African Americans; 30 Signs People are Losing Respect for You.




( It’s time to face some hard facts. When people lose respect for you as a family member, friend, lover, co-worker, boss or customer, they begin to lose interest in you. They gradually begin to go away from you and start avoiding you. Here are 30 signs people are losing respect for you and you’re solely responsible for it.

  1. You don’t respect yourself

Some people are obsessed with self-criticism. They hate their looks, dressing sense, work style, family, relationships and what not. If you never learn to embrace your flaws, don’t expect others to respect you.

  1. Favor-asking for all the bad reasons

Kids often do that. They ask their friends and parents to lie for them so that they can escape a tough situation. If you do that as an adult, you are not just telling others that you’re a liar, you are, in fact, assuming that others are also like you. At least don’t insult them.

  1. You think everyone’s a fool

If you think that others can’t see what you do, keep in mind that people observe your behavior. You may think that you’re too smart that you are doing less and getting more, but that’s not happening and you will realize this someday.

  1. You’re overly optimistic

Seeing the good in bad situations is a way to stay motivated but if your positivity makes you blind, you’re on a dangerous path. If you fail to take action just because your inner voice keeps telling you that everything will be alright, you’re bound to lose whatever you have and with that, you’re going to lose respect for sure.

  1. You apologize for everything

Do you apologize for things that you can’t control? If you’re not wrong and if you didn’t do anything wrong intentionally, there’s no reason to apologize. When you apologize for things you were not responsible for, you lose respect not only from people, but you also lose self-respect.

  1. Always playing the victim card

It sucks and people don’t even realize how badly others get affected because of their victim playing. If you believe that you are a victim, you are pushing people away. If you have trouble accepting your responsibility or if you’re living in the same loop of thoughts since months or years, you must break that habit. People who play victim are respected less.

  1. You’re too honest

People who are way too honest lose respect because they comfortably reveal things that they should have kept mum about. Being honest is really good but there are times when you should not become emotionally nude in front of people who don’t deserve to see you that way.

  1. You allow others to disrespect you
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You allow your spouse to scold you in front of the children, you allow your seniors to talk trash about you in front of others, and you allow your family or friends to disrespect you in public. It’s a recipe to lose respect. What you allow is what will continue.

  1. You’re ungrateful

People who behave like they deserve what they have are the most toxic ones. They treat everything as their own property and they are always ungrateful about the love, care and support others have for them. No matter how much you do for them, they will never tell you to stop.

  1. Behavior switch

Do you behave differently in different environments? It’s not about doing crazy stupid things when you’re alone because everybody does that and it’s quite normal. The point here is about changing your personality in different settings. Some people show that they are so caring and friendly when you’re alone with them, but when they are in public, they behave differently and treat you differently. If you do that, stop it now because those who are close to you will soon realize that you’re a chameleon.

  1. The silent treatment

When you stop talking to someone or become silent during an argument, you disrespect the other person and they lose respect for you. Silence is necessary when you want to stop and think, but if you’re doing it just for manipulation or just to make others feel that they have done something wrong, they will stop paying attention to your silence and eventually, they will do the same.

  1. You force people

You can force kids to eat healthy food or to get ready for school on time, and that strictness makes them a better person. But if you feel that you can treat every other person in the same way, you’ll either end up being forced to stop this behavior or people will cut ties with you.

  1. Procrastination

When you delay things just because you’re lazy and can’t stick to your schedule, it affects your relationships with others. People stop paying attention to your words because they realize that the time you’re taking to do small things and the result you’re giving isn’t worth waiting for.

  1. You always want to be right

Pumping your fragile ego up won’t help if you’re not ready to accept that you can also be wrong. Some people want to win at any cost and develop an attitude that they know everything. They sabotage their growth. They stop learning and feel satisfied with the little knowledge they have.

  1. Lack of values

Everybody should define some values and principles for themselves. That way you can stand out. Those who treat their values as seasonal affairs are the ones who lose respect fast. Sticking to some rules is what separates a man or woman from the crowd. People who can’t even fight for their rights deserve nothing but a middle finger salute from everyone.

  1. Not giving back
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We know people who come to us only when they are need of something. No matter how much you invest in their lives, they will be the same and they will keep expecting more. Not giving back to your family, community, customers, and coworkers make you so small.

  1. No respect for families

Couples often struggle to create a balance between their personal and family life. Respecting each other’s family is important but if you can’t stand for them, don’t expect any respect from them. Spending time with each other’s family may not sound amazing but if you don’t do so, you’re conveying a message that you only care about yourself and don’t care about what your partner feels.

  1. Always showing lack of trust

Is everyone trustworthy? No, probably not but it doesn’t mean that you can see everyone through the same glasses. There are people who want good for you. Not everyone is planning something against you. If you have always shown lack of trust, it’s time to rethink and stop labeling people based on your assumptions.

  1. Not understanding the limits that others have drawn

Most people have personal boundaries and unless you’re invited to cross that borderline, you should not. Someone who doesn’t understand this and pokes into other people’s affairs cannot be respected at all. They test the patience of people until they are specifically told to mind their own business.

  1. Cheating on people

This is the worst thing someone can do in life. Lying and cheating show that the person isn’t worthy of respect. No matter how happy you feel with others when you cheat on someone you love, the people you hang out with can never respect you. In fact, you can’t even respect yourself because when you are cheating on or lying to someone, you will be reminded of the ugly truth about your own character.

  1. Abusive behavior

Whether it’s verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, a person doesn’t deserve to be respected if he or she uses abusive behavior as a shield. It’s unacceptable and victims should stand up against such behavior instead of allowing others to repeat the same.

  1. Being too self-centered

The “I, me and myself” loop is toxic. It not only pushes people away from you, but it also stops you from seeing things from different points of view. People who are too obsessed with themselves and their own life, are often left alone. They are considered unreliable because everybody realizes that a self-centered person will always think for himself first in every situation.

  1. Laziness

You want to make a difference in the world and you always dream about changing your life but your actions don’t match with your words. People who don’t care about how they spend their time deserve the disrespect. If you’re sleeping just because you have nothing better to do or you don’t want to push yourself, people will stop caring about you and that’s not cool.

  1. You’re a beggar
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Most people when they look at beggars, they feel sorry. If someone is begging just because they are too old, handicapped or is not capable of earning through any other respectable source, we all should help them, but those who’re capable but are not motivated enough, they don’t deserve your money or respect. People sitting on the roadside are not the only real beggars. The truth is, there are hundreds of people living with that “beggar” mindset and they also don’t deserve respect.

  1. You don’t let your skills talk

You’re talented, that’s good. You’re the best, well that’s a lie you keep telling yourself to boost your ego. No one is best and no one’s perfect. There’s someone somewhere in this vast world who is a lot better than you or in the process of becoming better than what you are. Someone who talks more about his talent than his skills do, he loses respect and one day they realize it.

  1. You gossip or badmouth others

Some people allow negativity by gossiping or bad mouthing others behind their back. They are cowards. They hide behind their fears and peep out from there and try to look for things they can criticize. Such people surround themselves with losers who bring the others down.

  1. Big mouths with small minds

Do people think you’re two-faced? Well, they may not tell you but if you feel that someone has stopped respecting you or doesn’t pay attention to what you say, it’s time for some self-evaluation. Do you tell different stories to different people based on who you are sitting with? If yes, you deserve the hate.

  1. You’re offended easily

This habit puts you in a place where nobody wants to stay in touch with you. People who can’t take things lightly or don’t know how to take a joke, lose respect because of the way they react to things. Even your silence can disappoint others and make them stay away from you because they start realizing that you take things too seriously.

  1. You listen to respond

Some people don’t listen to what others have to say with an intent to understand the meaning behind their words. Are you one of them? It is one of the biggest behavioral problems most people carry with themselves without even realizing. Be the one who listens patiently to understand.

  1. Take a defensive approach

When you don’t accept the fact that you can also make mistakes, you tell others that you’re one big mess with a very bad attitude. People who always try to blame situations and do not accept their fault, others eventually realize that the person is unworthy of respect.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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