African American Alpha Men Voting For Trump 2024.



( Let me start off first by saying: “Crime in Black America has a direct co-relation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and the most important of all “Fatherless homes”. Yes, the aforementioned are the reason why every democratic control city and state were the African Americans reside is in chaos, peril and self destruction, which has it roots on the ulterior terrorism sponsored by the DNC and the white liberals of the Democratic party against the future generations of African American Christian children. Indeed, for 400 years the DNC have pretended to care for black America while blatantly using the black vote to push their Racist agenda of white supremacy and power over the African Americans communities in America by keeping them in a futureless state of physical freedom; but, under psychological and socioeconomically bondage.

Indeed, All African American Alpha men living in America, who are honest, proud, hard working, educated, career oriented, father figures, role models, professionals, military veterans, first responders, law abiding citizens, husbands, fathers, brother, No Drugs, No Criminal records etc.. are going to vote this Mid-Term November elections for Republican candidates and in 2024 for Donald Trump. It has been a long time in the making and the decision and unity of honest African American alpha men who have been shun out of the mainstream media by the Racist Democrats who cater only to the beta black males and angry independent Democratic black women wearing Friesian Horse hair, twerking in pubic and those who socialize and support negative stereotypes and behaviors of the African American Beta Males and Females who vote for the democratic ticket with no positive result in sight.

The Democratic party and/or DNC has always insulted the African American community by promising nothing and giving nothing while taking the black vote; Yet, African Americans continue to vote for a party that was created by former members of the Ku Klux Klan of the south and the party of segregation and discrimination. The White Liberals and Democrats manipulate the black beta males and beta females with ease by asking for their vote without any conditions or solutions to the problems that are affecting every single black community in the entire nation. For the last 400 years African Americans have endure so much during slavery but worst after slavery at the hands of the Democratic party. The DNC aka Children of the Slave Master who speak with a fork tongue who have lie, manipulated, steal, pretend, fool, laugh, ignore, denied, etc.. The plight of the black men and women of America while given every other race and culture everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for.

During the Presidency of former House Negro Obama, the African American Community did not received anything specific or tangible for the black men or black women; Yet, Obama “Obozzo” Barrack gave specific and tangible things to the Hispanics and to the LGBT community. Yes. Obama gave the Hispanic community the “Dream Act” and remove many restrictions on immigration that allowed for more illegals from central and south America to enter the country illegally and applied for benefits in the form of cash, food and housing for which African Americans were not entitled to received. Former President Obama also gave the LGBT community an unprecedent amount of benefits allowing that community to do what ever they wanted, to get away with what ever they did in public or in private and more so the ability for an LGBT man with a penis to enter any female only restroom occupy with under age girls and high school girls and or teenage students. Sadly, our African American community voted for Obama twice thinking He was the savior and the solutions for Black America, but in reality He was the destroyer and the harbinger of death for the black community; as well as, the gate keeper of white supremacy.

Black Voters for Donald Trump 2024

Every black person that voted for former President Obama was hoping for reparations and or restitutions for slavery, improved and affordable housing, jobs, trade and vocational schools, police reforms for the African American community and the well being of our black Christian Children; Yet, Obama “gave nothing, created nothing, sponsored nothing, resolve nothing and build nothing tangible and specific for the black men and black women of America”. Then, came the election of Space Cadet Biden and Black men Hater but Black Phallus Lover Kamala who also promised black people everything before election for their black vote and after they received the black vote they gave nothing in returned to their black voters; but, gave everything specific and tangible consisting of concessions, money, bills, reforms to the Asians, the Hispanics, the Afghan refugees, the Ukrainians, the LGBT, the Taiwanese etc.. Again the Democratic party, DNC, white liberals used the same tools used by the slave masters to control, fool, enchant, dominate, dehumanized, demonized, economically castrate and subjugate the negroes of America by getting the black vote by making promises spoken with a fork tongue and preaching their Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity to empower themselves onto the dumb Christian negroes of the African American communities.

Today, America and the world witness the Democratic party and the DNC used their magical powers and their Demonic Enchantments of Religion to enlist the help of two house negroes Known as Friesian Horse Hair Trashy Hoe Rapper Trina and the LGBT ” BBL Rapper Saucy Santana”, a gay man whose butt is bigger than that of a natural born Democratic white woman. Yes, the Racist people gave black America what they deserve and what they think of you as a black men and a black women. Indeed, they gave Black America garbage and told the world that the only thing African Americans think about every day is sex, sex and only sex with the same or the opposite sex. Did you Hear or read what I said and wrote? Yes, You did Mr. Black Christian men and Ms. or Mrs. Black Christian women of America, the Democrats told the world that in order to get the Niggers Efffing vote for the Mid-Term election and every election is to only make a rap song with a gay man and a ghetto hoe with no hair to sing a song about “No Voting No Vuucking; No Voting No Touching and No Voting No Sucking”; and as always, the dumb blacks were dancing and singing to this disgusting and disrespectful song aimed at the African American culture and community.

The above strategy is nothing new and was the same strategy use by the Racist People of the DNC during vaccination for COVID- 19 were they proceeded to dig out an old dying rapper from his graveyard who was known to have sex with underage teenagers, smoke weed, drive drunk, and snort cocaine to make a song about “Vax that thing up”, Yes, I am talking about Juvenile a thug and rapper who has a rap sheet from here to China and who received close to a million dollars to make such a song targeting our black community in which he stated in his song that if you do not get the covid 19 vaccine then you cannot have sex or get a blow job. Shocking and very interesting to see how the democrats insult the Democratic black community straight to their faces by using a bunch of sellouts and house negros to do the white Massa dirty deeds and their pedophilia bidding. If you think I am lying about it then go ahead and google that Democratic garbage song targeting the black community and you will see what I am talking about.

I do not remember seen any video been made for or towards acquiring the votes of Hispanics, Asian, Middle Easterns, Jews etc.. where sex , twerking, sucking, licking, fucking was used to get their vote by the Democratic party or the Republican party. So why do African American Democrats allowed the racist democratic people to do such a thing onto the image of the black community? The Jews do not allowed such a thing and neither do the Hispanics, Asians and middle eastern allows such insults or any rapper or singer to use words describing vulgarity and indecency onto their community. Yet, the African American Democratic Christians allowed it every day on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. On the contrary, I never seen any Republican candidate or the party itself resort to such behavior of hiring any black thug or a street hoe rapper to make a song to get black people to vote for them. No, the Republicans have never done so and will never do so; even if they are desperate for our votes and or even if they do not desire the black vote. So one should wonder! Maybe all African American men and women should follow the steps of the Alpha black men and women and proceed to vote for the Republican party as we used to do back in the old days when we as a people were doing a thousand times better than we are today under the Umbrella of the DNC and White liberals.

To my African American Democratic Christian women who continue to vote for the Democratic party that have not done anything tangible and specific for your black democratic men and your fellow democratic sisters. Why do you continue to vote for them while they continue to destroy your community, the black family structure for which you are force to raise your children by yourself, since your democratic beta black male are either in jail, with no jobs, no father figure, no guidance, emotionally unstable, angry etc.. but, more so with your children caught up in the school to prison pipeline created by the people you been voting for the last 60 years. Yes, your White Liberal and Democrats are the ones behind the madness and chaos of extreme violence in the inner cities of black America were they have pushed and encourage poverty, unemployment lack of education and fatherless home via the use of the house negros black beta pastors, black churches and the so called Black Queen aka angry independent black women of America with 4 to 10 kids from 4 to 10 beta black males wearing saggy pants on parole, probation, no jobs, tattoos on their face, stunk of weed and full of sexually transmitted diseases.

Indeed, the problem lies in our Black Queens given birth out of wedlock to bastard beta males and female Democratic children who will become the burden of our society, athletes and entertainers who will then repeat the same democratic cycle of having kids out of wedlock under poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes. Indeed, many of these so called independent black democratic women do not even know who is their babies father since they are having sex with 5 to 10 democratic beta male with saggy pants within a 30 day period or within a 28 days menstrual cycle. These democratic children due the lack of a father in their home since black women in America have been told by their black pastors, black church and the white liberal democrats that they do not need a man in the homes etc.. these children will become monsters who will then create other monsters or other emotionally unstable athletes and entertainers. Therefore, it is time for Black Democratic Christian women and their beta male to take a look at their fellow Alpha black men and see a true example of a successful Republican black home with a husband/father, a mother/wife and their healthy children doing a thousand time better than a Democratic run single mother home with unstable children and no father figure.

The Republican African American Alpha men is a hard working man, educated, no criminal records, no drugs, no saggy pants etc.. He is well spoken, well dressed, well manner, very respectful of women, very responsible of his duties towards his wife, girlfriend, friends, workplace and community, He is a military veteran and college graduate. The Alpha black men provides for his children and wife, He loves his family and he is devoted to the well being of his community and his people. The Alpha black men obeys the laws and has in his possession legally owned fire arms and ammunitions which is part of all American citizens 2nd amendment rights, The Alpha black men speaks his mind and tells the truth even if it will hurt the person receiving the message, which is similar to what Former President Trump was doing by telling the truth to the nation and to the faces of the lying democratic Party, to Crooked Hillary and space cade Biden. The Alpha black men is doing better than the Beta black men who votes for the DNC, the alpha republican men of America know when to fight and when to sit down on the table and negotiated a deal to make his situation better and that of his community.

During the Presidency of Trump, the African American community had the lowest unemployment rate in the last 20 years of the African Americans history because within two years of been in the white house, President Trump created over 750,000 thousands jobs for black men and black women only, He provided Affordable housing that was given to tens of thousands of single black mothers, He invested in inner cities programs and crime was reduce by 30 %, there was a higher entry of blacks into colleges and He pushed for a bill for the HBCU”s to receive over $50 billion dollars annually; But, the bill was scrap by the DNC and white liberals who step in and put a stop to that bill and once Space Cade Biden became President, it was immediately cancelled under the pretext of a lack of funds that were not available for our black HBCU”s. As you can see, it is the Democratic party that as always put a stop and roadblock to the advancement of the negros and the empowerment and self sufficiency of African American communities in the inner cities.

Former President Trump was a good president for the black community when it came to diminishing and reducing unemployment in the inner cities, but he failed to address the number one issue in our community which was excessive police brutality. Of course, Trump loves law enforcement regardless if the officer is black, white or Hispanics; therefore, He will always side with the blue thin line and not see what black America sees in the constant oppression and aggression of cops towards our black Christian children. Now, we can make this change by showing him and talking to him on a one on one basis and explaining to him that sometimes police offices abuse their powers and many of them have no social skills or the ability to deal with people of a different race and or culture. There is hope Black America and I believe that if we give him a second chance then we as a proud people will get the result and changes that we so desired to happen in our inner cities and broken black homes.

My fellow African American Democrats, do not get comfortable with what the White liberals and Racist people of the DNC tells you in order to make you feel good inside; instead, you should be comfortable when the Republicans tell you the truth that you do not want to hear since it is the truth that will set your minds free and you will learn to understand what the Republicans really want from you and America and what the Democratic Party does not want you and America to know or find out about them. The Democratic party is not the friend of black America and will never do anything to empower or better the life of black people living in the inner cities. Remember, all the crime written areas in the inner cites, ghettos, etc. are controlled and Run by the democratic party, white liberals and DNC who pushed for gun control while they have bodyguards with guns and bullet proof vest to protect them from you and from other radical left wing democratic nut jobs. African Americans you have a choice to make this Mid-Term November and in the year 2024. You have voted for the last 60 years for the democratic party and they have never given anything that is tangible and specific for the betterment and empowerment of the black men and black women of America; Yet, they have given everything that is tangible and specific to the Asian community for Asians only; to the Hispanic community for the Hispanics and Latinos only,; to the Afghan People for the Afghans only, to the Jewish community for the Jewish only; to the Ukrainians for the Ukrainians only; to the LGBT community for the gay and lesbian only. As you can see, everyone gets everything they asked for and everything they did not asked for; while, the black men and black women of America get nothing in returned for your vote and support of the Democratic Party.

Every election, I have to remind all African Americans that a Democratic white man with a small penis is not a friend of a Democratic black man with a big penis; a Democratic Hispanic man with a tiny penis is not a friend of a Democratic black man with a big penis’ a Democratic Asian man with no penis is not a friend of a Democratic black man with a big penis. Remember that this is an issue that really bothers the white, Hispanic and Asian men in America and for some of you leftist you may think that this is nonsense; but, it is not because men with small penis hang out and socialize with other men with small penis to talk, criticized and discriminated against men with big penis; similarly, Beta males hang out and socialize with other Beta males to talk, criticized, complain and discriminated against Alpha men. We all remember how the Beta Democrats with their insecurities were very envious and jealous of Alpha male Donald Trump.

Remember that Democrats are constantly in fear, paranoia, anxiety, envious and jealous of the black men and black women in America. Indeed, you have Asian, Hispanic and white men living in America who are Democrats, rich, successful, living in beautiful safe neighborhoods with beautiful white, Asian or Hispanic wife’s and healthy children who are attending college; Yet, these Demonic Democratic insecure men will see a poor black Democratic man walking down the street struggling with no job, no house and no education and they will hate and envy this black man for the simple fact that He’s appearance is intimidating, strong, confident, resilient, high pain tolerance with a big penis and able to get any women he wants and desires without having nothing and for that reason He will be demonized, dehumanized, humiliate, criminalized, and discriminated for the attributes that these racist Democratic Whites, Hispanics and Asian men do not possess. It is very strange that a white democrat will envy a black democrat base on the penis size; similar to a white Democratic woman with no buttocks or plastic enhance BBL surgery and Botox been envy of a black democratic woman with natural big butt, natural big breast and natural full lips even though, these white Democrats are living a better life and have the white privilege card on their side with the protection of racist police officers.

With that said, I am asking and advising all African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Latinos that for this election to vote for the Republican party as an alternative to the inability of the democratic candidates and their DNC party to provide any tangible and specific solutions, reforms, bills, reparations, restitutions, grants, ,loans, employments to the black men and black women of America. Remember, You have voted for the last 60 years for the Democratic party and they still refuse to give reparations and restitutions for slavery; Yet, they have giving the Racist Ukrainian white people who are not American citizens over $85 billion dollars with about $430 million been given to them in the last week; The Democrats have given the Asian community the covid 19 hate crime bill specific to them and millions of dollars for their community; The democrats have given the Hispanics and Latinos the dream act, the prosperity act, immigration reforms, housing, money and benefits; The Democrats have given the Afghan refugees over $250,000 thousands dollars per family with guarantee citizenship, jobs and business opportunity; The Democratic party has given the Taiwanese government over $50 billion dollar to improved their military capability; The Democrats have given the LGBT community everything that you can even think about for them and only them; The Democrats have given the State of Israel specific and tangible money, reforms, support and bills for the Jewish people who actually deserve it; But, The Democrats have not given anything to Black America with the exception of symbolism, Death and Destruction.

My Fellow African Americans if you still choose to vote for the democratic party then at least vote for yourself and put your Full Name in that ballot empty space that says other and right next to your name write the following three words: “BLACK POWER FOREVER” By doing so, you are letting them know that you are voting democrat because you are voting for yourself and for the movement of black empowerment and the betterment of our community in the safeguarding of our black Christian children. Likewise, you do not have to vote for either party since they do not look like us, think like us, suffered like us and endure over 400 years of slavery, oppression, segregation, discrimination, rape, murder, sodomy, lynching, execution, incarceration, gentrification and the now school to prison pipeline. I myself do not vote for neither because neither groups represent me and will never understand me and my black community, So I say to all my black people: “Fuck them all and don’t vote for either”

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].