African Americans: 11 Foods That Diabetics Should Keep Away From.

6. Flavored Coffee Drinks

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up caffeine just to stay healthy. In fact, coffee is one of the best beverages that you should consume if you are diabetic but this is with the exception of flavored ones. Sweetened coffee is loaded with carbs and calories so while it will keep you awake, it will also make you gain more weight. Keep it simple with plain coffee and your blood sugar levels will thank you for it in the long run.

7. Honey, Agave Nectar and Maple Syrup

Besides the usual white and table sugar that you should steer clear from, there is an array of other sweeteners and syrups that are equally bad for you. It is best to avoid sweet delights at all costs but they are not the only culprit as there is also brown sugar, honey, agave nectar and maple syrup which contain just as many carbs. Consuming these forms of sugar not only affects people with type one and two diabetes but people but prediabetes as well; even taking small amounts will go a long way in hiking up your blood sugar levels.

8. Dried Fruit

They may be easier to carry around and eat as a midday snack, but they definitely do not have the same health benefits that fresh fruit do. While you shouldn’t avoid fruit altogether as low-sugar ones like fresh berries are still beneficial for your health, keep dried fruit at bay. Sugar content becomes more concentrated and carb content increases when the fruit is dried; making it relatively unhealthy and damaging to your health.

9. Packaged Snack Foods

Snacks that boast of being the healthier choice may be true for non-diabetics but their high carb count makes them a bad choice for diabetics. Made with refined flour and providing extremely little nutrients, snacks like saltine crackers, pretzels, and graham crackers are not a good snack option between meals; avoid them and choose a low-carb salad or nuts and berries instead.

10. Fruit Juice

You will probably be surprised to know that fruit juice, even unsweetened ones, can contain more sugar than sweetened beverages like soda. Rich in fructose, fruit juice can cause insulin resistance, obesity and heart disease so replace them with plain water and mint or lemon for an equally refreshing taste.