African Americans: 10 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son.



( What are the things a father should teach his son? The answer is – everything that makes him a real man. Unless you are a weak coward man, you should teach everything to your son or at least guide him on how to do things. If you don’t, he is going to learn things from others. Is someone else a father than you?

Here are 10 most important lessons every father should teach his son.

  1. Real men don’t seek attention

It’s time for your son to be loud, talk about his new toys, skills, and have fun, and that’s fine. But if you see him trying to convince others that he is worth their attention or time, tell him that this is not right. Repeat until he gets it. Keep in mind that attention-seeking behavior is a reflection of your relationship with the child. If they find that their father is interested in their lives, they won’t feel the need to act up. Stop raising tantrum throwers and everything will be fine.

  1. Never give up your power

The day you bend or sacrifice your truth in order to please another person, you become a loser. Men do this, especially with women. They do everything to please a woman even if it requires destroying their genuine feelings and thoughts. Power doesn’t mean dominating the other person. Being powerful in a relationship and not giving up your power to women is about standing tall without being afraid to be yourself. Don’t raise a child with the slave mentality, set examples and let him learn from you.

  1. How to be good to “brothers”

Many people create a negative image of other males in front of their son. As a result, the child doesn’t feel comfortable making good male friends. Most of the time, he either plays alone or avoids going out with other boys. When these kids grow up, they often surrender to women but never trust men. Their contact list will be full of female friends, but you will rarely find him hanging out with males. This mentality is harmful to your child’s growth. Afterall, there’s also a life outside the house.

  1. How to introduce self

The introduction that he reads often at school doesn’t sound nice everywhere and in every situation. At the time of social gatherings or dinner parties, some kids can hardly speak a word when strangers try to talk to them. This is embarrassing and looks weird and even the kid realizes the same and feels bad about his own inability to communicate well.

Don’t expect your kids to learn everything on their own if they don’t know when and what to speak, help them learn. Don’t always answer things on their behalf, encourage them to speak and if they don’t, teach them and prepare them for the next time.

  1. How to choose battles

Some parents think that their duty is over if their children understand the value of standing with the truth. What they fail to teach is how to choose battles worth fighting. Choosing your battles means understanding the consequences. Teach your child how to weigh pros and cons before taking part in a fight.

Tell him that he needs to understand how his life will change when he chooses to take part in a battle and when he keeps himself out of it. If you’re teaching him to forgive others, also teach him why and when some fights should not be avoided.

  1. Bike and car repairs

It will be embarrassing for him if he doesn’t even know how to use wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, and jack stand. All kids should learn how to fix things, be it something as small as a wooden box or as complex as a bike or car. Don’t be afraid to involve him in repairing works, he will realize that he can fix almost anything in life even if it is a machine or something else. Fixing helps them learn independence and problem-solving. Keep in mind that his mother or the internet can’t teach him such things.

  1. Never disrespect family values and traditions

Traditions are actions and behaviors that you repeat at the same time or in the same way. Traditions are more than routine habits and have a purpose and intention. No matter how comfortable you are with the new trends and changes in the society, your son must learn to respect family values and traditions that you follow.

He must be able to stand for something and should not blow whichever way the wind blows. Even if his close friends or his girlfriend come from a different culture, he should not forget his roots. If he fails, your generations will face an identity crisis.

  1. How to achieve financial independence

Given how important money management skills are to live a peaceful life, it’s quite surprising that schools don’t teach our children about money. Teach your son how money works, how it can be earned and how he should save it and manage it.

He doesn’t need a lecture on economics, but don’t think that he is too small to learn the basics. Parents are the biggest influencers. Their behavior determines if their child will be a smart investor, consumer, saver, lender, and giver or he will live a miserable life and curse the riches.

  1. Important character traits

Patience is the most needed trait. When your son hits age 2, you can be more serious about teaching him the value of patience. But be mindful about when and how he perceives the idea. Patience is not about delaying homework and still feeling calm. It’s more about making wise decisions even if they don’t have enough time to sit and think. Also, teach them how to be grateful to the community they are a part of. When they see you, they will quickly learn how grateful you are for the family, community, work and the values you have learned.

  1. How to cook a meal

Cooking might seem dangerous because you can’t allow the little one to play with knives, sharp objects, stove fire, hot cooking oil, and pans. If you can teach him about the potential dangers and let him help you in the kitchen, it would be great. Despite being a risky task, cooking is worth considering. More than an activity, it is a skill that will make him feel self-sufficient no matter where he goes.

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