A Message To My Black Christian Brothers & Sisters.




(ThyBlackMan.com) For a long time you have worshiped Christianity and many other religions which are the creation of mankind used primarily as a tool to control, destroyed, manipulate, enslaved, conquer, rape, pillage, emasculate, demonized, humiliate and insult other peoples, their cultures and beliefs. Of course, every time someone attacks or address the issue of religion or any religion in particular using words and statements that contradicts your own beliefs as either a Christian, Muslim, Jehovah Witness, Roman Catholics etc.. you become angry, enraged, offended, insulted and you demand explanations, justice and even revenge against those who do not agree with you or believe in your man-made religion.

On this message to my fellow black brother and sister, I am going to address your concerns and attempt to be more specific into the reason why Christianity aka the Religion of the Slaves was given to you and why you are following it in the wrong order and in the wrong lands. You religion is not the problem regardless if it is Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism etc. the problem is in the way that you as black people living in America and abroad have allow your religions and beliefs in your religion to blind you and make you docile when it comes to the severe issues affecting the African American community but more so our black children which are the future of Black America. You prayed to God every day and you give reverence and money to your black Christian pastors, Catholic priest, Muslim prophets and what have you receive in returned? let me guess, a happy song, a happy felling of belonging to something, an euphoria and jubilee of harmony at those churches etc. but when  you returned home to your residence and community what do you see? The answer is simple: You see NOTHING!

Indeed! You come home to your poor neighborhoods plague with violence, gangs, drugs, pedophilia, domestic abuse, children out of wedlock, Sexually Transmitted diseases, poverty, unemployment, orphan children, hungry children, homelessness, racism, bias, discrimination, prejudice, systemic racism and last but not least police brutality against our black Christian children. While all these negative transgression are affecting our black community; the churches, the mosques and the black pastors, priest and prophets are enriching themselves and living a luxury life in white neighborhoods and they are putting all that money, donations, payments, tides into banks and financial institutions that are owned by white people who in turned used that money to improve the infrastructure of  white neighborhood and invest in other neighborhoods that are NOT Black and therefore create generational wealth for their white children and the children of other races that are not black. So again, my fellow black brothers and sisters to whom do you have your devotion in religion? Is it to the religion of the children of the slave master or is it to the man made creators of religion used as a tool to control the African Slaves.

Now, my fellow black brother and sisters, I love you because we are all one race that have suffered the most of all slaves in the world and yet we have not received any benefit from those you seek to protect and defend using the religion they gave you. When was the last time you have approach your pastor, deacon, priest, prophet, Mulla and asked him or her to show you and your family proof of the church financial records that shows what they do with the money that is given to them by the black community and where or which banks do they use to deposit all that black money? When is the last time you have asked your pastors, priest, deacons, prophets to deposit that money in a black owned bank that employs  black men and black women? When is the last time as a black men and black woman who believed in God have asked yourself why do our black pastors, priest, deacon etc.. constantly demand for money knowing for a fact that the so called white Jesus Christ never asked his worshipers and followers for a penny or a nickel. Why do black priest and pastors preach about living a simple life and accepting God as their salvation while these same pastors live a life of luxury with mansions in white neighborhood, expensive jewelry and clothing, luxury cars, the most expensive liquors and wines in their homes, with their own personal chef, house keeping and drivers who are not black in color or culture.

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If you are a Devoted African American Christian, Muslim or Roman Catholic don’t you think it should be fair for our pastors and church leaders to preach and walk in the same way that their poorest parishioners and churchgoers are going through. Will you agree that a pastor or priest should only lived in a black neighborhood next to his followers and live a simple life without luxury and materialistic items that only bring envy, jealousy and death in our poorest communities. Do you agree that our church leaders should bank black and encourage all their black church members to bank black and invest in the African American community in order to create a better environment for our black Christian children. Would you agree that our black church leaders should encourage our black mother and black father to send our black Christian children to black owned private schools and black HBCU”s as a way to protect them from the systemic racism  that occurs daily at PWI “Predominant white Institutions” My fellow black Christian mother and fathers if you really understood the meaning of systemic racism, then you would never send your children to public schools where over 75% of the school teachers are white women and over 80% of public school principal are racist white men who do not have the best interest of educating our black Christian children. Do you really believe that a white teachers at a white owned public school is going to give the necessary tools of education to your black Christian children in order for them to compete with their white children for the little resources left in America? The answer to this will always be “NO”.

I have visited many Christian black churches in America and abroad and I was able to visit their financial department or the office that is in charge of handling all the donations, payments, tides, contributions to the church and pastors; and I was appalled to find out and see with my own eyes that the people behind the management of the black money at the black churches were not BLACK but instead they were white women, Asian women and Hispanic women. So, I asked myself if this is a church by blacks for blacks then why do you have other races managing the income and net worth of those black churches. My fellow black Christians brother and siters, if you visit a church belonging to the Jewish community, Asian community and Hispanic community you will never see a black men or black women managing the money and income of those churches; therefore, why do we as a people continue to kumbaya and allow other races to control our future and our resources. This is the same issue with fast food restaurants, beauty shops, nail saloon, dry cleaners, laundry mat etc.. that are owned by other races and they are the ones feeding and clothing the new generations of allege free black Christians as if we were slave again. Indeed! other races; as well as; white people are the ones feeding and clothing black America and without them what will the Christian black men and black women do?

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I am not here to tell you what to do or what to believe or whom to follow; but, you must wake up and realize that you cannot follow people who preached the word of a God created by Neanderthal cave dwellers and who is living a life better than his/her church congregations and preaching garbage that does not benefit the black community and neither does it stop racism, discrimination, replacement theory and the killing of our black children at the hands of police officers or at the hands of vigilantes such as George Zimmerman, the pale skin demon with a small private part who gun down our black teenager Christian Travon Martin, whose only mistake was his skin color walking at night in a neighborhood full of white men and white women who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts.

Now, I challenge every single African American Christian, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Jews, Jehovah witness worshipers to asked your pastor what has he done with your donations money, where and what bank did he used to deposit that money: what investments did He/she did for the African American poorest communities; What laws has He/Sher proposed to protect black children from the wrath of racist police officers and vigilantes; what school or colleges He/She is sending their children; What neighborhoods He/She lives in and last but not least hast; what  President Biden done for African American men/women/children etc.,, since becoming president by Stealing votes and tampering with the voting machines. indeed, Black American Christian put Space Cadet Biden and Phallus Lover Karmala into the white house; Yet, these two lying pieces of garbage have done nothing to create jobs for black men, to stop police brutality, to stop discrimination and stop poverty in black America. Instead, they have given billions and billions of dollars to the white citizens and government in Ukraine, billions of dollars to the Iraqi government, billions of dollars to Taiwan to improve their military, the prosperity act for Hispanics, the covid-19 hate crime bill and hate crime to Asians, guarantee citizenship and $250, 000 to Afghan refugees, and many more perks to other groups of people. So again, my Fellow Christian brother and sisters what are your pastors said about this and what are they doing to make sure our black Christian children receive the same benefits as the aforementioned people.

In the last 20 years of listening to all these black church preachers of the word of God, I have never heard any of them tell our black people but more so our black women the following:

Stop having children out of wedlock
Stop smoking weed
Stop purchasing alcohol and liquor
Stop twerking in the public
Stop having unprotective sex
Stop cursing profanities
Stop fighting on the street
Stop cheating on you boyfriend or Husband
Stop oversexualizing your body
Stop having abortion
Stop getting pregnant without having a husband
Stop having sex with multiple men
Stop sleeping with your friends boyfriend
Stop sleeping with your sister or cousin boyfriend
Stop wearing thing on your head that does not grow naturally on it
Stop spending your money on materialistic items
Stop putting your money in white owned banks
Stop shopping at stores that do not hire black people
Stop eating at stores that do not hire black people
Stop giving your money to business that are Not Black owned
Stop disrespecting the black men of your community
Stop doing anything to degrade our African American community.

Indeed, I have never witness any priest, pastor, deacon, prophet telling our black lovely ladies to stop doing things that are detrimental to our society and community; Neither, I have heard or seen our black pastors condemned rappers who constantly sing songs about drugs, sex, guns and killing with their Rap Music of Death and Destruction.. For that reason, we must point out that the majority of our black church leaders are only in place because our government wants them there to keep our community in a state of enchantments of the religions of the slaves, so we as a people could never rise up and take up arms against our oppressor and those among us that support and defend them. It is time to realize that our government uses the 501c federal program for churches tax exemption and guarantee loans to the black pastors in order for them to keep the black communities in check, docile, oppress and clueless about what is really going on in America and around the world.

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Finally to end this brief lecture to my fellow brothers and sisters of any religion, I asked you to open your eyes and be vigilant to those who come to preach you the words of the neanderthal cave dwellers and be wise to choose a pastor, deacon or priest that lives in a black neighborhood, that lives a simple life, that invest in the black community, that banks in a black owned banks, that send his. Her children to black owned private schools and black HBCU’s, that is married to a black person, that supports the black movement, that encourage our black lovely ladies to married a black men, to use protection during sexual encounters, to avoid having children out of wedlock, to be respectful, obedient, feminine and faithful to our black men, and for our  black men to be respectful and Faithfull to our black women. We need a black pastor that demands justice for our community without any compromise and without bending the knee to racist white America; we need a pastor that encourage black men and black women to defend themselves against those racist white supremacy individuals who want to destroyed our community; we need a pastor that is not afraid to tell our black men and black women to exercise their second amendment rights to protect themselves from those who wish to harm us by purchasing guns, rifle, shot guns, ammunitions and bullet proof legally in your state and learned the laws of your state because the racist skin head and white supremacy is doing the same and He is preparing to attack black Americans at grocery stores and places of worship.

Lets not forget the many incidents in which a white innocent looking men enter into our black neighborhood and proceeded to a black community grocery store and a black church and killed dozens of innocent Christian black men and black women. Indeed, the hatred of white people towards black people is real and we are been blinded by those sellout pastors and priest who refuse to address and accept it :thus, resulting in our black communities been caught off guard and ill prepared to fight these demonic entities of the west.


Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; [email protected].