple as smiling towards people you don’t know well. Try this and see what happens. There are many small ways you can follow to step out of your comfort zone. Try staying away from your phone for a day. It’s a wonderful change that will make you feel like you’re on a short relaxing vacation. Improve your relationships by sending a note to someone or a group of people that mean a lot to you. Make them more personal without hesitation and tell them you remember them.

Pick something for your body

Open your wardrobe and get something that feels good on your body. Get a mirror, look at yourself, and make sure to know each part of your body and how the fabric and color feel. Remember that when you look good, you start feeling good. If you want to feel relaxed, book a spa session, or get a haircut or go to the salon and enjoy a proper facial. Our body image boosts our confidence and helps how we feel emotionally.

Solve your life-problems one at a time

Think you’re your best friend and if you were to tell something or to solve a problem you’re facing, what would tell. Just speak your mind without judgment and say it. Think about what’s the thing that has been bothering you for a long time now but you never sat down to fix it. Remember that you may not be able to solve everything in one shot, but you can easily work out a plan to find a fix. We all have solutions for most of the world’s problems unless it’s our own mess. But it’s time you start putting efforts to solve some of yours. Stick to these self-care habits and you’ll realize how easy it becomes when you start focusing on solutions.

Discover or define your life’s purpose

They say that everyone has a purpose and when you find it, you feel completeness in life. This is arguably the most complex thing you will come across at some point in your life. Discovering life’s purpose is quite confusing for some and if you’re on the same boat, it’s better you define your life’s purpose yourself. Don’t rush, just deeply think about it for 10-20 minutes every day or once in a week. Design your life’s path, define your purpose based on your interests, and start chasing it. See what happens next.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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