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( I’m a firm believer in God. I pray before every meal, and before I go to bed every night, but I hate all religions. I think every one of them constitute a ridiculous assault on our intelligence, and the Devil is nothing more than an adult version of the Bogeyman, designed to scare fully grown men and women into complying with nonsense.

There are over 4200 different religions on Earth, and God doesn’t have anything to do with any of them, if he did there would only be one. Religion was created by man to manipulate idiots. You don’t have to believe in talkin’ snakes to prove you love God, all you have to do is live your life in a way that honors his creation, which involves paying your tithes to the homeless, treating your fellow human beings with dignity and respect, and not killing children or putting them in cages.

The fact is, following any religion is a slap in God’s face. God didn’t create you to be stupid, so believing in walking dead men only shows that you have more faith in man’s Mother Goose tales than you have in the common sense that God blessed you with. And if you’re basing your belief on the so-called “Holy Scriptures”, they’re not the word of God, they’re the word of man. All they represent are the superstitious rantings of 3000-year-old dead men. Just because these men – and they were all men – lived 3000 years ago doesn’t mean they knew any more about God than you do – which is absolutely nothing. You can only know God by what God has done, and he made birds to fly, fish to swim, and man to think, not to believe in the Bogeyman, or to praise demagogues. So, falling for this scam is absolutely idiotic.

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Religion is an attempt my narrow-minded bigots to shove their beliefs down the throats of their fellow man. That’s why 99% of all of the hatred, bigotry, murder, mayhem, and wars on Earth have religion at their root. A loving God wouldn’t set that kind of plague upon man, at least, not the God that I believe in.

Look at what’s going on in the Middle East. They’re killing one another in droves over a disagreement on the placement of a comma in the “Holy Koran”. A Muslim man cut a woman’s lips off because she had the audacity to try putting on lipstick. Women are not allowed to drive, and a woman can go to jail for showing her ankles in public. In India, a truckdriver was forced off the road and nearly beaten to death after being accused of transporting “sacred cows”, and here in the United States, they used to burn women at the steak as witches just for being educated and having more knowledge than ignorant men could understand. So all religions are primarily the ignorant bigotry of man being carried out in the name of God.

The religious mindset can easily be explained by recognizing the fact that as a group (there are always a few exceptions), the most deeply religious people in the world are invariably either the most backward and ignorant people in the world, or the most greedy. As a result, you can’t get through to the former, and the latter have a vested interest in ignoring you. Notice that here in the United States, what we call “The Bible Belt” is in the South. The reason for that is, they also used religion to justify slavery.

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And finally, have you ever wondered why there’s not one book in the Bible that was written by either a Black man, a woman, or an Asian; or why women are not allowed to be Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, or Popes in the Catholic Church?  I’ll tell you why – because the Bible was written by bigots, and God is not a bigot, men are bigots. After all, a woman raised Jesus. Thus, she had to possess some kind of wisdom, so why couldn’t we hear what she had to say? The reason for that is quite simple – the chauvinist bigots who compiled the Bible thought that women were irrelevant. They felt that God only spoke to men. They were ignorant, closed-minded and backward. So how are ignorant men like that suppose to teach mankind how to live our lives? One would think that if God did want to speak to us through other men, he’d, at the very least, find people with some sense.

So, whenever a preacher comes up to me talkin’ about the Bible, I know right off the bat that I’m dealing with a witch doctor and a fool who lacks the ability to think. So I completely dismiss anything he has to say. His voice simply becomes background noise to me – and I not only dismiss his thoughts on religion, but on any other subject, because I know I can’t trust the thinking of anyone who’s so dimwitted and allergic to common sense that he’s allowed himself to embrace the validity of Mother Goose.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

This brilliant man can be found at; [email protected].

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