African Americans; 7 Personal Finance Goals to Hit in Your 30s.



( Setting personal finance goals is a skill they rarely teach in schools. No matter what’s the position of your personal finance today, you always need some goals to push yourself. There’s nothing wrong if you’re saving money for your future because it pays off.

This guide is not prepared for a certain group of people. It is for everyone who wants financial freedom in his 20s, 30s or 40s. The road is not the same for everyone so even if you couldn’t hit some of these goals, make sure you keep them in mind and plan.

And for our readers who are in their 20s, there’s only one rule they need to follow. Don’t wait till you hit a certain age because setting personal finance goals has nothing to do with your age. Start early so that you can achieve what others only dream about.

Change the way you think about money

Everyone needs money and if you believe that money doesn’t matter, you’re lying to yourself. You can’t always earn it anytime. You have to have food daily, you need a place to live no matter big or small. You need clothes and you need some opportunities to enjoy. If not big, but at least one weekend holiday during your lifetime. So stop saying that you don’t need money and start believing that you must set some financial goals.

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Learn to spend consciously

Unless you’ve reached a point where declaring yourself bankrupt is the only option left, you have got plenty of choices to erase your debt. There are many things that you don’t need regularly but you pay for them. Cut down such needs and spend on things in a smart way. By spending money mindfully, you get control over your money. In this way, you can learn to feel rich with what you have.

Break addictions

This one may not sound like a direct financial goal, but your addiction can lead you to bad money habits. People remain stuck in bad habits because falling into them is easy. Pay attention to where your money is going. If you consciously form good habits and keep addictions away, you can quickly achieve financial freedom. Tell yourself that by the end of this month, your addiction to buying unnecessary stuff will be no more.

Learn discipline and self-control

Lack of money is not a problem, lack of financial discipline is. If you want to go ahead financially, you must learn to follow and stick to certain rules. Get mad at your financial condition and get mad to change it for better no matter what comes in your way. People in their 20s enjoy a lot of freedom and it directly impacts their money-related decisions.

Remember, building financial strength is like building muscles. If you break rules or avoid practice, you will quickly come back to the point from where you started. In your 30s, discipline and self-control will not only make you feel proud, they will help you in other areas of your life.

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Thinking big is half the battle

Promise yourself that no matter what, you will think big when it comes to accumulating wealth. If you can believe, you’re halfway there. Train your mind to think big and decide to save money. Start small and push yourself to achieve the goals that scare you.

A long-term strategy and sacrifices

Don’t let your obsession with temporary pleasures blind you. You must see the long-term potential of your goals. In your 30’s, you need more power and control over your possessions. To get something big, you need to think long term. It’s the time when you should be focusing on things that bring long-term benefits. Avoid temporary satisfaction at any cost. This is the time when you may have to sacrifice or give up things that bring temporary joy or happiness.

Multiple income streams

Your daily job and your side hustle can go hand in hand. This is the time when you have a lot of energy, experience, and capability to manage more than a job. If you can start early, try to build something for yourself and let it grow with time. The point here is you should be able to think long-term and create sources for extra income. It can be anything you would be able to do for a long time.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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