African American Community, I have Solution to Our problems.




( We are the solution to our problems, not the government that was supposed to be “of the people“. Not the government entitlement handouts such as WIC, food stamps, Section 8 housing or welfare. Not law enforcement when black on black crime is rampant. We should be policing our own children and our own communities. By now we should know our minds cannot afford to be clouded with weed, our children cannot afford to miss school, our daughters cannot afford to dress like Kim Kartrashian or Trikki Mirage (Nikki Minage).

Young Black Men Being Lazy – Jail Birds

Our young men cannot afford to sit in prison because they are needed to take care of their children. Nor can our young men afford to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, only to die at the hands of rogue police officers who should never have been allowed to carry a gun. We cannot afford for our numbers to drop because of homosexuality, STDs and abortions, like it or not. We cannot afford the silence of our pastors when they should be speaking up, organizing our community and setting the right example instead of compromising, buying jets and fleecing the flock. They should be feeding and teaching the sheep how to possess the land and walk in victory instead of promoting themselves. It’s time to wake up, wise up and grow up.

For too long we have looked on the face of their Caucasian-made messiah images, hoping and praying instead of taking action to solve our own problems. The Jewish people once upon a time relied on their government and what was the result? Millions “exterminated” at the order of a monster named Hitler. The Jamaican people knew better. The Haitian people knew better. It’s time for us to know better and do better. For too long we have called each other “nigga” and refused to unify. For too long we have bowed down, baked up, shut up and tried to fit in. Too many of our people have been bought off (Herman Cain etc.) or sold out for a nice car, a corporate job and the illusion of the “American Dream” someone else created for them.

Too many of our people acted as if our struggles were over when a president was elected who looks like us. But he is neither a savior, nor a magician nor a king. Too many of us continue to make excuses for listening to music that degrades our women and programs our children. I do not condone homosexuality in any way, shape or form. But we can learn alot from how they are rising up and demanding rights, respect and equality. What will it take for African Americans to wake up, to unite and to shun those traps dropped into our communities to sabotage our minds, our efforts and our children? You need to wake up, yes YOU!


Black People, Less Talk More Action

This is hard medicine and I am not concerned whether or not this article will make me popular. Nor am I worried about those who disagree. I am speaking to those who believe in solutions. I am speaking to those who simply need a wake-up call in order to spring into action. I am speaking to those who want pants pulled up, dads back in the home, our women to respect our men and our men to be men of integrity instead of dogs.

Our solutions are complex because the problems in our community are complex, complex but fixable. Our solutions are economic because we need our own legitimate businesses in our communities. We need more models like the former Black Wallstreet of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We need to control our dollars and spend them only where we are respected and appreciated. Our solutions are political. We need more of our people in office who are of us, not just those who look like us. We must not accept when our own political leaders sell out, do nothing or fail to represent our interests, including our morality. Our solutions are sociological. We need to set the bar high in our communities, forcing out drugs, drug dealers, prostitution and other crime.

We need families to work through their problems like mature adults, stay together and raise mentally strong children with identity and purpose. Our solutions are psychological. We need to shake off the programming of the Willie Lynches of the world, stop blaming others and expect more from ourselves. We need our divorce rates to drop and our abortion rates to plummet. We need our counselors, mediators and life coaches (such as myself) to teach and promote conflict resolution and problem resolution so our people can stop giving the courts jurisdiction over our lives and futures.

Our problems are academic. We need more professors, authors, public speakers, dedicated teachers and involved parents willing to be real parents, not just best friends. And finally, our solutions are medical. We need our mental health professionals and doctors creating cures, not just maintaining the status quo of offering treatments. Surely if this country can send a probe 3 billion miles to Pluto and clone animals, we can find cures for those diseases that devastate our community.

I will continue to write about this, speak about this and hold every one of our people accountable as much as I can, starting with myself. So I have to ask you, are you part of the problem or part of the solution? What are YOU doing to impact your children (or parents), your community and your people? Oh yes we have young people who are just as strong as Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Medgar Evers, Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman and others. But these young people don’t know it yet. And we probably should spend more time waking them up than we do commemorating and celebrating the great historical lions of our past. Does anybody else have a dream or are you stuck on King’s dream? You were created for greatness but the plan was never for you to get there alone. But if you fear that greatness, you are not worthy of it. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP FROM DREAMS AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony

Are you a Democrat? Republican? I write on behalf of the Black Community. Feel free to contact me at; [email protected].