African Americans: 6 Leadership Skills Every Man Should Know.




( No man is born with leadership skills but every man should learn to become a leader in any role. It doesn’t have to be about business or family. Anyone who can set examples and inspire others to be the best version of themselves is a leader.

Leadership has nothing to do with your age, role or position. It’s all about leading through actions and examples. Here are six leadership lessons for men. You can develop these leadership skills and maximize your capacity of achieving what you want.

A Constant Learner

A man doesn’t need to have rare talents, but he should have a mind that constantly seeks new learning opportunities. A leader should be aware of what he knows and what he doesn’t know. If he comes across something valuable that he doesn’t know, he must have the willingness to learn. The supreme leader of a country doesn’t need to be the strongest man in the territory. He should be a constant learner who often doubts his own knowledge about things he’s very sure about.

Creating an authentic life

A leader doesn’t mind displeasing some people as long as his choices are aligned with his values. A man who aims to lead a successful life, family, or business, should practice authenticity. In this process, he becomes less tolerant to unkindness, silly excuses and ignorance.

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There is a fine line between pleasing people and sticking to your values. By putting your values aside, you can always offer temporary pleasure to people. But at the end of the day, no one would value you if you do that. So instead of trying to keep everyone happy, a man should choose authenticity.

Fighting fears

Accepting fears is good as long as it is about accepting challenges and overcoming them. Do not accept fears only because you feel unsafe outside of your comfort zone. Fears of losing relationships or acceptance can’t stop leaders from trying and growing.

When fear strikes, you have two choices – allow fear to stop you or find growth and move forward. Leaders do not ignore fears, they do what’s right for them. They choose what’s right for everything and everyone they are responsible for.

Finding life’s purpose is a waste of time

You can’t wear the same shoes throughout your life. You won’t grow in them. You take up many roles and you have to grow up mentally. Finding a purpose in life is a waste of time. A leader doesn’t spend time on finding answers to such complex questions.

Finding life’s purpose is like a puzzle where the pieces keep changing. You try to collect pieces to see a clear picture but you see a different reality every time. Your life’s purpose is to act and give your best in everything life brings.

Share, don’t impose

For a businessman and for a family man, sharing the events is more important. Let’s say you’re running a business and calling everyone for a quick meeting. In a typical business environment, people tend to discuss their ideas. They ask their team to follow a predetermined plan. The same happens in many families when everyone sits around the table.

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People discuss things they are planning to do or they want to do in the future. One of the best leadership skills men can learn is sharing. When you’re sitting with your team, share what your company has done today, in the last week or previous quarter.

Let everyone share what they did today. Hear about how they are doing things and how working on certain things made them feel. A leader knows the value of sharing and listening before he tries to fix it or impose new plans and methods.

The head and the heart

You may have read the quote that says “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” It gives us a practical and proven approach to handle people including ourselves. Use this approach in your family or workplace, it always brings positive results. A true leader doesn’t follow the rule of “giving back first” to impress others, he means it.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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