African American Men: It all Comes Back To Us!




( I’m going to get right to it, brothers we are seriously slipping, we are slipping in our homes (if we are not still with mama), we are slipping with our kids, we are slipping with our women, and last but not least, we are slipping with ourselves.  The year is 2022, technology is steady advancing, our kids are steady growing, and the world is steady spinning, but for some reason we are still going backwards. I don’t even know where to begin with us, we have so much improving to do, and it’s hard to even pick a topic. They are locking us up every day, yeah they do pick on us half of the time, but we often do stupid things. It all comes back to us.

I think I will start with ourselves and how we are not living up to our full potential.  You see, I drive for a living; I transport brothers with addiction and mental health problems. As I am driving through the different hoods throughout the day, I often see young men, the same young men standing on the same corner, at the same time, every single day. Most of the time they’re pants are hanging off of them, they got a beer in their hands, and they are  smoking them funny cigarettes that I can smell as cruise through the area. I’m not the police, but I can just about tell what they are up to, but if I was the police, I guess I would be wrong for assuming what I’m thinking. All I can say is, I know that they don’t work, but somebody got their hands on some money to be able to drink and smoke every day, you know what I’m talking bout (in my Pimp C’s voice).

kind hearted black men

One day while driving a van full of brothas through the hood, we noticed a street full of the same guys that we pass every day. I asked the fella’s riding with me, “Is this all that we can do?” One of the guys said, “man it aint no jobs out there, you got to do what you got to do”.  He told me that he had been looking, but couldn’t find anything, and a few more of the brotha’s concurred. So I ask them a few questions, Do you guys go job hunting every day, or every chance you get? No, they replied. Do you have a degree or a certification in anything? No, they replied.  Are you good at using computers? No! Do you even plan on going back to school? Maybe, and I might, and I thought about it, they answered.  Well how in the hell do you plan on getting a job? I asked.

Come on brothas, the economy is messed up, everybody is struggling, but you got to give the employer’s something to work with. Why would the man even hire you and you don’t have any skills? I even asked them to try a couple of places that maybe, just maybe would give them the time of day; some said that they didn’t want to work in places like that. Do you see where I’m going? It all comes back to us!

We don’t do our women any better than we do ourselves! Hell, they fine as you know what in the club, yeah we want her real bad then, but when the baby comes, we call her out her name and get ghost. Sometimes I think that getting ghost is one of our best skills. We know how to hit them sheets and get ghost real quick. How about getting a job, building a family, and taking care of that woman? If he does stay with the woman, he is the one laying on the couch all day with the kids playing the Xbox, while his girl is out working. How many times have you seen that? Most of our women have been scarred by their fathers, or some thug who shot her a bunch of lies, by telling her that he loves her. The fool doesn’t even know how to love his self, how is he going to love a woman?  You know what though; he probably doesn’t even know his father.  It’s no excuse, but it is a reason, and you know what, it all comes back us.

Brothers we can do much better, we can do anything that we want. Go to school, get an education, and get a career job. Find that good woman, buy a house, and live life. I’m talking about taking vacations every year, putting some money in the bank, throw your mom’s a couple of dollars and being a blessing to people man. Teach your kids the same things. Your sons are going to follow you, your baby girls are going to get a good man like pops. Don’t stop there, you and the wifey can start a business.  Life don’t begin and end with a job, we got to many things that we can do brotha’s.  God put us in control. There is no man as strong and gifted as the black man.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself, who are the best athletes? Who are the best musicians, singers, dancers, and all around hustler (if that is a skill)? Who can make a dollar out of 15 cents like a black man? I mean we can make something out of nothing. I don’t even want to get on the fact that we just all around cool, cause brothers we got style, yawl call it swag, but there aint nothing like a brotha. If you don’t want the things that I listed, cool, do ya  thang bruh. Just remember, it all comes back to us!

Staff Writer; Kataurus Braswell

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